Tonedeff – Hunter

24 Sep , 2014  


Une grosse tuerie extrait de son nouvel EP du même nom. Un peu la suite de Politics: Tonedeff crache sa rage par rapport à l’industrie mais surtout aux rappeurs et ne mache pas ses mots, qui comme à son habitude ont tous leurs utilités dans cet unique couplet de plus de 3 minutes.


And there’s nothing I frown upon harder than air quote « artists »
Borrowing their whole product from whoever’s popular and then ain’t so modest
Like they so hot because they so blogged
Like it wasn’t their marketing dollars that paid for all it, No-wait!


Since Hip Hop – the counter culture – became the culture of counting


And anyone afraid to burn a bridge is too lazy to build their own


Indie is trendy so Majors will cloak their artists as independents and pose
That’s like repping as organic Pepsi & Coke/


You know that shit’s bad, when a kid’s hat is a big splash
And we skip past if he spits raps, but his hip dance is a hit smash within six flat
It’s a bitchslap in the face, when you’ve mastered a trade
And every brick you’ve paved for their way is smashed in a day
And so rappers become actors, and then actors become rappers


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