SKYZOO – Music For My Friends (23 juin + cover + tracklist + sampler)

9 Juin , 2015  



[27 Avril 2015]

1. All Day, Always (prod. AntMan Wonder)
2. Suicide Doors (prod. MarcNfinit)
3. The Moments That Matter f. Kay Cola (prod. Jahlil Beats, Co-prod. AntMan Wonder)
4. Luxury f. Westside Gunn (prod. Skyzoo)
5. Everything’s For Sale (prod. !llmind)
6. See A Key (Ki’) f. Jadakiss (prod. Thelonious Martin)
7. Money Makes Us Happy f. Black Thought & Bilal (prod. The Rvlt.)
8. Playing Favorites f. Christon Gray (prod. !llmind)
9. Meadow Of Trust f. Saba (prod. Black Metaphor)
10. Women Who Can Cook (prod. Thelonious Martin)
11. Civilized Leisure f. MoZaic (prod. !llmind)
12. The Experience (prod. MarcNfinit)
13. Asking Bodie For A Package f. Skarr Akbar (prod. !llmind)
14. Things I Should’ve Told My Friends (prod. Apollo Brown)
15. Sweet Pursuit f.. Kay Cola (prod. Seige Monstracity)

*iTunes Bonus: Falling Out The Sky (prod. Praise)
*Vinyl/Cassette Bonus: Hands Folded Together f. eLZhi (prod. DJ Prince)

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