Tonedeff – Archetype (review – 91%) – 2005

5 Avr , 2017  

Ce n’est pas un classique, c’est un chef d’oeuvre. Beaucoup de thèmes différents ultra bien exploités. Des textes pointilleux très bien tafés avec un vocabulaire très dense, le tout sur des instrus mélodieuses.

On touche à des thèmes très personnels, des sujets un peu plus fun mais sans laisser de coté l’aspect emcee du rap, et de ce point de vue la, Tonedeff prouve qu’il est un des tous meilleurs de la planète Hip-Hop.

Un des gros points fort de Tonedeff c’est la manière dont il construit ses chansons. Ce n’est pas bêtement un format de couplet, refrain, couplet, refrain… Lui il met une intro, un bridge, une outro qui apportent un énorme plus pour le plaisir de l’écoute. Pour moi c’est le meilleur du rap game dans ce domaine.

Cet album est une des raisons pour laquelle je n’abaisse jamais le niveau qualitatif de ce que j’écoute en fonction du niveau du Hip-Hop actuel. Si un album de cette année est bof par rapport à 2005 mais bon par rapport à l’année en cours, ca reste du bof parce que je sais que je préfère réécouter Archetype pour la millième fois.

Si vous êtes réellement fan de rap, cet album est un MUST! C’est peut-être un des 20 meilleurs album Hip-Hop de tous les temps.





Il se présente en tant que modèle du vrai Hip-Hop conscient.

In a world of scouring eyes, and words compounded by lies
The artistry of lyricism I epitomize

Cause I’m the archetype – original as they come
Ayo, they broke the fuckin mold when they made this one
Said I’m the archetype, cause there can only be one
The day intelligence sells, we’ll leave the industry stunned



Il évoque la difficulté de sortir des sons conscients et pas mainstream car évidemment ca ne se vend pas. Mais qu’il continue tout de même à se faire du mal financièrement en sortant des sons qui ne se vendent pas, d’où le titre de la chanson.

I’ve thought often about tossing this awesome gift to the wind
And start crossing over to sin with this intention to blend that I get from within
I’ve protected my skin with a thin layer of pride and showmanship
But both my coats are ripped and I can’t seem to decide on clothes that fit

I deal with dirt and yet I want to heal the earth and peel the surface to reveal it’s perfect
And words I wield with purpose, and yet nobody follows the plot
They rather hear me rock off of the top
There’s pitfalls in my socks, so I walk with caution
Somebody halt the auction! Cause my soul’s on sale, and I thought I lost it

Pour your soul into something for responses that’s half-hearted
Terminate relationships on the basis of past hardships
And then you’ll see why every review’s like another line on my scarred wrist



Tonedeff parle de la déception de ne pas pouvoir tirer son coup comme il veut, le tout avec son humour légendaire:

I’m the type of motherfucker to ditch a bitch the day before I meet the parents/

Upset kids called her a ho, and I hoped to god it was true/
Cause see, a ho fuck everybody, And a bitch fuck everybody but you/

I’m jonesing for ass, but I almost choked on the gas when I opened her pants/
So potent a blast of fish that It was scary, man/
I snatched the pine tree from the rearview mirror then sandwiched it within her hairy clam

This is just another sad song
For times like this, when everything’s mad wrong
You missed your chance, you gotta keep your pants on
When things don’t go your way
Go your way
It’s another assless night
When the shorty your with isn’t acting right
You’re forced to fuck chicks who aren’t half as tight
When things don’t go your way

I really feel the need to sing this song
Cause I dated a bi-chick for 3 years and I never got my threesome on

Because of my stage name I met these three hookers looking for sex
They claimed Janessa, Brooke & Beth were their governments
And they wanted to triple the pleasure, triple the fun like they were doublemint
I’m stuttering, I’m looking down at my dick 2 chicks is rubbing it
Beth tells me just to look at her tongue and then imagine my cum on it
Then, suddenly one of ‘em starts crying, some shit bout her ex-man
And when one chicks in need, the two others WILL ditch the sex plan
With staff in hand, I’m asking, “Is it the time for this shit?”
From the back of the pack I hear, “Can’t you keep your mind off your dick?”
Ain’ that a bitch?



Tone parle d’une trahison dont il a été victime de la part d’un ami et à quel point ca l’a affecté.

Have you ever been betrayed? That shit’s the worst hit of pain
When somebody you loved can’t look you in your face
And have you ever had your heart torn out by somebody you thought was your friend
And now your trust is worn down or bought to an end

Don’t ever speak another sentence to me, ever mention me
I don’t exist, convince yourself you invented me
You’ve committed the crime of the century
And just cause loyalty ain’t a trait you possess, Don’t think that I’ll lessen the penalty

What’s your name again, I know I knew it 2 seconds ago
But I don’t recognize this second face, though to the first it’s identical

And inevitably the blunt force of ego proved lethal
To a good person forced to wallow in the shit of evil people

Spending their lives to make sure that you ain’t achieving your goals
Unreasonable kings that want to see you jump through rings of fire
For their own amusement, holding nooses, hoping trees are higher

Forget honesty, nowadays you’ll be lucky to find that quality
In a drama odyssey where cats never react responsibly

And if I don’t give my patience a rest
I’ll probably take my anger to death, complaining about some pain in my chest

Amazing how pricks can miss your skin, yet pierce your soul



Il y a tellement à dire sur cette chanson mais le texte parle de lui même, un chef d’oeuvre, sans doute la meilleure chanson du style. Tonedeff y raconte son amour pour une meuf de son collège qui le voyait uniquement comme un ami. Il décrit ses sentiments, ce qui lui plait chez elle, ses tentatives d’approches, ses frustrations… L’histoire se termine par Tonedeff la raccompagnant un soir, quelques années après, et lui disant que toutes ces années il était fou d’elle etc et elle lui a répondu qu’elle était flatée mais sans plus. C’est la qu’il s’est rendu compte qu’il l’aimait pour sa popularité.
“J’ai essayé de rester fort alors qu’elle sortait de la voiture, mais même les coeurs les plus fort se brisent lorsqu’ils sont lachés sur le sol, comme de la porcelaine”

Le choix du titre est génial, porcelaine, de part sa fragilité.

Une chanson exceptionnelle et une de mes préférées, la prod: somptueuse ainsi que le refrain, l’intro, l’outro font passer énormément d’émotion.

Une des tracks les plus parfaite du rap game.



Une chanson type battle dans lequel 7 emcees vont lacher quelques lignes.

Dommage que Tonedeff ait voulu en prendre autant, si il n’avait gardé que Substantial, Wordsworth et Supastition en mettant une meilleure instru ca aurait été une référence du genre.

Spit ridiculous shit, Like a nipple-less tit – you’re useless

Like chicks with tongue piercings I’m assuming you suck



You said it was reviews in newspapers that pushed your album back
But it wouldn’t have come out quicker if you induced labor
If you said something doper, I’d probably quote ya
But nothing sticks, like putting the opposite sides of magnets closer
The demographics of where my rap hits
Towers of above my peers, from where I control air traffic



You always enter tournaments, always lose in round one
Somebody must have lost a wack MC cause I just found one

(Pack FM)


I’m despised by the heavens, my tombstone is post-dated

I told flex he had to wait to get my album, but I guess he can’t
Cause they caught him and Clue breaking in the pressing plant

I’m smacking ya, cause you ain’t really said nothing spectacular
‘Yo! You heard what he said?’ – NOPE! I just remember how wack it was



Question..How do you call an MC nice, via the phone line?
Pick up and at the sound of the tone, just dial 3 four times

Give guide dogs to rap wannabe’s on sight, cause I tend to beat foes blind
Don’t mind your eyebrows, that’ll regrow fine
As far as your life. I got a leash on yours and a new lease on mine

As far as your wife.well, she’s easily occupied
You see, your girl got a lazy eye, and she’s seeing me on the side

I captivate minds with the strength to hold a genie against his wishes

Claiming you got heart, but in regards to your flow, it seems there’s a ventricle missing

I go solo with no problem
While you got so many guests appearances, that you made a cameo on your own album




Il expose tout son dégout envers la politique du rap game.

Get that other rapper’s cock out your throat! No wonder he’s been coming out your face

I’m fed up with the rap scene
As I’m dealing with an amount of politics that would even give the president bad dreams

Need anything done? Then you gotta do it yourself with no help
When you make on your own? Then everyone shows to share the whole wealth

Do I need to get shot to get props?
Do you need talent? I guess not but with drug money and a guest spot
You can spend lots on a track from the producer of the month



Le titre parle de lui même, et avec bien évidemment tout l’humour qu’on connait de Tonedeff

Tonedeff rap le 1er couplet d’une façon mélodieuse, tandis qu’au deuxième ca s’accélère, comme si il passait aux choses sérieuses.

Better check up on your girl cause I’m a pervert!
I’m a pervert! Down to do some dirt
Better button up your shirts, cause I’m a pervert!
I’m a pervert! Biggest freak on earth
Better cross your fucking legs, cause I’m a pervert!
I’m pervert! Eyeing up your skirt!
I said my mind is in the gutter, I’m a pervert!
I can’t help it! That’s just how I work


1er couplet:

I’ve got a penchant for mentally undressing
Sexy specimens of the feminine gender

It’s all in my head, and though we’ll probably never meet
I’ve seen you nude and on your knees

I’m walking ’round with mirrors on the tops of my shoes
So, don’t get lazy, ma – I can tell if it’s bushy

No need to hide or be pushy
It’s way more fun when I know that you see me looking

I’ve got a confession to make, and the truth is
If I’m spending the night over yours to sleep (You better lock your door)
Cause in the morning, the minute that I’m alone
I’ll be sniffing your girl’s panties when you leave


2ème couplet:

Let’s cut to the chase, ma – There’s a reason that rubbers exist

The width of my dick is so thick, it won’t fit in the midst of a ship’s haul
Did you call me chauvinist? All because I just wanna be blown and kissed
Lick your slit and just make you moan in bliss, Stick my dick in your kizzle-hole and jizz

My hope is this, we fuck and your homegirl’s next

Leaving a bitch with more glistening shit on her neck than Mr. T
Skillfully spread the legs she’s wet between, I’m thrilled to eat! Pussy’s a delicacy

But I can’t stand to take it anymore I got plans to act, a true pervert will fuck you till you’re handicapped



Pure chanson d’emcee où il montre toute la diversité de son vocabulaire en s’en prenant aux rappeurs de merde et c’est du très très trèèèès haut niveau.



Dans le genre chanson à faire écouter à tous la jeunesse, elle doit être dans le top 5.

Tonedeff critique la société actuelle et s’adresse aux jeunes en leur disant de grandir et de vivre comme ils ont envie de le faire, et pas comme la société, leurs potes ou leurs parents les obligent à faire. Il leur conseille d’avoir un meilleur style de vie que ce qu’ils ont pour le moment, de vraiment réfléchir à ce qu’ils font et de penser aux conséquences de leurs actes sur leur futur.
Il dit aussi qu’il ne faut pas trainer avec des gens qui ne nous correspondent pas car on a tendance à devenir comme eux.
Le tout en s’inspirant de son propre passé. En gros: je suis passé par la, j’ai fait des trucs, j’ai vu des gens faire d’autres trucs, maintenant je vais vous dire par rapport à cette expérience ce que vous ne devez pas faire pour vous gacher la vie plus tard.

One day you’ll look back at your life and wonder, like “what the fuck was I thinking”
Puffing and drinking at seven – public delinquent
Setting yourself up for nothing, just loving life, cussing & beefing
Without knowing what to believe in
I harbor resentment for bandwagons, and tailgators
Braggart cats who ain’t graduate with a penchant for brand-fashion
Little miss know it all bitches, and Bully-Ass bastards with bad manners

You see – hindsight is 20/20 as motherfucker
Some people never learn from others, cause they love to suffer

I’ve seen the power of drugs, of greed and the violence of guns
And the people somehow get numb, as evil devours the young

I realized that I can still hit em, and see inside where the chill bit em
With heat provided by a lil rhythm
I seek to guide whoever’s grippin for wisdom, I’ll do what I can
Cause I wished I received a bit a this, but I was doomed to withstand
The unscrupulous manner In which I learned, with ruthless abandon
Now, due to demand… children behold the truth is at hand
See, them cats you hanging with now, is who you are
And they’ll become their parents, so look at them and decide if that’s who you wanna be
Honestly, think about their qualities
You’re probably exhibiting parts of these people’s behaviors chronically
Call me a saint to warn ya – see that bitch that thinks she’s the shit
At 15 with the heaving tits, the type kids would just fiend to get
Will end up pregnant before she hits community college, broke and soon to be jobless
Abused by the dude she gets high with
See, little girls believe every love is true and it’s timeless
Till they get fucked by ‘Mr. Cool’ and guess who ends up crying
But guys ain’t no stranger to the forces of nature
We’re only out for pussy, that’s why we split with no good reason to break up
Now, Mr. Popularity… is just that
In 10 years, he’ll be missing the popularity with a bad job and a mustasche
So, fuck that socialite bullshit that they force upon you
Believe me, this is the exact course I’ve gone through

See, most motherfuckers are sheep, it was true then and it still is
Take away the uniforms, y’all will dress the same way to fit in
Nowadays I see ya… doing whatever you see on TV
Media Brainwashed, buying a new trend every 3 weeks

When you grow it hurts to stay inside your shell
I’ll prolly rewrite this song in 20 years, and dedicate it to myself
I guess the jist of it is, that when you’re big, you’ll just miss how you lived
And when you’re a kid, you’ll just wish you were big

You can get up under the wind and glide away
The sky is big enough for everybody
You don’t have to live life the normal way
Just glide your own way

Fly your own way – Do your own thing
Fuck what they say – Follow your own swing
Use your mind now – Don’t get swept up
Use your time well – Don’t get kept up
Live your own life – Get your taste right
Find your own vibe – Fuck what they like
Don’t get caught up – Live in your own skin

A noter que c’est la soeur de Deacon qui s’occupe du refrain.



Encore une track d’emcee, mais moins tranchante qu’Heavyweight.



Une chanson particulière vu que Tonedeff ne rap pas, mais vu que le message et les paroles sont très bonnes j’ai tout de même décidé de la comptabiliser dans la chronique.

Le thème c’est que même quand t’as peur de tenter quelque chose, il faut tout de même franchir le pas. Même si on a aucun soutient, il faut y aller et ne pas avoir peur.

Walking on the line
No one there to catch me
Curious and blind
Fear of what I can’t see

Sometimes we think we can fly, with our wings tattered
Sometimes we don’t think to try, cause we don’t know any better
So, I’ve gathered myself just to prove
To me that I’m not afraid anymore
Sometimes, we blink at the moon like we didn’t see it coming
Sometimes we jump in too soon, from the fear of running
Just when you think that there is nothing in the world
To see – Just know there is something around the corner



Chefs d’Oeuvre:

Porcelain (97,14)

Children (96,09)

Loyal (94,04)

Masochist (91,39)



Pervert (88,88)

Heavyweight (87,04)

Disappointed (85,66)



Politics (84,30)

Case Closed (82,97)

Archetype (82,81)

Issawn (81,57)


A écouter:

Quotables (77,12)


Meilleurs textes: Porcelain + Loyal + Children

Meilleures chansons lyricales: Heavyweight + Children + Masochist + Case Closed + Loyal

Meilleurs thèmes: Porcelain + Loyal

Meilleures instrus: Porcelain + Gathered + Children

Meilleurs couplets: Heavyweight (1+2+3) + Children (2+3) + Loyal (2+3) + Case Closed (1+2) + Masochist + Quotables (Tonedeff + Supastition) + Politics

Meilleur guest: Supastition (Quotables)


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