Action Bronson – Blue Chips

Amsterdam & Goodwill – Earth & Sky

Cander – Stories of

Everliven Sound And Inf-Everlations

Fresh Daily – The Brooklyn Good Guy

Hilltop Hoods – Drinking from the Sun

Jack Spairo – The Placebo Effect

Jéan P – Still Dreaming

Johaz – The Alina Marin Theory EP

Libretto – Gangsta Jazz EP

lx – Embers of Piff

One Be Lo – Laborhood Part 3

Pep Love – Rigmarole

Perfeck Strangers – Series Premiere

Poetic Death – DTTS- Chapter Three

Soul Khan – Wellstone EP

The Black Marvel – BM Ultra

The Dirty Politicians – Free Stoney Graves

Tona – Reform School

TUGREYT – The Blind Voice



Amotion – Belief in Myself EP

Aquil & Yahzilla – The Bright Lady Sessions

Badcrop – The Harvest

B.I.C. (Bitches Is Crazy) – Singles & Such

Brett Gretzky – Brett Gretzky

Elcee & MWP – In Toronto.Replay

Genesis The 8th – I’m Sorry About What Happened, It’s Been Quite A Process

Glad2Mecha – 5 Cigars Ant Enough 4 A Box Of Raps EP

Max Damage – Good Stuff Vol 1

mialo – Loopin The Third

Nathan Anthony – Behind My Eyelids

PFM & Iron Ora – Pomegranate Sunset

Phesto Dee {Of Hieroglyphics}-Background Check

RediBrown’s BeatSmith Spotlight Vol. 2: Uncut Diamond

S.A Vs. Tranzformer-Rise In Voltage EP

Syde FX – Door Way Home

The Talented Mr. Lindsey – Dirty Roots

Wonder Brown & MC Forty – Walking Words


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