3Dmac – Hardly Hectic

Ardamus and C Royal – The Glass Is Half Full Of Shit

B Dolan – House Of Bees vol 2

BioLogic – Lucid Dreams

Children Of The Night – Queens… Revisited

Dark Prince – @whoisDarkPrince EP

Dr. Apple – In The Lab

Elliot Fresh – Now…

Ensilence – EXILE

Fruits – The Mixtape

Iam Victory – HardCore

Ice Water (AKA Woadah) – Holy Water

Iron King – The Coronation EP

Keenen Magik – Easy On The Ears

Kitty Pryde – Haha, I’m Sorry EP

Lumba Blackwood – Bangz Bassiks

Maco Mattox – Public Speaking EP

Nekaybaaw & Ka Sekhem – Of Unknown Origin

Nottz – In My Mind EP

Phil In The Blank – Face The Music

Phillie (of the Wisemen) – I Exist

Quite Nyce – Cautious EP

Rey Resurreccion & Nima Fadavi – To the Top

Scottie Royal – The Glass is Half Full of…

Sean Sky – Seize The Day

Sean Taylor – COOL

Serum – Daydream Of Nightmares

The Accomplices – The 10 90

Waka Flocka Flame – Triple F Life

Wolfe D.O.M – Nation

Wordsworth – The Photo Album

XV – Popular Culture

Young Rebel Rico – Realms Of Reality

ZEPS – Har Du Tyggis


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