A l’occasion de l’anniversaire du rappeur du G-Unit, retrouvez ses 50 meilleures punchlines ci dessous.



“Duck nigga, everdays war/I’m heavy on sports, to my draw like NBA’s store/Don’t make me send the piece at you/I’ll have your man walk around with another rest in peace tattoo/Look creampuff, you can get killed here/Nigga you ain’t invincible, even Superman in a wheel chair”


“PT2 & Bump Heads”

“I know a lot of niggas want Banks gone/My kind of beef will fuck up ya grill and not the kind you put franks on/I’m hidin’ out, so my meals is home cooked/I deal wit more ho’s than a chinese phone book/You’re high with your messed up ratchets/I’m out blowin’ haze bags the size of ketchup packets”


“Banks Workout”

“Act hard but ya heart made a marshmellows man/Talk tough, til you get cuffed and start tellin damn/Everyday I got a new bitch/And when I’m done wit her, It’ll look like she dived head first into cool whip/You only gon wind up dead tryin to prove shit/I put chalk around ya head like a pool stick/I gotta have bucks on the waist/I’m hungry like a south african with flies stuck to his face”


“Banks Workout”

“I’m about to get this deal (uh-huh) shorty know/That’s why she foamin out the grill like a Alka-Seltzer pill/I ain’t loud around a snitch, I don’t crowd around a bitch (nah)/The jumpsuit match wit the Carolina kicks/I been sick since niggas was on Harlod Miner dick/I could call up a chick and put a child around her lips”



“Damn near the whole day I’m passing the green/That’s how my bedroom, look like the World/Trade after the scene (smoking)/Breaking news, hijack, bus passenger scream (yeah)/I’m your worst nightmare, I crush half of your team/To me your line up is pussy, three wet Pampers/The uzi will have you shakin’ like them G-Dep dancers”


“G-Unit That’s What’s Up”

“And I know to keep low when the heat blow/And have niggas post up on ya block like I’m shooting a free throw/Still get the green from Peedro/Better known as Pedro, I’m ghetto like a patty or egg roll/Yeah, they fiending to stick me, they don’t know the ninas is with me/Snuck in with Christina and Brittney/Y’all only spend time at the mall/On New Years Eve, a body drops around the same time as the ball”


“Bad News”

“I think little man mad cause I’m flossin’ bad/I ain’t a wrestler, but I’ll put your bitch the Boston crab/I talk money cause it costs to brag/Round here bitches walk around wit the hair that the horses had/Rap it get your face stuck on them bricks/I don’t really like to exercise but I’ll push up on a bitch/Y’all sweet like ninety-nine bananas/That’s why I got 99 niggas wit 99 hammers”


“Banks Workout Pt. 2″

“I been a problem since the old days, pimps and gold caps/Now I’m in O.J. Simpson throwbacks/Y’all was wonderin where my ass been/Probably vacationin on South Beach gettin head like an aspirin/If you gassed, I can let the tec pound your ego/Or lock you in a closet with the West Nile mosquito/The press crowd in people, especially celebrities/I’m heavily shittin on any Tom Dick or Gregory”


“You’re Not Ready”

“I don’t bash woman, but I’ll throw a bitch in a sleeper/I been this way since Rakim was kicking a speaker/You get fly on holiday’s like Christmas and Easter/You only wear yellow ice if you piss in the freezer”



“I got a industry gangstress who arguse and steams the reefer/And who flip when I call a bitch like she Queen Latifah/Not all the vehicle’s is long enough to stash the streetsweeper/This shit can get uglier than the Master P sneaker/We sliding through the ruckus, wit prada on the chuckus/Soon as spring break ho’s home from college wanna fuck us/I ain’t here to drop knowledge on you suckas/I’ll sick rottweiler’s on you fuckas, cops followin to cuff us”



“I know you hoping that we don’t sell more/I’ll fuck around and buy a house with more rooms than a hotel floor/Look, I’m radio ready, in every hood I’m heavy/Rolling solo, strap the desi, yellow gold and platinum bezzy/I ain’t average stupid, I’m going the peak of Nelly/Nigga you starving, my money longer than Lisa Leslie/Put the handcuffs off ya bitch, you hope you done read it/She done laid her head next to more balls than spaghetti/None of you niggas can drive in my lane/You ain’t worthy the only hood stripes you got is in a Yankee jersey”


“I’m So Fly”

“Banks is fresh out the gutter, too smooth to stutter/The Sig will melt a brother like two scoops of butter/Before I leave the crib I tell my mother I love her/Grab the burner, but she ain’t concerned cause he’s a earner/My bitch lays it out real nice for me to murder/We fight, wake up and fuck like Ike and Tina Turner”


“Work Magic”

“Baby had tried to steal off the payroll/I’ll have niggas scrappin’ the skin off yo face with the same shit they peel the potatoes/I thank the Lord for my blessings and I’m glad he gave us/The willpower and reflexes of Larry Davis/You don’t wanna see my block formin’/That’s a hundred and one dogs and I don’t mean the ones with the spots on ’em/We’re respected highly/’Cause you don’t need to practice gymnastics to catch a body”



“I can’t keep my eyes off ya, I can tell why them other guys lost ya/Your kind’s rarer than a flyin’ saucer/And that’s why I can offer, similarities in our characters/Haven’t you heard the word ’round town? How I get down/They gon’ whistle, everybody part is official/And that ass wit’ you, got my dick as hard as a missile/Don’t hop on top, cause I ride around with a pistol/If they pull us over, I’ll be out of town with an issue”


“Banks Workout Pt. 2″

“Even though my dollars are green/I rap for the kids that’s too poor to waste eggs on Halloween/I’m getting swallowed clean, my habits are good/Collecting all the karats I could/Sliding from a stash spot to conceal the torture/And a good silencer to make it sound like the Wheel of Fortune/All this careless talkin, cause I’m traveling and flossing/Having a good time, and you having a abortion/You sucker for love, getting married and divorced then/Can’t even afford the batteries for your Walkman”


“You Know the Deal”

“Niggas won’t understand ’til they man fall/From a exit wound big as a handball/Damn y’all, can a nigga spend a mill/For a house on the hill as tall as a Ferris wheel?/Niggas better chill – for the Barretta peel/Knock off your head and ill, whole bunch of red’ll spill/Nigga I’m rollin’ up, system blowin’, hater’s glowin’ up/Frozen up, Range Rover truck color Coconut”



“I roll up, this is a hold up, ain’t nothing funny/Stop smiling, and be the reason that the crime piling/Don’t complain and die over a chain/Bang bang gang green neighborhood game/You know me, house slipper as them baggy sweets/I throw a bitch out the crib like Jazzy Jeff/All the hate is sidelining and they mad he next/Cause I got the bunny’s with them fatties, yes”


“Take ‘Em to War”

“Bullshit kept to a minimum/Come at me on subliminal, I’ma retaliate straight/You need a M-F miracle, a Saddam bomb lyrical/Something chemical, hungry enough to scrape plates/A sure shotter, and rule sour/The mall’s ours, the whores crowd us for twenty four hours/Ignore cowards, stunting one of my super powers/Stupid dollars, swagger and the coupe is stylin”


“Bad Luck”

“You might catch Banks in the city with that blue and gray shit/Ropes as thick as the ones they hung slaves with/Shorty ain’t ya wife, dog, I’m blazin’ after ya/Got rocks on my neck from a cave in Africa/Just bought a new bitch got beige and black in her/Police watching us like an Asian trafficker/Go ahead front I’m dying to poke ya hater/And put a patch on your eye like an Oakland Raider/I ain’t got a silencer just a soaked potato/I seen ya wife you had to be on coke to date her”



“Three-notes got my p’s q’s in my jeans/G-g-gee whiz, my ride’s like a superhero’s/Four-five ceelo, look how good I reload/Right back at you bitch ass niggas abide the G code/Click-clack deep hole, the industry Debo/We built these niggas ground up, why would they figure we fold?/Figure fours on the competition/I Yoke em, tell me you joking/My flow is like the levees open”


“Beamer, Benz, Bentley”

“This is heavy new Bentley, color vanilla and cherry/Andretti-O Pirelli make a movie out the getty/Where my ring and my confetti, I’m Kobe Bryant ready/Pink Rose and chronic smelly while stumbling out the telly/I’m so fly, I’m so ferry and the way I flow is very/Ginsu or machete, way my pencil move his deadly/Platinum band, platinum bezzie, make a straight girl outta’ lezzie/Magazine, mac, benzie keep my windows like the prezzie”


“Home Sweet Home”

“My regular scent is piff, currency, and Cashmere/You done drove your bitch away, I told her she can crash here/Yeah I’m counting paper like the cashier/Living like I’m limited, breathing like it’s my last air/My boy in and out the box, super stupid soldier/Told me if he could do it again he’d do it over/Poverty’s king cobra, squeeze your life out/Cause it’s the fatalities and causalities I should write ’bout/These rappers ain’t iced out, they just fooling niggas/Running round town fakers, zirconian cubic niggas”



“Now every morning’s a fast start/And there ain’t problem getting dressed cause my closet got more aisles than pathmark/Run, move starting to rain/And leave wit 12 shells in ya mouth like a carton of eggs/I’m the young pimp pardon my age/I don’t got long hair but if I did she be partin’ my braids/Niggas find what club they at/Take ’em wit us, and run a train on ’em like a subway mac/Get advances from grey acura/See these record labels got most artists getting fucked like the gay rapper’”


“Start It Up”

“My top down, I’m flashing on em/I’m passing all them, pullover and hit the hazards on em/The ratchets on ‘em, pay my dues, now it’s back to ballin’/Your raps are boring dead men, I dip the casket for em/I’m back performing, I bag em, break their back, don’t call em/Look down on em like Dikembe, Patrick, Mourning/Cash is pourin’, stunt stormin, got these bitches soaked/Camera phones capture everything that pictures don’t”


“Christian Dior Denim Flow”

“I been locked in my way of thinking, now my cuffs are gone/Must’ve been the liquor talking, I’m begging the cups, c’mon/Might come off as irregular, I come in custom form/T-G-I-F, GT breeze, my hustler’s poem/My sound’s full-grown, reminds me of my favorite chronic/Ball like a SuperSonic, make the haters vomit/Nigga, make some money ‘fore you make a comment/I meant to snap a while ago, but who knows where the time went?”


“Banks Workout Pt. 4″

“Go get ya camera man, that’s a Lambo, fam/The gun in the safe the same one from Rambo hand/You know, whatever chedda/Flying my New York hoe in cause her head is better/I said I’d never sweat her, well, I guess I lied/She suck the ghost out a nigga, and I’m petrified/You niggas nothing but roaches, here’s the pesticide/I spray a little, you roll around on ya’ neck and die”


“I’m So Fly”

“Ya’ boy is corrupt kid/Banks’ll send a bitch to the store just for a piece of cheesecake like Puff did/You chumps can’t afford these homes, look around, I got 40 clones/Now Look down, that’s forty stones/And that’s only in the necklace, I’m bony and I’m reckless/It’s Tony in a Lexus/I’m fresh out the gutter, scrap what ya’ man thought/I’m in the hood with more straps than a Jan sport”


“Banks Workout”

“You can book me short notice, I’ma sell out in a night/The car won’t get me there, but the helicopter might/I bring all the toys out, let the clique go shit/The whip so new even the bird shit don’t stick/I got a hell of a system, the sound travels three blocks/Bulletproof doors and all you can eat tops/Running up to me will only lead to funerals/I’ll button all your niggas up like Jay Z/And I smoke for free when I’m out in DC/VVS’s in my ear, clearer than HD”



“This rap shit made me lazy/I smoke a blunt, get some head, and fall asleep on a bitch/Dog, give back ya bronze chains/I’m number one in the draft, you’re looking at the rap LeBron James/I’m like a breath of fresh air, the hope for the future/I got land, so I be looking out the scope when I shoot ya’/There’s a couple niggas emulating me, but they both clones/My earrings reflect more colors than snow cones”


“Take a Picture”

“These niggas better start acting right, I ain’t wrapped too tight, I’ll leave ya head red and white like a apple bite/I got a fat niggas appetite, pass through the traffic light, smash on the coppers like “vroom”/The punchline kid is back, nigga/Look what my punchlines did for rap/Inspired the new jacks, that’s why the sound like that/With their chain damn near to the ground like that/The Game you see now will shock me cause he’s a punk/Two niggas in one, like Shock G and Humpty Hump”


“Lamborghini Lloyd”

“You can call me Big Truck Bank$ or Lamborghini Lloyd/Ferrari F-50 made me one rich boy/Niggas ain’t sayin’ nothin’ just alotta slick noise/I got silencers for that, them rubber grip toys/Over 20 hoes that do what I say so/Fight ova me like them bitches on the Flava Flav Show/I don’t smoke ’em up, this is major grade dro/
The flows tight like Bathing Ape clothes”


“Poppin’ Them Thangs”

“Nuttin but bling bling in your face boy/That’s why my neck shine like one of the shirts that Puffy and Mase woreI done found a nympho as soon as I pop a bra//She at my balls, head first like a soccer star/You can only stand next to the man if you proper/I take care of birds like an animal doctor/I been out and buzzin, niggas just slept on me/So I’m out for revenge like one of Bin Laden cousins”


“Salute U”

“Look nigga, I suggest you go home/’Cause I won’t hesitate to let the chrome touch ya/Nigga I’m never scared like Bone Crusher/Stand alone, provide my own supper/Tell ya baby momma stop comin’ around here or I’m gon’ fuck her/We’ll try to take up for them lames around you/He’ll get shots for free like I flagrant fouled you/I’m on the road blowin’ grade A haze and brown/Got niggas runnin’ like the KKK’s around”


“Ice Box”

“Goon in the passenger seat, gun in his palm/’Cause round here niggas get foul more than LeBron/I’ll knock ya off the board, you’re a pawn/I fly like the pilot, getting my Europe on!/I smoke the competition, lyrical marathon/Neck look like glitter whenever the camera on/Stop – You don’t wanna niggas show up on ya block/In all black, run you outcha house like Barack”


“Work Magic”

“Yeah, ain’t talkin’ shit but we can all tell he ass/Jabs will black his eyes like the R. Kelly mask/You gotta blast me, yo/’Cause the Louisville will have yo head lookin’ like the top of a pistachio/The young gunner with a raspy flow/Got every boyfriend thinkin’ their girlfriend’s a nasty ho/My heart laughin’ it’s small/Maybe it’s cause my grandpop dropped right after the ball”


“Angel Dust”

“I’ll cut yo penny pinchin’ lifespan/No sleep losing, anotha henny sippin night fam/So Keep it movin, diamonds blinding mr. iceman/He reach Aruba Make a movie out this nice lamb/Hannibal movements, I ha ha harr, I’ll let the drummer do a number on you/Horrible photo how the flow go make the homi’s jump/Another title for stripping equip Gennady’s punch/Crush the competition how im hittin like a shotty dump”


“Another 70 Bars”

“You see me hurt, it ain’t a question/Kicks all on that nigga, David Beckham/Punchline over flow/Over the lemon and the Rover low, it move better over snow/I make it rain so long my shoulder go/Only 25, but get fly like I’m older though/Nigga, who you think they imitate/Nothing but food on my dinner plate, watch how I demonstrate/Still riding dirty though, glocks on the interstate/Roll the window down, let the Audi 8 ventilate/Don’t go bringing drama onto him/You’ll get knocked off, like Obama if he wins”


“Squeeze 1st”

“If you ain’t dunkin’ or dumpin’ then go to hell home/Cause the only clip on your hip hold your cell phone/I know you’re focused and you’ve been writin’/But all your beggin’ is chewin’ off my ear like Tyson/I need a bag big enough to get my mens straight/So I’m a need a O dog, and I ain’t talkin’ like Larenz Tate/A O.G told me to market with the block/He been around since they hit Martin with the rock”


“Fall Back”

“You can bet your bottom dollar, if it’s ever a room that I’m tied up in/That Im gonna throw bullets like Boomer Esiason/Give him a wound where his eye has been/And lift him off the ground like a hot air balloon when it’s firin’/My game’s smooth as Mariah’s skin/But I’m popular, so I travel with the goons when I slide up in/I’m blamed for the heat round my way/I made it without a Making of the Band or a Freestyle Friday”


“Cashing In”

“Ya boy sick, so move or the germ might touch ya I’m at the Rucker burner trees up like Usher/When I teach you how to rap fair, I’m in that black/My earrings a canary the size of Pac Man/I gives a fuck if you’re sour, boy/’Cause my goons got the windows from the 24 hour store/I’m on the verge of flipping/Lord give me a sign, ‘fore I empty this nine and leave the boy dripping/Me and 50 like Michael and Pippen/Ryu and Ken, whoever you send, I’ma rip ’em”


“Piano Man”

“Fresh out the rim shot, my wheels tick-tock/My steel six shots, the paint flip-flop/My charm trucky, that’s why they wan’ fuck me/Two-oh-seven McClaren, body like Buffy/Ol’ head get rusty, and I’m a can of oil/If hip-hop do that, a hundred grand’ll boil/We show up at your bougie event, get your body hung/Slide you all over the stage like Omarion/Then leave the party calm, on a Pepsi and Bacardi bomb/Bail ain’t nothin, I make a Gotti bond”


“G-Unit Anthem”

“Put carpet burns on these rats for several days/Till they need bandages on they knees like Pat Ewing’s legs/I’m always with the biscuit/The only way I get blue balls is if a bitch had blue lipstick/You broke, rob more blocks/’Cause you ain’t got to know how to break dance to wind up on a cardboard box/I’m Guccied down to my socks, groupies houndin’ the spot/We perform at, keep goopies around for the cops”


“Bad Luck”

“All it takes is aim a nigga really tried to diss you/It’s gon’ be an issue if you don’t fry his tissue/What’s a crack head thinking ’bout right before he takes a hit/Hell if I know probably a whole lot of mistakes and shit/What the fuck makes a nigga want to have a relationship/When I could have a Caucasian, Spanish, or Asian chick/Nigga you could run but the lights’ll beat ya/Put red dots on you like a slice of pizza”


“Bang Bang”

“I burn an unfamiliar bud/Got a shotgun like Elmer Fudd, that’ll let off and leave you hella blood/Ma, I’m hip to the game, blue ice chips in the chain/A few nights skipped on the plane with two white chicks giving brain/And a bundle of haze/At least enough to last 14 days, eat where they sell lobster/My eyes slanted like Pharrell’s partner”


“Round Here”

“I’m hot now, came up quicker/They comparin’ me to veterans nigga, and I’m to young to buy liquor/I’m rollin’ out till they break a boy off his chips straight/Strugglin’ baby, I’m on tour of a mixtape/Frontin’ will get ya bashed in/Nigga, my flows worth mills, like the dress Princess Diana crashed in”


“Bitches Ain’t Shit”

“We like the Neptunes, just different teams/We both move around with Clipse and they spit 16’s/I’ll be damned if I trick one dollar/But if a chick come holla and got paper, I’ma get some out her/I’m high every hour, the California light green steamer/Am I hot nigga that Ike beat Tina/Ice cream beamer/You upset ’cause I say everything ya don’t say/Nigga, you ain’t smoking hydro, you smoking roach spray”


“Bad Luck”

“Duck from the SK Special/Or I’m a leave ya fucking shirt looking like the ese’s dressed you/Ain’t a case when I catch you/I’ll put holes in ya face like a pretzel/Make jakes have to sketch you/Arm and legs’ll break the same time your neck do/Throw you off a projects for fucking with my set/I know you hate me and would like to jump me/Cause I play around acres like Michael’s monkey”


“Cross My Path”

“Pretty soon, you’ll have to pawn ya roll and platinum ring/’Cause you keep going gold like a Latin King/Wouldn’t buy a nigga bootleg if you like me/’Cause I ain’t tryna hear that bullshit like Spike Lee/I’m outta sight, b, Long Island Ice Tea/Timberland, white tee, both arms icy/We got enough money to bathe in it/They don’t listen to Pac in the drop, but it’ll be two K’s in it”


“G-Unit Anthem”

“I ain’t generous or courteous/I’m runnin’ from a dirty bitch, nigga you thirty six/You don’t want it with the kid at all/Same shit bigger bathroom my niggas brawl/When we come after you it ain’t no gray shots/The SIG will leave a hole in ya chest bigger than Flavor Flav’s clock/You pussy, you wouldn’t even pop the smallest chip/Cause on the inside you softer than a mozzarella stick”


“Bad Luck”

“I get a kick outta lying to these hoes/So if you bust in my room you’d probably catch a bitch trying to propose/From a block bang out I caught iron in my clothes/Stuck without my ratchet, bucking my bread basket/Ear drums soft from lead that fled past it/Bounce off the floor injured my leg in traffic/Headed towards the Mackland/But its hard as hell to walk a straight line when ya eyeballs doing back flips”


Faites tourner !