Reem Ali ft Cruch Calhoun – Running Man

12 Juil , 2016  

Reem Ali a 24 ans et nous vient du New Jersey. Il nous propose ce banger avec Cruch Calhoun en featuring.

Reem Ali is 24 year old up and coming New Jersey artist. Who covers genres from Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, & Edm.
The follow up to Pakistan from Reem Ali. A banger from two rising New Jersey artists Reem Ali (Muzik Artillery Group) featuring Cruch Calhoun (Roselle Usa) presents Running Man. A story of the hard struggle of being down. To the change up of Running to get the money to be on top and successful. Has been posted by Hip Hop since 1987, Nu New Jersey, Garden State Hip Hop, Hip Hop Instrumentals 365, etc ….

Twitter : @ReemAliMAG
Instagram : @iamreem_ali
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