Toutes les références aux drogues dans Oxymoron de ScHoolboy Q

13 Mai , 2017  


“What it do, young niggas? What it do, young bitches?
I got my drink in my cup, I got my Backwood, no Swishers
And bitch, I’m faded, fucking faded, yeah, I’m famous
What? I’m famous, fucking famous, nigga I made it!”

 “My momma said don’t be that, that little nigga that sold crack
Gangbanger that street jack, always trying to figure where the beef at”

“Ain’t sober, kush odor, kush soda’s, crip stoner
Real soldier, head off shoulders, makeover”


Los Awesome

“Coke go in the pot, arm and hammer body
A$AP Rocky, want it I could get it”

Collard Greens

“Smoke this, drink this, straight to my liver
Watch this, no tick, yeah, I’m the nigga
Gang rap, X-mas, smoke, shots I deliver
Faded, Vegas, might sponsor the killer”

“Guns in the basement, out they have a problem
Kush be my fragrance, we love marijuana”

“Weed steady blowing, pass the blunt to my momma
Runs in the family, puff-puff keep a nigga fiending
Faded, faded faded, right
Shot glass super size, she gon’ get some dick tonight”

“Smoking weed and drinking, all the college students loving Q
We gon’ turn it out until the neighbors wanna party too”

What They Want

“This the shit that they need
Tell me where are you from
Drop your pants to your knees
Yeah, I got the codeine”

“Need a gang of weed and a pint of lean
Got a hat say Figg on my gangsta tip”

“I can pay your bills with this coke
Need an extra band for this smoke
I can see for miles with this scope, nigga
Got an oxy scribed to this dope dealer
Misses Piggy want her Biggie back
Rock cremation then called it crack
I’ma keep on eating ’til my ankles fat
Sell that fix, throw it cross the map”

“She gon’ roll on them pills, just don’t grab on my hat
This that shit that’s Iraq, this that make you climax”

“This that crow with the jail, we go in, smoke the L’s
She love my mic, rock the bell, leave that punani killed”

Hoover Street

“Since a young nigga I admired the crack sellers, seen my uncle steal
From his mother, now that’s the money that I’m talking ’bout
Think about it, the smoker ain’t got shit and everyday he still get a hit”


“Throw and loc your pussy, girl, you knowing that your nigga faded
Can I hit that pussy way I wanna while this record playing?”


“Prescription drugs, show me love
Percocets, Adderall
Xanny bars, get codeine involved
Stuck in this body high, can’t shake it off”

“My senses harmed, sluggist ruggish
A couple Xannies popped, open my pill box
Prescription drugs”

“Prescription drugs, I fell in love
My little secret, she gon’ kill a thug
My body numb, she like to give me hugs
I love her touch, I get a rush
When she don’t come around, I start to go nuts
My heart erupts”

“Oxy, I don’t know no Pablo or no papi
What you know about a pill, plus a 8-ball
You gotta re-up 50 times just to get a rack off, uh”

“Stopped selling crack, cause white don’t fuck with narcos”

“Just stopped selling crack today
When it get hot, smoke a pill, watch it glide like Dr. J
I prescribe you I’m your doctor, kay?
You can crush this shit, you can sniff this shit
You can take this shit, you can smoke this shit
Do you like this shit, nigga?
Your brain go numb, synthetic heroine
Without the injections, do the same love and affection”

The Purge

“I’m smoking bath salt, two sherm sticks, burn this, ooh
Knock-knock through the condo’s, Schoolboy from the five deuce”

“House full of kilos, sold pound to zeros
Cocaine my hero, you in Figg Side, getting Deebo’d”

“Earn crack money, drug money, bail money
Heard they got life for me, but how they got life for me”

“Bust my gun all by myself
Rock cocaine all my myself
Poured propane all on myself
Go so hard might harm myself”

Blind Threats

“Cat and mouse chase, got cheese to catch
High on on some drug, I’m Space Cadet”

Hell Of A Night

“No lean, but I chopped and screwed
She want a groovy type, bucket hat dude
Champagne pop, I’m about that life, molly gon’ pop, I’m about that life
Backwood toke, I’m about that life, living good, might not remember this night”

Break The Bank

“Fuck rap, I’ve been rich, crack by my stick shift
Oxy like concerts, always my bread first
GetMine my nickname, O-X and cocaine
Nina my new thing, blew up before fame”

“Good weed and me time, goodbye to Nissan
Cause one day this rappin’ gon’ pay”

“Surprised I got teeth, my lungs inhale keef
Peyote with THC, swingin’ for the fence”

“Fuck rap, my shit real, came up off them pills
Hustle for my meal, grindin’ for my deal”

Man Of The Year

“Home of the slanging on the curb
Weed cards every corner sell herb, what’s a fly to a bird?”

“See whites, blacks blazing a pound, jumping around
Tits, ass bump out her gown”

Grooveline Part II

“Got a sack of marijuana, think I’m ’bout to bend a corner
Ain’t no telling who my money for
Got my dope from cross the border
Got my home on Figueroa, ain’t no telling where that pussy go”

(Article du 14 mars 2015)

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