Circa 94 Beats – The Bucket List Or Things To Listen To Before I Die

Kay Flow – Kreative Kontrol

Krs-one The Bdp Album

Theory Hazit – Thr3e




Gabriel Stark – Starky F. Kennedy

Omar AbstRacT – The Educated Hustle- Re-Educated

Passion Party – The Unihorn EP

Red Cafe – Hells Kitchen

Sabotawj & RHBless – Rhyme Exchange

Simon Roofless – The Killing

Son of Saturn – Thesis




Diles – Meditation

D.L.O – Da Last Ones

Faction – X-Faction

Gigio & Josef Blo – Caught In Traffic EP

G.O – Give It Up

Glad2Mecha & Ill Treats – Hello

Krate Krusaders-Vol. 2 When The Needle Drops

Milo – I Wish My Brother Rob Was Here

Nocando – zero hour

Stix – Itolduso

Faites tourner !