Yo, who got more raps than P?
{*crickets chirping*}

You Already Know

One gun, one clip, one shot, one slug
All it takes for this nigga to disfigure your mug


I Freddy Krueger your face, Michael Myer your moms

King Kong

You motherfuckers sleep with the fishes
I’m at your spot tryin to sleep wit’cha bitches

If my, record ain’t spun I network with some guns
Call dude at the radio, listen could you play me yo?
Yeah I’mma play it, he ain’t play it but he played me though
Next week I saw him at a party tryin to wave hello
Smacked him in the face with the 8, I’m tryin to break his nose

Oops Upside Your Head

Aiyyo, supersonic chronic got my mind ease
But, never think that the God won’t squeeze

All I is is all I am
And, all you is, who gives a damn?

Burger rappers screamin « Where’s the beef »
You’re soft, get lost, ‘fore you scream where’s your teeth


The whack rendition of rap you spittin
Makes me wanna clap but I can’t go back to prison


Silverback Sean’s happy on songs, I ain’t dissing
Just you muthafuckas listening wrong


Decepticon Sean, duke you my name
Fuck around and send yo’ ass back from where you came

You supposed to, lie to the cops and tell the truth in the booth
Instead you tell the truth to the cops and lie in the booth

Fuckin’ backward-ass rappers get smacked with the gat happily
Boom-shack-shack, the gat’ll backup your faculty

R. Kelly your verse when I piss on your sixteen


Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nuttin ta fuck wit
Boot Camp Clik ain’t nuttin ta Wu-Tang

Like You

Y’all niggas can’t rap at all, smack, you fall
To the ground, I bounce like basketball
Sean Price is the master, y’all. Y’all are slave to the rhythm
So after I finish rappin’, I whip ‘em. P!

Intro (Jesus Price Superstar)

I’m sort of wack like Hancock movie
Shorty dropped to her knees sayin « hand cock » do me

The Unexpected

Aint no telling what i’d do for a dolla
I’m not ya fatha but guess what i’ma do to your mama

Six-seven- eight niggas
Oh shit where s my nine

Letha Brainz Blo

Motherfucker,ask god about Pac
Ask about B.I.G.,motherfucker ask about Pun
Gangsta rappers can’t fight,so they rap about guns one

Onion Head

My last LP (P!) I wore a fucking cape
Your last LP (huh?) You wore a fucking.. wait
It never dropped (dropped) you was never hot (hot)

Get Ya Sket Mic

When I fuck Rihanna, ain’t use no umbrella
When the bitch have twins, we namin’ em both Ella……Ella……

The Art of Disrespekinazation

My mama ain’t raise no fool because my mama ain’t raise me, fool

60 Bar Dash


(Article du 10 aout 2015)


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