Protocol, le diss de Snoop Dogg contre Lil Wayne en 2009

10 Déc , 2016   Video

Watch your mouth never speak on what you not know
I’m from the west coast I turn his face into a pothole
15 deep niggas creepin’ in the Tahoe
Let’s see you act macho when I pull the burner on ya

Gangstas don’t kiss we get old and die rich

Your daddy was a coward you’s a son of a bitch
So back to the Glock with the infra-blue clip
We hit licks and gang bang
You on some T-Pain shit

You stole my whole style
I’m ’bout to take you fools hostage

From the looks to the hooks
I’m looking at these new niggas flippin’ through my book
There’s only one king
Is you a pawn or a rook?
I got hand machine guns and soldiers on foot
So beef with me it’s none
Nigga down South, huh?
I throw a bullet at ya who gon catch it nigga duck
Then send them goons at ya
Turn your weapons into dust
You against me it’s like trying to fight a bus

All y’all niggas owe me until you rest in peace



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