Mixtape non officielle regroupant tous les diss d’Eminem.

00:00 Marshall Mathers (ICP Diss)

05:21 I Remember (Everlast Diss)

11:04 Quitter (Everlast Diss)

17:47 Girls (Limp Bizkit Diss)

23:26 Square Dance (Canibus Diss)

28:49 Say What You Say (Canibus/Jermaine Dupri Diss)

33:59 Say My Name (Canibus/Jermaine Dupri Diss)

38:32 Can-I-Bitch (Canibus Diss)

43:39 The Sauce (Benzino/The Source Diss)

47:14 Nail In The Coffin (Benzino/The Source Diss)

52:01 Invasion (Benzino/The Source Diss)

54:30 Invasion Part 2: The Conspiracy Freestyle (Benzino/The Source Diss)

57:16 Invasion Part 3: Armageddon (Benzino/The Source Diss)

1:00:42 Doe Rae Me: Hailie’s Revenge (Ja Rule/Murder Inc. Diss)

1:05:58 Go To Sleep (Ja Rule Diss)

1:10:43 Bully (Ja Rule/Irv Gotti Diss)

1:16:06 Monkey See, Monkey Do (ICP/Ja Rule Diss)

1:19:48 Hail Mary (Ja Rule/Irv Gotti Diss)

1:25:04 Bump Heads (Ja Rule Diss)

1:29:45 Shit Hits The Fan (Ja Rule Diss)

1:34:37 Bagpipes From Baghdad (Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon Diss)

1:39:20 The Warning (Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon Diss)

1:42:39 Drop The Bomb On ‘Em (Haystak Diss)


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