Tous les « motherfuckers » de Vinnie Paz sur Season Of The Assassin

19 Mar , 2016  

Vinnie Paz n’a pas le droit de dire « nigga » donc il remplace ca par « motherfucker ».

Ca ne sert à rien mais j’ai compilé tous ceux qu’il dit sur son album Season Of The Assassin.

Avec un peu de conviction on peut en faire un vrai couplet.


I ain’t the type of motherfucker you should ask a favour
I’m the type of motherfucker that’ll blast my neighbour
See I’m faster than a motherfucker grabbing his gat
I’m holding all of you motherfuckers for ransom
I go to war with anybody motherfucker, I’m a sorcerer ock
I’m a motherfucking brick you constructed of paper
I dumped the motherfucking clip now you dust and you vapour
Who the best motherfucker in the street that you never heard?
These motherfuckers don’t know the pain that the stainless doing
Cut a motherfucker head like Hussein would do him
Take his motherfucking bread now, it’s painless to him
Who you think the motherfuckers that crashed in the tower?
The blind motherfucker in the village, Bryce Howard
I’m the motherfucking champ, I’m the fighting Phils
I’m from Philly motherfucker, the rawest it comes
I make motherfuckers burn, you a slight tan
I keep a motherfucking urn on my nightstand
So wait your motherfucking turn like a hype man
That’s the reason that you motherfuckers is running for
I’m still the same fat motherfucker, same guinea
And the same motherfuckers felt the pain with me
Still some stupid motherfuckers saying they can’t feel me
It’s always one motherfucker trying to set you up
I’m the truth motherfucker, not built to betray
Y’all motherfuckers walk around like you got a wire
I ain’t the type of motherfucker to test fate
The type of motherfucker to increase the arrest rate
There’s no kush, motherfuckers stuck hustling skag
I ain’t the smartest motherfucker but I’m not a dummy
I had a lot of pride. Motherfuckers got it from me
You motherfuckers don’t belong in rap
Where this motherfucker’s fortune at?
Motherfucker I was born to rap
And Paz will shoot this motherfucker up like Barrie Bonds
This little motherfucker named Charles Hamilton is harder than y’all
And it’s typically the biggest motherfucker that’ll usually fall
I’m letting these motherfuckers live, it was truly compassion
I’mma ride dirty so motherfucker forget the law
You a joker, motherfucker, Vinnie play the ace
This motherfuckin’ pig tellin’ me I’m due in court
Only a stupid motherfucker have a problem with me
Whoever fuck with my fam suffering. A motherfucker should scram
Broke motherfucker need to throw his throwback out
These motherfuckers want a verse but they can’t pay me
Whole motherfucker when I call for the troops
And I burn this motherfucker down to the ground down to its roots


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