Velly Marsh – Life’s A Drug & Thinking Out Loud (album streams)

3 Août , 2016  

Velly Marsh nous propose ses deux albums en écoute et si vous kiffez n’hésitez pas à les acheter.


Present Bio: Velly Marsh, born in 1992 and raised around the valley of Sacramento. Graduated from community college at American River with an Associates Degree in audio engineering. Although he learned behind the glass, Velly spent majority of his time crafting his writing skills, vocab, and rhyme schemes. He fell in love with music around the age of 4 and started using it to express himself in high school, but in college is when Velly started becoming introspective and socially aware of surroundings, which heavily contributes to his music.
Album Description: “Life’s a Drug” & “Thinking Out Loud” are my latest releases and they go together hand in hand. I created L.A.D first and at the end of the the project i wasn’t satisfied because i felt insecure about the album. The track-list is sequenced from my lowest frequency to highest, creating a variety of content and styles. It’s very personal and has many real life experiences I keep to myself. That insecurity is what spawned T.O.L, my latest work to date, a straight raw underground hip hop album. It’s more brief and concise than any of his previous material. Together, the albums are 26 tracks and 1 hour & 25 min worth of music genius.

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