It’s time to enter the Top 100 of the greatests songs of 2013. I reached a lot of artists whose songs are in the list to know them better so it should be interesting. Of course i couldn’t get everyone or they weren’t always reachable. These songs were chosen amongst more than 30,000 songs divided in 2230 albums and were selected based on Lyrics – Instrumental – Topic – Vibe and Construction.

They’re not necessarily my favorites songs of the year (even though a lot are), but the best following these criteria.

Version française.


01. What inspired you to do this song?

K-Rino: Well i always like to write storytelling songs and i got a lot of different concepts over the years so i was trying to do something for the new album and the Maven idea came to me. I like to make songs that people can visualize while they are listening. When did you write it?

K-Rino: I wrote it i think in late 2012,not sure. How many time did it take to write it? Because there are no blank, no pause, and every word fits perfectly, everything is rhyming so i guess it was a big work behind it.

K-Rino: I think it took me a few days to put it all together. When u do stories like that u wanna always make sure it all makes sense so i had to go over it a few times to make sure the plot was right. Why did you choose this production?

K-Rino: Well my homie Blac Forest sent me the beat and i felt like it fit perfectly for the song. I wrote the song before i got the beat. The beat was sinister and dark so it matched the story. How would you describe your song?

K-Rino: I think it could be made into a movie or a really good video lol.

Thanks again to K-Rino for this dope interview and congratulations for the release of the Greatest Hip-Hop Album of 2013 !

Check the full K-Rino’s interview here.

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Tyler Keyes (producer) What inspired you to make this beat?

Tyler Keyes: This was the first track on the Pushing Keyes album to be made. Winter of 2011 I was renting a house in Minneapolis that had no insulation in the basement. That was the biggest space for the studio though so that is where me and my roommate at the time had our equipment set up. I remember being able to see my breathe throughout the whole process. Right from the beginning the beat was meant for M.i. Later when I moved to Austin to record the rest of the album it became a foundation that kind of helped define the sound that everything else would be built around. Which material did you use?

Tyler Keyes: Reason 4.0, Logic Studio 9, Yamaha Motif 6, M Audio Oxygen 49 keystation, Fender Vibe Precision bass guitar, Sony MDR’s, Tannoy Reveal 601a’s. If you can tell us, what’s the sample?

Tyler Keyes: The vocal sample used is from a song called « I Wasn’t Prepared » by a local Texas band named Eisley. That 10 second intro that you hear, « I wasn’t prepared for this, nooo, » is the portion of their song that I used. I spliced up the words of that sentence and rearranged different syllables together. The created chop ends up being a different sentence that was intended to sound like « Lies we all lie, Lies we paid for this tiiime. » Describe the instrumental

Tyler Keyes: After the vocal melody was in place I pitch shifted everything up 4 semitones and removed some of the original frequencies like the bass and deep piano chords by EQ’ing out a lot of the low shelf. The bass guitar and drums were recorded after the 4 bar chop was sounding right. Usually that’s how I begin all of my tracks; where the instrumentation gets layered in once the percussion is finalized. Add in some piano, synth pads, pearl vibes, choir chords, and strings and this one is a wrap. M.i jumped on it right away and killed it. What was your favorite production of 2013?

Tyler Keyes: If you’re asking the favorite out of my releases this year, I’d say the production on « Imminent » would probably win.

My favorite beat of the year that I didn’t produce would be « Somewhere In America » on Magna Carta Holy Grail. What was your favorite song of 2013?

Tyler Keyes: J. Cole – « Forbidden Fruit. » What was your favorite album of 2013?

Tyler Keyes: Tough to choose. I like what Timbaland and Timberlake did together on 20/20.. aaand Pushing Keyes of course. What are your next projects?

Tyler Keyes: The past few months I’ve just been building my library. I have available beats that I will start shopping around this summer. Outside of that, I have a few new collaborations coming out soon with Ashley DuBose from The Voice, the Youngbloodz out of Atlanta, and Houston’s Chamillionaire.


Thanks to Tyler Keyes for this interview and to M.I. for the autographed cd !

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Thanks to Big Rooz for this video interview !!

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krino-ijustwannaknow What inspired you to do this song?

K-Rino: Well i made that song for people who question what life is about. We all get depressed and wish things were better so i made that to help people know that theyre not alone in that process. When did you write it?

K-Rino: I wrote it around the same time as the rest of the album… like late 2012 or early 2013 Why did you choose this production?

K-Rino: The track is a more laid back mellow beat that people can just relax to so i liked it How would you describe it?

K-Rino: I think its a song that people can relate to no matter how old or young they are.

Thanks to K-Rino for this interview !

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Thanks to Juellz for this interview !

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chrisrivers-innocence What inspired you to do this song?

Chris Rivers: Often times artists get so caught up in making smart music and music that the masses would love. But every now and then i write a song just for me. A form of expression and when i heard the beat with that sample i knew what i had to do. The beat set a clear path for me to follow. Did you think about a specific event while doing this song?

Chris Rivers: Not one specific thing inspired the whole song. It was generalized but specific in certain aspects but touched on a lot of issues in the world all having to do with the destruction of innocence in many forms. Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual. A lack of understanding and love. Ignorance being such an overwhelming force in this world. As a human and an observer
and a player in this game of life i was just speaking my mind. Do you think there’s really a chance of hope for humanity?

Chris Rivers: I think there is always hope im an avid believer in anything is possible. There is a lot of beauty in the world. I just think people need to abandon the closed minded way. I think people need to focus more on being loving and helpful than opinionated and hateful. Expand horizons and be willing to sacrifice a lot. But i know it will be hard because when you’re trying to do good in an evil environment there will be a lot of opposition. Plus we may not see the results in our lifetime. But our kids might and i think thats worth it. But the world will proceed to spin and run its course. Whatever that is. When did you write it?

Chris Rivers: I wrote that song probably 5 or 6 months before the mixtape dropped so about in Jan or Feb i believe. Im not so sure. Why did you choose this production?

Chris Rivers: Awe man the production was dope shout out to Khardier the god for that beat. It just spoke to me at the right time and i knew i wanted to get my thoughts out and it was the perfect platform. How would you describe your song?

Chris Rivers: I would describe my song as just a form of expression for that moment. Just some thoughts and a brief trip inside my mind. What was your favorite song/album of the year?

Chris Rivers: Im indecisive by nature i can’t pick a favorite song thats way too difficult it changes depending on my mood. Same goes for albums it’s too hard to choose. Anything else to tell?

Chris Rivers: If people havent already done so download Wonderland Of Misery on for free. Its the mixtape this song is on. Follow the Dragons Up movement:





Anyone ever wanna work they can email me at What’s your next project?

Chris Rivers: Im working on a few projects one of them being TGK (The Good King) and it will be out later this year. Always stay tuned like i said follow the movement and you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks to Chris Rivers for this interview !

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numatikelyonbeats-autumn Why this season in particular?

Numatik: Before I began writing « Autumn » I remember lying on my back, listening to the beat on replay. It really made me smile big, as it evoked good memories, and reminded me of God’s promises. I knew I had a song for it; and yet as I closed my eyes I felt that this particular beat painted an imagery of changes in seasons, and carried an immense feeling of hope. Shout out to Elyonbeats, a good friend of mine, that dude is mad talented. What inspired you to do this song?

Numatik: « Autumn » was for a 12-track EP Elyon and I were working on, « Tall Tales. » It’s a free download, so for anyone reading, feel free to check it out here:

Numatik & Elyonbeats – Tall Tales

The song is a declaration unto God of my commitment, and the promises He’s given me. It’s a song of hope, to be leaving one season, and entering another. In verse one I mention that life is too short, so each day that I’m given I want to find joy in the little things, and at the same time contending for my future of one day having a son of my own. Verse two is about one day having a daughter of my own, how I envision her.. Leading into verse three which is about my future wife, it’s a very personal song for me, getting transparent before God and my listeners. I can’t wait to catch up to my future, but at the same time, stewarding well what I’ve been given in the now. I pray that it allows listeners to dream big, and despite their present circumstances, that they would dream big! The future looks bright and it is filled with hope! When did you write it?

Numatik: It was actually the second song I had written/recorded for Elyonbeats, « Tall Tales » being the first. « Autumn » was completed during the Summer of 2013. Why did you choose this production?

Numatik: Elyonbeats had released a solo-project, « Journey. » The instrumental used for « Autumn » was featured on Journey as track-5, formerly known as « Garden of Eden. » Journey is an incredible 18-track beat tape Elyon crafted in order to support local missionaries from his home church. Check it out below:

Elyonbeats – Journey What was your favorite song of the year?

Numatik: My favorite song of the year had to be J. Cole’s « Crooked Smile. » I love the piano in the instrumental, the vocal talents of TLC, and how Cole can fill out the beat with such fullness. His flow is inspiring, and his musicality is ridiculous. What was your favorite album of the year?

Numatik: My favorite album had to be, Andy Mineo’s « Heroes For Sale. » From album artwork to content, I felt it was real polished. Some of my favorite tracks had to be, « You Will, » « The Saints, » and « Bitter. » What’s your next project?

Numatik: The next project you can expect this year, will be from a group I am 1/3 of called 3HUNNIT. We’ll be working hard to get this out to you guys so until then stay posted. As for the future I’d love to get started on a sophomore-album, but for now I’ll be in preparation, waiting and perfecting my craft simultaneously. Anything else to tell?

Numatik: Thank you for your time! And a huge shout out to my man Adramatic bringing you live, and relevant Hip-Hop music. It’s encouraging to see online communities such as this, uniting the culture. Thanks for reading up on this too, have a blessed day!

Thanks again to Numatik for this dope interview !

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krino-obstacles What inspired you to do this song?

K-Rino: Obstacles was produced by Moretime from Germany. I made that song to help people overcome problems in their life. To me it has an inspirational feel to it. I wanted to describe certain situations of life and make people see themeselves in the words. Then offer solutions.

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krino-lettertothelaw Where did you get the idea for the concept? Because that was funny as hell. Especially the line with the 65 yrs old woman haha.
Do you plan to do a music video of it? Because i’m sure it’s gonna be really successfull.
K-Rino: I made it like that because the police act like they do NOTHING wrong and they always get away with mistreating the people. Especially in the black i wanted to make them feel stupid… lol. Not sure if i’ll do a video to it though.
This song almost didnt make it on the album… I didnt really like it at first but i decided to put it on there anyway. I’m glad i put it on the cd because its the most popular song on the cd.
Lazyboy did the beat.

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prodigy-imdkv What was your inspiration behind that beat?

The Alchemist: For the whole project I was taking a bunch of old school 80’s rap beats and mixed them with weird dark samples, taking more drums from the 80’s rap type shit and just blended them. How would you describe it?

The Alchemist: Grandmaster Cash meets Goblins’ soundtrack from Suspiria’s soundtrack.

I love that song, when we do it live it always works.

Thanks to A-A-A-A-AAAAlchemist for this interview.

Check the interview i did with Alchemist

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onlyone-meettheparent The theme of this track is so deep, and of course true. You used your excellent storytelling skill to tell this sad story, is it inspired by a true story?

Only One: Yes, this story is inspired by my mother’s life story, with names and dates changed. When did you write it?

Only One: 2008 Why did you choose this production?

Only One: At the time all of my beats were produced by Sapient. This was one of the more serious-sounding ones he had for sale that I purchased along with many others. How would you describe your song?

Only One: A dramatic, small town story What advices you’d give to those whose « home are always broken » ?

Only One: To learn patience and to be a good judge of character so you can value those around you that care and are willing to help you. What was your favorite song of 2013?

Only One: My favorite song in 2013 that I made was Grow Ops off the Only and Ill album set to release later this year (2014). My favorite song from another artist was Poundcake by Drake What was your favorite album of 2013?

Only One: In 2013, Crooked I’s Apex Predator Anything else to tell?

Only One: My Police Brutality B-Sides songs were all unfinished songs that did not make the cut to be on the double album with Illmaculate, but I still felt there was good lyrics and beats to be heard. What’s your next project?

Only One: Only and Ill – a full length album where Illmaculate and I rap on all of the songs together. The production is done by Hippie Sabotage, Chase Moore, Sapient, DJ Epik and Trox Diesel. After that, I will have the third installment of my mixtape, Cult Classic: The Trilogy.

Thank you for all of your thoughts and support! I hope this finds you in a timely manner.

Robert (OnlyOne) Tidwell

Thanks to OnlyOne for this interview !

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dust-novembertrees I can’t imagine how difficult it was to write the 1st verse. Everything is so detailed so it feels like a video in my mind, which also brings a lot of emotions. This is the kind of song for which i stop breathing to listen to it better.

How did you achieved to write it and record it?

Dust: Man, i don’t know. i just sat down one day and it all came out, you know? i guess it was up in my head for a while, moving around, and at some point it just found its way onto a piece of paper, and felt right for this particular piece of music. So after the 1st verse with the sadness, come the 2nd verse with the joy, a beautiful love letter, and we can also hear the sound of a guitar which was not present in the 1st verse, did you use it to bring the « joy » feeling?

Dust: I guess so. the guitar just seemed fitting for the second verse. it kind of opens the next chapter of the song and moves the story along. When did you write the song?

Dust: I wrote this song really early one morning in portland, sitting on the front porch. Why did you choose this production?

Dust: It’s really hard for me to examine why i make any particular choice musically. at a certain point, i just go with whatever feels right to me. the choir, with rick klaras playing the bass, just felt really full to me; i didn’t get the chance to add much to it before i found myself finishing the lyrics for the whole song. the guitar and drums just kind of fell into place after that. How would you describe your song?

Dust: A love song, in three parts. With the particular theme of this song, did you felt liberated when you dropped the album? Because i guess you view it as one of the most important song of your career and it’s a lot of things to get of your chest.

Dust: It’s funny. we recorded the whole album in april, but i didn’t drop it until october. that just felt like the right time, when i would want people to be digesting these particular songs. in that time, i pretty much put it away. i didn’t listen to it all, so a lot of the tension bottled up in the songs dissipated. when the record finally came out, i felt like i’d already taken a step back from the material and i could see peoples’ reactions to it free from my own expectations. so no, i wouldn’t say i felt liberated releasing the album; for me, that feeling comes on mastering day, when i take all the final mixes into the studio and leave with the record completely, totally done. Will you do a music video for it?

Dust: If i did a video, i know exactly what i would want it to look like; i’m just not sure i’m confident that’s what everyone would want. i think certain songs tend to create a very particular, personal visual in our minds, and a video runs the risk of interfering with that visual if they don’t line up. i’m not sure i want to mess with that kind of personal relationship someone might have with this song. What was your favorite song of the year?

Dust: Hmmm. let’s say asaf avidan’s reckoning song. What was your favorite album of the year?

Dust: That’s a tough one, but i’ll go with frank ocean’s channel orange. Anything else to tell?

Dust: Yeah, if you’re reading this, send my album to your friends. please. What’s your next project?

Dust: OP’s already started sending me beats for another DUST vs. OP tape, so imagine that’ll happen at some point. i’ve also started writing a couple new songs on the guitar, so maybe some kind of acoustic project with a lot of stripped down stuff. we’ll see what happens.

Thanks to Dust for this interview !

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krino-imperfect This is one of the realest track i ever heard, especially by a rapper, and it’s very interesting.

So what do you need to change in you to be perfect?

K-Rino: I dont have enough time in a day to list the things i need to change about myself lol. I just try to take it day by day and pray to Allah(God) for the will to get better.and pray for his mercy. I think the best way to relate to people thru music is to make them see that you are just like them. Most artists make themselves out to be like super heroes. im not like that. Did you take some resolutions for 2014?

K-Rino: I dont do resolutions. I try to improve daily, not yearly.

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Thanks to Sinatti Pop for this video interview !

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harveyuncouth-bonfiresindecember What inspired to do this song?

HarveyUncouth: This track was inspired by the city of Lawrence, Ma. I really wanted to illustrate a picture for the listener of what it’s like growing up in a place where your constantly underestimated and almost expected to fail. And it’s sad cause most of us eventually fall into stereo types and forget to follow our dreams. Instead we fall victim to commercialized visions of success and end up throwing our lives away in the pursue of acceptance. I wanted to show the duality of being seen as a hero or a villain and how regardless, the plan is to burn these perceptions to the ground. When did you write it?

HarveyUncouth: This was a track I wrote in December of 2012. I started working on it and I remember getting an email with the beat and the producer told me that this was a track he had given to several emcees who never used it because they found it to hard to rap over. So naturally I started working on it as soon as I got my hands on it and I remember the chorus just came to me that day while I was driving to work. Why did you choose this production?

HarveyUncouth: When StainWon (Producer) sent the beat over, he informed me that this beat had been around for a while and that he had presented to several other Emcees who were all unable to build something upon it. So I cautiously played the track and the chorus came to me right away. I couldn’t understand how everyone else who had came across this beat wasn’t able to write to it. How would you describe your song?

HarveyUncouth: Id describe this track as a haunting. Absolutely a record designed to make you think and listen. What was your favorite song of 2013?

HarveyUncouth: My favorite song of the year was probably J.Cole’s Power Trip. I loved the record, i thought the beat and concept were perfect for one another and it just has massive replay value. What was your favorite album of 2013?

HarveyUncouth: I’d have to say my favorite album of the year was probably I Love You by The Neighbourhood.

The project is flawless in my opinion.

Id also have to say that my favorite HipHop album of 2013 was The Marshall Mathers LP2. I just thought it was great to see one my heroes return and just take over the game again like it was nothing. Great work. Anything else to tell?

HarveyUncouth: I just want you to know that this project was my first solo attempt at making a project being that I’m part of a hiphop group called the Rebels of Art. It consists of Elvis Mcfly (Emcee), Melks (Producer)and myself. We released our first album back in 2008 entitled « Feel No Evil. »

Also,the tittle I Believe in HarveyUncouth was something that came from a joke. Stain sent me the beat for Pardon Me Brotha the next day and the rest is history. Thank you. What’s your next projects?

HarveyUncouth: 2014 will be a big year for me. My Hiphop group The Rebels of Art will be releasing our second album « Till We Meet Again » and I will also be releasing an EP entitled « Pyramid Schemes » within the next few weeks and hopefully a full length album by years end.

Again, thanks to HarveyUncouth for his time and congratulations for his album I Believe In HarveyUncouth.

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krino-towerofsadness What inspired you to write this song?

K-Rino: I made this song to help people who suffer from depression. A lot of people are victims of this and the wicked governments use these unhealthy drugs to treat them and the drugs only make it worse. I try to urge people to lean on God to help them. Why did you choose this production?

K-Rino: I liked the beat because it has the old classical music in it and it fits the mood of the concept.

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Thanks to Brain Rapp for this video interview !

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 What inspired you to write this song?

Double A.B.: I was inspired to write « Outta Order » by the misinformation surrounding the 9/11 tragedy and the misuse of the tragedy to further the political interests of certain groups. By no means do I have all the answers but I felt the wool was pulled over our eyes in some obvious ways and that it was my duty to shed some light on the situation in the best way I know how– through my music. When did you write it?

Double A.B.: I wrote the song years ago in the aftermath of the attacks but it didn’t see the light of day until recently. Why did you choose this prodiction?

Double A.B.: It is produced by my partner Dub Sonata, who produced our entire album Media Shower on Man Bites Dog Records. The sample talks about a dark cloud in the New York skyline– it played right into the concept I was developing. How would you describe it?

Double A.B.: I would describe « Outta Order » as a verbal attack against those who possibly engineered and definitely profited from the 9/11 tragedy and an attack on any political group that manipulates and sacrifices human lives like pawns on a political chess board. What’s your favorite song/album of 2013?

Double A.B.: It’s hard for me to give you a favorite song or album of the year because in truth I don’t listen to that much new music. Lately I been rocking some rootsy reggae like Peter Tosh’s Mystic Man or even classic country joints like Dolly Parton’s Jolene. Don’t sleep. I draw more inspiration from these soulful classics than modern rap music. That said there are still a bunch of talented rappers putting it down hard right now– Roc Marciano, Rhymefest, Sean Price, Scram Jones, Evidence of Dilated Peoples & my brothers Cannibal Ox are some of my favorites on the scene– not to mention they are all featured on my last album Media Shower, available on Man Bites Dog Records. Hint hint… Go pick that up. What’s your next project?

Double A.B.: The next project in the works will be a collection of unreleased f*cked up love songs called « True Romance » which will be available for free download on Feb. 14th. Expect a full length album from myself and super producer Git Beats later in the year… Peace to all.

Thanks to Double A.B. for this interview and the shoutout.

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jonwonder-theknowledge What inspired you to do this song?

JonWonder: I got inspired to write the song when i was at the peak of my life.

I guess I wouldn’t call it peak but it was pretty hard. I spent through night and days wondering how i can improved on this reality called life.
Then i came to the conclusion that life is all about life lesson and using the knowledge you obtain and make the best out of it. When did you write it?

JonWonder: I wrote the song around late 2011 on my first Jazz Hip Hop EP. Why did you choose this production?

JonWonder: I chose this production because it brought out the best of my emotions for the track. How would you describe your song?

JonWonder: Inspiring. What was your favorite song of the year?

JonWonder: Favorite song of 2013? I would say Born Sinner by J.Cole. What was your favorite album of the year?

JonWonder: My favorite album of 2013?

I would say Logic’s Welcome to Forever. It was a mixtape but heck it was better than most hip hop albums of 2013. Anything else to tell?

JonWonder: Have faith in what you love doing. What’s your next project?

JonWonder: I’m currently working on my mini album right now. It is kind of more laid back jazz hiphop. Currently 80% on the production side is done, and going to start promoting it soon.

Thanks to JonWonder for this interview !

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altarballordlhus-nohate What inspired you to do this song?

Lord Lhus: I was inspired from all the hate I had been getting. It’s crazy you know, people that you never met/seen or talk to think they know you and all your personal life these days and also so many new coming wack rappers in the game right now thinking there legends and messiahs.. Then you got ever good emcee hating on other good emcees, it’s just annoying an that is basically why inspired me for « No Hate » plus the beat was just too raw. The beats always have a lot to do with how my songs come out. When did you write it?

Lord Lhus: I wrote « No Hate » late 2012… Actually, I think it was the last song we recorded to finish the album. That one or « Story’s » Why did you choose this production?

Lord Lhus: Well the whole album is fully produced/mix/mastered/arranged by the beat god himself, Al’tarba. Al’tarba is easily my favorite producer and also a brother. How would you describe your song?

Lord Lhus: « No Hate » is a message to everyone, rappers/fans whatever. It’s me basically a « ego trip » song but all reality. What was your favorite song of the year? What was your favorite album of the year?

Lord Lhus: My favorite song of the year? That’s a hard one… It would be between, Trem – « Animal Kingdom » or « HANK 3 – « Rebel Within » or Dirty Dike – « Return of the Twat » Anything else to tell?

Lord Lhus: Yeah be sure to check out all my EHW (Empty Handed Warrior) family and also go download all my albums free right now here: What’s your next project?

Lord Lhus: Well I just dropped a free mixtape but my next main project is, Lord Lhus & EastGarden present – « Ïntërnätïönäl RhÿmZ KönnëcT » with my EMC/EHW fam. Big up PSL, Mizery, Cerebros, all my Rotterdam fam!

Thanks to Lord Lhus for this interview !

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krino-struggleaddiction What inspired you to write this song?

K-Rino: This song is for people who keep going back to the same things that hurt them. Sometimes we never learn and keep repeating our mistakes. Its like we’re addicted to the struggles..and we’re scared to make the necessary changes. Moretime did this beat as well. You have to be selective with who u help.. Its ok to help people but once u realize that people are using you then its also ok to cut them loose and stop dealing with them.. U have to ALWAYS look out for yourself and be true to your REAL friends and family.

Thanks to K-Rino for his participation.

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 What inspired you to make this beat?

Snowgoons: We had a special relation with Viro from the start. When we send him the beat for the Starlight song he said he never wrote 3 verses that fast. It was a instant classic. So everything thats got to do with Viro we keep it special and so is the Dizzy Dreams song. Which material did you use?

Snowgoons: I really cant tell. Its sample parts but also we played a lot to the beat. Beside we used some soundeffects like wind cause it just goes well with Viro’s lyrics. When did Viro The Virus record the track?

Snowgoons: I believe he did recorded it a while back. Im not sure but it is older then 5 years Did he record on that instrumental or did you produce it after?

Snowgoons: We did a remix to the original song. Its always hard to top the original song but i think we did a good job.
We put a lot of work in this song. People don’t realise that most songs start with the Beat / Instrumental.
It inspires the artists to write what he feels to that emotion. How would you describe the track?

Snowgoons: It’s a positive and deep song. Viro got a unique voice and he takes you on a journey in every song. But Dizzy Dreams feels so real. How many other unreleased songs by Viro The Virus do you have?

Snowgoons: Actually DJ Caliph Now is working on a new release with Viro and we produced another song on there.
So watch out for that. Also we about to release the Virohazard EP soon again as an album with some of the instrumentals. What was you favorite production of 2013?

Snowgoons: I think its Mind Your Business by La Coka Nostra and DJ Premier. What was your favorite song of 2013?

Snowgoons: Chemical Disorder by Sicknature What was your favorite album of 2013?

Snowgoons: Its a couple but i have to go with Black Snow 2. We really proud of this album and happy that we could pull it off. Its not easy to do a part 2 of something but i think we nailed it. Anything else to tell?

Snowgoons: Watch out for more Snowgoons music. We also got alot of new merch coming. What’s your next project?

Snowgoons: We just finised the Onyx album #WakeDaFucUp. Its some crazy 90s shit!

Thanks to Snowgoons for this interview.

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harveyuncouth-pardonmebrotha What inspired to do this song?

HarveyUncouth: This track is very special to me. This was actually the first record I wrote for the project. It’s basically me introducing you to HarveyUncouth. I wanted to let people in. I wanted them to know not only mine, but my peoples struggle. I wanted people to understand that under privilege kids dare to dream and some paint with brushes, others with words. I thought I needed to address how much music affects me and I just wanted people to understand that I’m not scared to Believe. When did you write it?

HarveyUncouth: This track was actually the first track I did for the album. It was a very cold day and I remember writing the first verse and the chorus in my car in about a 30 minute span before I had to be at work. This track collectively took me about an hour to write. It just came to me. Why did you choose this production?

HarveyUncouth: This track was the first time I had ever worked with Stainwon and he made the beat knowing it would go to me and that this was a test to see what I had since he had never heard me rhyme before. I listened to it and got goosebumps right away. I knew this track was special and that it would be the beginning to something awesome and captivating. How would you describe your song?

HarveyUncouth: I always describe Pardon Me Brotha as soulful, raw and just relative.

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harveyuncouth-theatlascomplex What inspired to do this song?

HarveyUncouth: This track was all about lyrical content. I wanted to show how what I could do. I wanted to show how i felt like I carried the weight not just for my city, but for my culture. When did you write it?

HarveyUncouth: This was the last track i wrote for the album. I wrote and recorded it back in February of 2013 which was legit about 2 weeks before we put the album out. I had originally written a track called The Icarus Complex for the album but it was over a 2Pac beat and my engineers and producers felt that it would be best of we placed nothing but original material. At this point the project seemed a bit incomplete so i decided to write one final track for the album and it just so happened that The Atlas Complex was what i created. Why did you choose this production?

HarveyUncouth: For the Atlas Complex, I was actually just searching through an archive of beats that Stain had sent over and I was looking for something to complete the album with because it felt incomplete.

So I stumbled across the beat and I loved the atmosphere the beat had and it had a certain bounce to it that i couldn’t shake. How would you describe your song?

HarveyUncouth: Id describe the Atlas Complex as an exhibition of Verbal acrobats with a comicbook.

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harveyuncouth-thepapers What inspired to do this song?

HarveyUncouth: The papers is track about the come up. This track is all about going up against adversity and coming up short. « Through concrete jungles we navigate in search of these opportunities of purpose to surface and that in terms is the type of shit you can not purchase. » I truly feel like this line sums it all up. When did you write it?

HarveyUncouth: This track I wrote right when i was knee deep into the project. It was still winter and weather tends to have a strange effect on me when it comes to writing. This track took me a good two weeks to complete and i originally had a chorus that was meant to be sung by someone how ever i didnt have the resources to get someone to sing it for me. So i partnered with a close friend of my producer/Engineer and he just so happened to have the perfect scratches for the chorus on there. Why did you choose this production?

HarveyUncouth: As for the papers, I fell in love with the drums and it just felt so old school and captivating. I felt like HipHop needed something like this. I knew the second i heard the beat that I needed to go in and illustrate the grind and dedication to my audience. It just felt right. How would you describe your song?

HarveyUncouth: Id describe the papers as raw, unfiltered, boom-bap reminiscent of early 90’s style hiphop. !

Thanks to HarveyUncouth for his answers !

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Mek’s answers What inspired you to write this song?

Minds Bleed Havoc: First off, we are a huge fan of Anno Domini Beats as well as other producers on his production team. One night Intention and I were going through a list full of hundreds of beats picking out all different types for our newest album “Lost Strangers of God” and we come across the “Won’t Let Go” beat. We immediately heard it and we both were like “I could vibe to this”. We stuck with the topic of the beat trying to create that feel of pretending to let a certain relationship pass or go. I wrote my verse as if I didn’t seem to care much about my past relationships. At the end of my verse I decided to through a little twist into the mix. The last two bars of my verse read “a beautiful song, I carved inside of my arm, so put the razor down Mek na I’m already gone”, meaning that everything I was writing before was causing me pain, even though I seemed as if it wasn’t really a big deal, I was slowly bleeding out. I wanted my verse to have a dual meaning as if everything seemed fine, but in the end it was nothing but pain. When did you write it?

Minds Bleed Havoc: We wrote the song in early 2013. I am not exactly sure on the month but it was sometime around January or February. Why did you choose this production?

Minds Bleed Havoc: Intention and I have been rhyming over Anno Beats way before we decided to link up and become a group. Intention used to rhyme with some local cats who made a short EP rhyming on Anno Beats before we decided to create Minds Bleed Havoc and I had already been rhyming over Anno beats so we just continued to use their production beat wise. I feel they make great beats and both Intention and I can put together tons of ideas and format certain patterns and rhyme schemes over their beats, so at the time, we didn’t see a reason to switch producers. How would you describe your song?

Minds Bleed Havoc: I would say the outcome of the song would be more on the emotional side. The topic was designed to describe relationships that never worked out in your life or that you still can not manage to get over.


Intention is a bit better at expressing his feelings in a song when it comes to relationships than me, so I really had to put in some extra work and hard thought into my verse to make sure I expressed everything I needed to say and how I felt at that moment in time. What was your favorite song of the year?

Minds Bleed Havoc: There were some good underground artists who released new albums this year in 2013. I have a lot of joints that I really like but if I had to pick right now at this moment off the top of my head, I would have to say “Innermost Hate” by Vinnie Paz feat. G-Mo Skee off his newest EP “Carry On Tradition” What was your favorite album of the year?

Minds Bleed Havoc: Hands down my favorite album of the year was R.A. The Rugged Man’s newest album “Legends Never Die”. I think the album is amazing. The production on the album is insane along with R.A.’s crazy and diverse flow. In my opinion he truly is a legendary rhymer. What’s your next project?

Minds Bleed Havoc: Our next project is going another full length album. Its going to be called “The Widows Head”. We are not exactly sure on how many tracks exactly but it will be anywhere from 15-17 but no more than 18. We are already 6 tracks into the album and we are going to continue work on this project. You can expect raw and hardcore lyrics and with every new album we make we will continue to produce music for the people and not for the masses. Anything else you would like to add?

Minds Bleed Havoc: I would just like to say thank you to everyone who follows and supports us and our music, it truly means a lot. We put lots of hard work an dedication into making these albums and when we receive feedback from people telling us that our music has changed their lives or has helped a person get through their day, that is all we could ask for. We said from the beginning that we would never sell ourselves short or produce bullshit music only to collect masses. We really appreciate our fans and we are and will always continue to grow. Last thing I would like to do is give a shout out to Adramatic for giving us the chance to do this interview. Go to for news and updates on the hip-hop scene.

Thanks to Minds Bleed Havoc for this interview !

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Numatik (emcee) What inspired you to do the song Snow White?

Numatik: « Snow White » is my attempt to illustrate, the idea of contending for ‘that special someone.’ That they truly are worth waiting for, and they are worth fighting for. It’s the idea that true love doesn’t just exist in the story books, but exists today. I am sowing into the belief that I can love one, and I can love well. When did you write it?

Numatik: I wrote the song during Summer 2013 like the rest of the album. I praise God for it man, He was the one who gave me the ideas, and words, and grace to be able to record, and work with a musician as talented as Elyonbeats. Why did you choose this production?

Numatik: To be honest, I just loved the strings, and that overall elegant-feel. I felt like it was perfect for what I was hoping to convey. It gave this very fictional feel… I want my listeners to dream big in every area of their lives! How would you describe it?

Numatik: I would describe « Snow White, » as being one stewarding a promise. The voice is speaking his mind, and thoughts on the matter and is excited to inherit what the future holds.


Elyonbeats (producer) What inspired you to make this beat?

Elyonbeats: I’ve always loved the sound of orchestral strings in Hiphop, but never really heard of it’s element used in a ‘boombap’ beat. One day I just had a curiosity or how it would sound like and that’s how I came about making the beat. How would you describe the instrumental?

Elyonbeats: I would describe the instrumental as something unusual? maybe? In hiphop genre, especially today, you don’t really get to hear that kind of strings used in a hiphop beat. I guess you could say it’s « unique ». What’s the sample used?

Elyonbeats: Main melody was a sample from a game called  » Phoenix Write: Ace Attorney « 

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defmanic-dreaming What inspired you to do this song?

Def Manic: After I heard the beat, I had to jump on it. I was at a real down part of my life at the time when I wrote the song, so I had to bring out the best in myself and others by being positive and inspirational to never give up. When did you wrote it?

Def Manic: I wrote it about a year ago exactly, so around June last year for my « Curious Tales » Mixtape. Why did you choose this production?

Def Manic: I chose this production because it sounded dope, and was real powerful with the kicks and synths so it just felt right to have some encouraging lyrics on it. How would you describe your song?

Def Manic: Would describe this song as inspirational, motivational, reflective and dope, especially since my boy Rosewood Smith killed it on the 2nd verse too! What was your favorite song of the year?

Def Manic: Favorite song of the year? Probably « Like Water » by Pro Era What was your favorite album of the year?

Def Manic: Fave album/mixtape would be Acid Rap or Born Sinner

Thanks to Def Manic for his answers !

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harveyuncouth-intime What inspired to do this song?

HarveyUncouth: I feel like we have a very short amount of time on this planet and that how people remember us defines us. I wanted to write a track about becoming a legend and becoming immortalized through your works. I feel like in time we will eventually become who we want be. It’s a track about hustle, struggle and I really wanted to let people know what drives me. When did you write it?

HarveyUncouth: This track was written when it started getting nicer out so probably around may 2012. This track pretty much wrote itself. I kind of just kept the beat on repeat for a few hours and before i knew it I had crafted the track. Why did you choose this production?

HarveyUncouth: The first time i heard In Time i was in my car. I was just driving around listening to all the demos we had recorded for the album so far and i remember thinking that i felt like the project was a little dark. I also knew that the plan was to have the tracks blended and merged by Batman samples from the Dark Knight movie. So, the track played and i started freestyling over it in order to come up with a concept and i knew that this was going to be the record that balanced it all out. I loved the strings, the pace of the track and i loved how the drums hit. How would you describe your song?

HarveyUncouth: In time to me is a record I’d describe as a track that inspires hope. Its the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks to HarveyUncouth for his answers !

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dylanjoel-neverletmego What inspired you to do this song?

Dylan Joel: Definitely a list of experiences. I work with a bunch of young dudes from my old high school, running a mentoring program that creates an opportunity to chat about the things that most people wouldn’t naturally.

Real mad, love every bit of it. But the issues talked about in the track were a collective of experiences based on the dudes we work/people in their network and a fair list of people in my network.

I guess they were the inspiration for the theme of the song, but the idea of highlighting those struggles and then focusing on a positive solution/outlet, was just a natural motivation to send some love out to those that can relate. When did you write it?

Dylan Joel: I actually wrote most of it almost a year ago now. Probably February 2013, after working on the rest of the record. Was the last song I wrote for the release. Why did you choose this production?

Dylan Joel: Well the moment I heard the flip of the song, I totally felt it resonate with where my head was at on this topic, so I knew I had to add it in as a bonus track. But the whole record itself I co-produced with the close homie of mine ‘Otis Grey’ on main production.

We tee’d up over in Toronto one time when I was travelling over there for a half a year. Kept in contact, bounced ideas back and forth over Skype ha, and then decided it’d be worth me flying over again to work on getting this record started! Was such a dope way to do a project. That much fun. How would you describe your song?

Dylan Joel: I dunno man, that’s a tough one. Hopefully it’s a fair mixture of things, as it wasn’t a normal kind of track for me to do. Was definitely a rare occasion, but if forced me to bring out a lot of myself and play a pretty vulnerable card.

Some people would say it has a real Macklemore feel to it (probably because there’s not many artists willing to write a track that targets something that relevant, in such a blunt way). But I’d be happy with the description of this song to be something along the lines of ‘real’. As that’s all I was aiming to achieve. Who are the peoples at the end of the video?

Dylan Joel: Yeah so the video clip was directed and filmed by a close homie of mine ‘Justin Singer’, who actually flew over from Toronto to film here in Australia! Real fresh experience, and he’s a beast at what he does and only 22 years old like myself.

(Considering we had close to no budget and had to almost hand make some camera gear ourselves ha, he truly captured the perfect feel for the track). There’s 4 main characters in the video, all of which are just close mates that were passionate about the project and had the right elements needed to capture the themes. And the dolly shot’s you’ll see of all the different people, are people that are somewhat in my network, that felt the same thing towards the track! Their shots were kind of based around the mentality that each person has their own story/struggles, so there’s a real sense of community when I say that we’re all in need of support to some extent. What was your favorite song of the year?

Dylan Joel: Ah flip. Mannn, so many hey. I would have to say ‘Good Ass Intro’ by ol’ Chance De Rapper. What was your favorite album of the year?

Dylan Joel: Yeah gonna stick with that and say ‘Acid Rap’ – Chance The Rapper, or despite the mixed opinions ‘Nothing Was The Same’ – ya boy Drake. Anything else to tell?

Dylan Joel: Also been a huge fan of these tracks all year:

– Power Trip (J.Cole)

– Favourite Song (Chance t. Rapper)

– Cavalier (James Vincent McMorrow)

– 3005 (Childish Gambino)

– Sex & Candy (Allen Stone)

– Too Much (Drake)

– Neon Cathedral (Macklemore ft. Allen Stone)

You can find some mad quality tunes when you look hard enough for the right aspects. Beats pre-deciding that a song’s « too mainstream » and not going in with open ears.

They’re mainstream for a reason. Gotta dig it. Also plenty of less popular artists/tracks that are working they’re way up. You’re just lucky if you find them early! What’s your next project?

Dylan Joel: Actually just signed a short term record deal (with a label that won’t let me announce yet haha). So I’m already working on the next release! Which will hopefully be a 7-8 track record/LP.

Pretty hyped for it. Got some real fun/unique stuff in the works! Aimed to be released around May this year!

Thanks to Dylan Joel for his answers !





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69. K-Rino – I’m Not (79,98)

[divide style= »3″]

70. Dead Celebrity Status – Pretty Little Creepshow (79,92) What inspired you to do this song?

Dead Celebrity Status: The song was inspired by our love for women who may look different, weird or don’t fit in to the status quo or beauty ideals presented and sold by mainstream media. We are all beautiful in our own unique and wonderful ways and this song is a celebration of that. Its also about twisted relationships and appreciating someones « flaws » just as much as someones « attributes. » Is this about your girlfriend/wife or your perfect one?

Dead Celebrity Status: Its not about a particular someone. This is more about a collection of experiences that we have had through various relationships. In that sense, its somewhat autobiographical. When did you write it?

Dead Celebrity Status: This song was written near the very end of « The Throwaway Kids » album writing process. We loved what we came up with musically and actually started writing a different concept over the beat. We than changed it, wrote from the heart and Im glad we did. Why did you choose this production?

Dead Celebrity Status: Our great friend and fellow artist Claude « Rekka » Demers played us this idea awhile back..We loved the vibe of it and felt it was different than what we were at the time writing for the album. Sonically, its dark and baseline heavy and we also loved how the track progresses through the verses. Our boy and producer we work with, Mark « Fairchild » Phipps added some great ideas as well to round out the production aspect of it. For us, different is always a good thing which is why we loved the production on this one. How would you describe your song?

Dead Celebrity Status: I would describe this song as a dark twisted love song. Its truthful, honest and comes from a place of experience. What was your favorite song of 2013?

Dead Celebrity Status: This is a really difficult question to answer! We have been so focused on Dead Celeb stuff that we both haven’t had much time to listen to other artists this year. If I had to choose off the top of my head, I would choose « Black Skinhead » by Kanye West. (Bobby’s Answer.) What was your favorite album of 2013?

Dead Celebrity Status: Again, another hard question to answer but my choice for album of the year would be « Run The Jewels » by Run The Jewels (El-P & Killer Mike). (Bobby’s Answer) Anything else to tell?

Dead Celebrity Status: Shout out to all our Dead Celebrity Status family worldwide! It feels great to be back after a 7 year hiatus and we look forward to an amazing 2014! Hit us up on Facebook,, Twitter, Instagram all of those spots. We are extremely interactive and appreciate all the support we have been shown! What’s your next project?

Dead Celebrity Status: We are actually about to begin working on something special, a surprise for people and a thank you to all of our audience. We don’t want to give away any details on it, but its in the works!

Thanks to Dead Celebrity Status for their answers !

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71. Sicknature & Snowgoons – Chemical Disorder (79,79)

[divide style= »3″]

72. Spirit Of Truth – Hypnotized (79,75)

[divide style= »3″]

73. Havoc – Gone (79,72)

[divide style= »3″]

74. Jon Murdock – Starting Over (79,54)

[divide style= »3″]

75. K-Rino – Gone Away (79,51)

[divide style= »3″]

76. Spirit Of Truth – Spiritual Warfare (79,51)

[divide style= »3″]

77. Game ft Shontelle – Love On Fire (79,48)

[divide style= »3″]

78. R.A. The Rugged Man ft Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko – Holla-Loo-Yuh (79,45)

[divide style= »3″]

79. PMD, Sean Strange & Snowgoons ft Meth Mouth, Scott G, Odoub, Bundy, Reef the Lost Cauze & Esoteric – Goondox Saints (79,25)

[divide style= »3″]

80. Bliss N Eso ft Nas – I Am Somebody (79,22)

[divide style= »3″]

81. Vinnie Paz ft Yes Alexander – Is Happiness Just A Word? (79,17)

[divide style= »3″]

82. Eminem – Survival (79,16)

[divide style= »3″]

83. No Malice – Still Got Love (79,14)

[divide style= »3″]

84. Joe Budden – Castles (79,10)

[divide style= »3″]

85. Scribes – A Little Lost (79,09)

Thanks to Scribes for this short interview !

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86. Bliss N Eso ft Ceekay Jones – My Life (79,07)

[divide style= »3″]

87. Snowgoons ft Sean Strange & Salome – Live Your Life (79,02)

[divide style= »3″]

88. Tom Pepe & Jesse Judd – Shine The Light (78,99)

[divide style= »3″]

89. Eminem – Headlights (78,96)

[divide style= »3″]

90. No Malice – Hear Ye Him (78,95)

[divide style= »3″]

91. Ill Bill ft Lil Fame & Shabazz The Disciple – Vio-Lence (78,92)

[divide style= »3″]

92. GhostWridah – Over (78,83)

[divide style= »3″]

93. Snowgoons ft Q-Unique – Fast Food Nation (78,80) What inspired you to do this song?

Q-Unique: Initially with was the Snowgoons giving me a great concept. I love writing conceptual songs, so whenever a producer approaches me with a beat, my 1st question is « what’s the concept? » How did you came up with the idea of using a metaphor between Hip-Hop and fast food?

Q-Unique: Again, the Snowgoons gave me the idea, and for me, it makes a lot of sense, its what not just hip hop but most music in general has become « fast food », its made quick and put out even quicker and a lot of it doesnt have any « nutritional » value. When did you write it?

Q-Unique: Might’ve been about 6 months to a year ago Why did you choose this production?

Q-Unique: It was a simple process, the Snowgoons sent me a few beats to choose from, that one appealed to me How would you describe your song?

Q-Unique: I guess I’d call it « Q Truth music » because it’s my truth, my opinion. I say that because not everyone is gonna agree with my opinion. What was your favorite song of the year?

Q-Unique: Too many to name What was your favorite album of the year?

Q-Unique: Same answer.. Too many to name Anything else to tell?

Q-Unique: For more info What’s your next project?

Q-Unique: My project agenda looks like this:

1. New Arsonists album
2. New Stillwell album
3. New Q-Unique album
4. Album called « The Showcase » featuring 11 up & coming really dope MCs

A Big Thank You to Q-Unique for this short interview.

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94. K-Rino – No Stress (78,75)

[divide style= »3″]

95. Spirit Of Truth – Tears On Her Pillow (78,70)

[divide style= »3″]

96. K-Rino – Multi Reflex (78,63)

[divide style= »3″]

97. Yonas – I’ve Been Here (78,63)

[divide style= »3″]

98. Kwote1 – A Star (78,59)

[divide style= »3″]

99. Big Kurt – Set Fire To The Rain (78,55)

[divide style= »3″]

100. French Montana ft Ace Hood, Snoop Dogg, Scarface & Mavado – Fuck What Happens Tonight (78,48)



101 Reks Flags 78,38
102 Brother Ali Phantom Of The Opera 78,34
103 Snowgoons Benz Bema Dreams 78,13
104 J.Cole Sparks Will Fly 78,12
105 Reks Revolution Is Here 77,98
106 K-Rino Crhyme Scene 77,82
107 Bliss N Eso Sunshine 77,77
108 Jon Murdock Hooded Claw 77,66
109 Shad He Say She Say 77,64
110 Rapsody Dark Knights 77,58
111 Wale Black Heroes 77,57
112 Ace Hood Mama 77,50
113 Napoleon Da Legend God’s Whisper 77,38
114 Snowgoons Black Snow 2 77,32
115 Bukshot That’s Bukshot 77,31
116 Con-Plex Assumptions 77,30
117 Smith ft Sean Price Hell 77,27
118 Naledge Hoe Tales 77,20
119 Joell Ortiz Outta Control 77,18
120 Marco Polo G.U.R.U. 77,04
121 Statik Selektah Funeral Season 77,04
122 Brother Ali Not A Day Goes By 77,02
123 The White Shadow Of Norway ft Bigg Lim, Pryme Prolifik & Tre L – Game Over 77,00
124 D. Elles & Delano Taylor The Best Part 76,98
125 Tope Stuck 76,95
126 Jon Murdock Keep It Real 76,92
127 Jeffe ft HonestE Search For The Crown 76,90
128 Kon Boogie All I See 76,87
129 Minds Bleed Havoc War Path 76,86
130 Tyler The Creator Rusty 76,86
131 Eve Make It Out This Town 76,84
132 No Malice Bury That 76,81
133 Brother Ali Rapper Thing 76,80
134 Tech N9ne Feels Like Heaven 76,80
135 Bliss N Eso Life’s Midnight 76,58
136 Talib Kweli Human Mic 76,58
137 K-Rino Maniacal Manifesto 76,56
138 NYA Music Sets Me Free 76,53
139 Marco Polo Drunken Sleuth 76,36
140 Supastition Perfect World 76,33
141 Joe Budden No Love Lost 76,32
142 Spirit Of Truth Crime Life 76,29
143 Bliss N Eso Next Frontier 76,26
144 Statik Selektah My Hoe 76,24
145 Eminem Beautiful Pain 76,13
146 ATMA & Son Of Saturn Jakobz Ladder 76,12
147 Tech N9ne Believe 76,09
148 Statik Selektah Game Break 76,04
149 Brother Ali Grandma & Them 75,98
150 Xzibit, B-Real & Demrick Legends Never Die 75,93
151 Snowgoons & Virtuoso Live Like A Wire 75,88
152 No Malice Smoke & Mirrors 75,86
153 Spirit Of Truth Behold 75,80
154 Wale Golden Salvation 75,79
155 Jon Murdock Broken Seams 75,76
156 Prodigy & The Alchemist Dough Pildin 75,74
157 Talib Kweli Upper Echelon 75,71
158 Demigodz Raiders Cap 75,67
159 Talib Kweli Rare Portraits 75,65
160 K-Rino What U Don’t Say 75,59
161 Snowgoons I Walk Alone 75,55
162 Bodi ft Cas One Prometheus 75,48
163 Marco Polo 6 Trill 75,48
164 Spirit Of Truth No Matter What 75,40
165 Snowgoons Walk The Streets 75,36
166 Xzibit, B-Real & Demrick Doctor’s In 75,31
167 Joe Budden All In My Head 75,28
168 Brother Ali Devil’s Arms 75,22
169 Snowgoons Iron Bars 75,20
170 Ill Bill World Premier 75,19
171 Brotha Lynch Hung Something About Susan 75,10
172 Joe Budden Lost Control 75,02
173 Prodigy & The Alchemist YNT 74,95
174 R.A. The Rugged Man Luv To Fuk 74,95
175 Statik Selektah Bring Em Up Dead 74,94
176 Reel Wolf The Underworld 74,89
177 Jon Murdock Domination 74,79
178 Mad World A Thousand Deaths 74,71
179 Supastition Best Worst Day 74,71
180 Demigodz Never Take Me Out 74,67
181 Torae In Summation 74,67
182 Headknockers Made Heavy 74,64
183 The Godfathers Wolf Eyes 74,64
184 Papoose Control 74,58
185 Prodigy & The Alchemist Bear Meat 74,48
186 Brotha Lynch Hung I Give Up 74,44
187 Demigodz Captain Caveman 74,44
188 Natti Another Galaxy 74,37
189 Tech N9ne Straight Out The Gate 74,37
190 Papoose Die Like A G 74,35
191 Wale Bricks 74,32
192 Xzibit, B-Real & Demrick Eaten Alive 74,19
193 Snowgoons Nuclear Winter 74,15
194 Ill Bill Power 74,09
195 Joe Budden Skeletons 74,09
196 B.O.B. One Day 74,07
197 Brother Ali Digital Age 74,00
198 Demigodz Audi 5000 74,00
199 R.A. The Rugged Man Still Get Through The Day 73,97
200 Talib Kweli State Of Grace 73,93
201 Spirit Of Truth Soldier Of The Most High 73,90
202 Ill Bill Canarsie High 73,89
203 Harvey Uncouth Check By Check 73,86
204 J.Cole New York Times 73,85
205 Torae ft Torch FTBS 73,83
206 Eminem Legacy 73,78
207 Spirit Of Truth Somethin Epic 73,77
208 Jon Murdock The Theme 73,68
209 Vinnie Paz Innermost Hate 73,65
210 Ty Farris Goodnight 73,62
211 Gonzoe Staring At Candles 73,60
212 Tyler The Creator Pigs 73,60
213 Black Milk Sunday’s Best 73,55
214 Snowgoons One Thing I Know 73,54
215 Supastition Indestructible 73,48
216 Jon Murdock Sadness Theme 73,44
217 Harvey Uncouth Let Loose Of Me 73,36
218 Spirit Of Truth Liquid Methane 73,36
219 Tech N9ne That’s My Kid 73,30
220 Xzibit, B-Real & Demrick Wanted 73,30
221 Xzibit, B-Real & Demrick Angels Come Calling 73,27
222 Harvey Uncouth Simply Undefined 73,26
223 Brother Ali Well Okay 73,13
224 Cappadonna Hustle Game Tight 73,13
225 Maybach Music Group Poor Decisions 73,06
226 Talib Kweli New Leaders 73,06
227 Ill Bill Paul Baloff 73,05
228 The Godfathers Once Upon A Crime 73,01
229 Xzibit, B-Real & Demrick Worst Nightmare 72,94
230 K-Rino Twisted Graphics 72,83
231 No Malice Unforgettable 72,83
232 Ill Bill Exploding Octopus 72,75
233 Jon Murdock Acid Flow 72,72
234 J.Cole Land Of The Snakes 72,65
235 Xzibit, B-Real & Demrick Six Billion Ways 72,53
236 Snowgoons Click Clack 72,48
237 Black Milk Perfected On Puritan Ave 72,43
238 K-Rino Y’all Can Have That 72,43
239 Rapsody Feel Like 72,43
240 Ca$his Layin In The Cut 72,42
241 Eminem Bad Guy 72,26
242 Mad World Destination Of Murder 72,20
243 Bliss N Eso Home Is Where The Heart Is 72,17
244 Nas Let Nas Down (remix) 72,15
245 Jon Murdock Foundation 72,14
246 Papoose Cure 72,07
247 Joe Budden You And I 71,99
248 Jon Murdock Organized Crime 71,94
249 Mims ft Woodley Fuck Your Feelings 71,94
250 The Godfathers Black Medicine 71,93
251 Los ft Mickey Shiloh Postcards 71,91
252 DMX ft Rakim, Shontelle & Aleks D. Don’t Call Me 71,88
253 Tech N9ne Fragile 71,88
254 DJ Khaled Never Surrender 71,79
255 Vinnie Paz Envy The Dead 71,75
256 Xzibit, B-Real & Demrick Laugh Now 71,74
257 Spirit Of Truth Solo 71,70
258 Xzibit, B-Real & Demrick First 48 71,59
259 Ill Bill When I Die 71,51
260 J.Cole Let Nas Down 71,43
261 Ill Bill 120% Dark Justice 71,42
262 R.A. The Rugged Man The Dangerous Three 71,32
263 Bun B Legendary DJ Screw 71,27
264 Marco Polo Earrings Off 71,23
265 Joe Budden My Time 71,20
266 Marco Polo Parental Discretion 71,20
267 Bun B Stop Playin’ 71,17
268 Jon Murdock If I 71,14
269 Marco Polo Astonishing 71,04
270 Snowgoons This Is Goons Shit 71,00
271 Papoose Alphabetical Slaughter 2 70,99
272 Snowgoons The Code 70,83
273 Eve Never Gone 70,80
274 B.O.B. John Doe 70,79
275 Snowgoons Make Or Break 70,79
276 Mac Miller I Am Who I Am 70,74
277 R.A. The Rugged Man Underground Hitz 70,74
278 Xzibit, B-Real & Demrick No Comin Back 70,72
279 Snowgoons The Hatred 2 70,70
280 Statik Selektah Big City Of Dreams 70,68
281 Jon Murdock The War Is On 70,66
282 Papoose On Top Of My Game 70,64
283 Talib Kweli Colors Of You 70,63
284 Marco Polo Savages 70,60
285 Joe Budden Runaway 70,59
286 Daz & WC Stay Out The Way 70,58
287 Vinnie Paz The Devil’s Ransom 70,54
288 Ill Bill Acceptance Speech 70,49
289 Daz & WC Dubs In The Air 70,33
290 Demigodz The Summer Of Sam 70,31
291 Statik Selektah Home 70,29
292 J.Cole Born Sinner 70,20
293 Jon Murdock Recitation 70,18
294 Snowgoons Suckas Behind Screens 70,14
295 B.O.B. Paper Route 70,12
296 Marco Polo Underdogs 70,05
297 Snowgoons Dirty Goons 70,02
298 Daz & WC Westcoast Gangsta Shit 70,01
299 Snowgoons Still Real & Raw 70,01
300 Tech N9ne So Dope 70,01





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