Prods de Illmind, Apollo Brown, Daringer, Marc Nfinit, Cardiak, Tuamie, Ave Prod., Seige Monstracity et Arte Mitchell. Aucun featuring rap.

  1. Everybody’s Fine
  2. Sound Like…
  3. Baker’s Dozen f. Raheem DeVaughn
  4. Crown Holder
  5. Heirlooms & Accessories
  6. Forever In A Day
  7. Remembering The Rest f. WordsNCurves [Interlude]
  8. The Purpose f. Kay Cola
  9. Love is Love
  10. Black Sambo
  11. Parks & Recreation f. Saba
  12. Collateral f. Jake&Papa
  13. The Stick-Up Tape From “Menace”
  14. Hoodie SZN
  15. Honor Amongst Thieves


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