Z-Ro – Let The Truth Be Told (review – 77%) – 2005

12 Avr , 2015  


10 ans aujourd’hui!

Bon album de Z-Ro très personnel et traitant de la rue et du ghetto. Les textes sont bons, sans plus. Niveau instru ca passe mais ca manque de tuerie.



Il se remémore d’où il vient, raconte les différentes étapes de sa carrière et de ses succès et dit qu’il vise encore plus haut.


1 Night

Z-Ro et Trae Tha Truth demandent que pour une nuit seulement, leurs potes et proches décédés reviennent à la vie, qu’ils puissent passer du temps ensemble etc.


Help Me Please

Chanson où il déprime à cause de la vie dans le ghetto et il demande l’aide de Dieu.

Help me please
I’m blinded by my tears and I just cain’t see
So many devils tryin to recycle my soul
Cause in the ghetto where I’m from ain’t no positive roles
Just niggas and hoes

This is the sea of life, and I’m drownin
I know I can swim, but feel like I keep sinkin down in
These waters and I cain’t breathe, I feel like I’m gon’ blow it
I can see people holdin a life jacket but they won’t throw it

I waited my whole life to be somebody
But now I’ve gotta get a visit just to see somebody

I done see too many killings just like my vision is mean to me
And my eyes don’t like me, and my soul wanna leave


1st Time Again

Chanson de lover.


Auntie & Grandma

Chanson en hommage à sa tante et à sa grand mère qui l’ont élevé après le décès de sa mère à 6 ans. Elles l’ont toujours soutenu et toujours été là pour lui, même lorsqu’il était en prison.
Had no idea, the Lord would take my mom away from me
Cold part about it, I was only six when she died
Aunt Sandra and Grandma Dorothy, wipe the tears from my eye
Ever since I could remember, they’ve been guardian angels
Whenever life started choking me, they would loosen up the strangle

Who say, two women couldn’t raise a man
They did everything, except put a pistol inside my hand
Taught me when to fight, and taught me when to walk away
The main reason, why I’m not outlined in chalk today
So many problems in my life, I’m glad they never left me lonely

Then Auntie came and picked me up, and gave me some bread
They gave me life, when everybody else done left me for dead
I was in jail sometime, but they know I’m not a crook
So they kept letters coming daily, and kept money on my books

Didn’t have a lot of food, but I never had to keep my mouth closed
Always had something hot, on my plate
A lot of times I was full, before my people even ate

If I had wishes to make, I would give em to y’all
Because without your love, I would not be living at all





Help Me Please (81,53)


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1 Night (76,73)

It’s A Shame (76,32)

1st Time Again (75,83)

Auntie & Grandma (75,73)



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