SayJak (Ft. Pyramid Vritra) – Ignorant, I Mean, GENIUS as Fuck

6 Jan , 2016  

Chicago/Twin Cities Producer and beatmaker “SayJak”  released his third instrumental project “God Of Lead” EP on December 22nd 2015.  “Ignorant, I Mean, GENIUS as Fuck” is a representation of outer space, providing dark and abstract electronic influenced Hip-hop production with  Stone’s Throw’s emcee Pyramid Vritra spitting lyrical dopeness. “God Of Lead” EP is packed with hard-hitting instrumentation as tribute to the Milky Way Galaxy’s planet “Saturn”.

This project forces hip-hop heads to nod to SayJak’s creation from his boom-bap influenced drums and the eerie electronic synths blended into one. Artists like “Erykah Badu”, “Flying Lotus”, “Madlib”,“J dilla”, and God Of Lead’s featured emcee/producer “Pyramid Vritra” inspires SayJak’s vision of creating content that is a combination of old school and new experimental vibes. This is only of the beginning of a humongous astronomy story waiting to be discovered.


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