Offer #1 : 10$

Your video on our website.

This is how your video would appear on our website. You can click on the mainpage to have a better idea of how it could be viewed.



100,000+ visits per month

420,000+ pages viewed per month


Watch these videos where artists like The Game, Q-Tip, Talib Kweli, Dilated Peoples, The Alchemist and others shouts out our website


* Your video will last at the top of the website for several days next to the greatest Hip-Hop artists (or more talked about).

* Your video could be heard by some professionals (managers, djs, concerts promoters) who regularly come to see what’s new.

* We’ll provide you with a screenshot and a link as soon as it’s online.

* If you want so, after one week, we’ll send you a screenshot of the number of real views your video did on our website.


Offer #2: 10$

Your video on a Facebook Page with 80k+ followers.

They’re not especially Hip-Hop fans so you’re not gonna get more than 20k people who’re gonna watch your video, just to be clear. We’ll delete your video after 3 days to make room for others, but 3 days is plenty enough.


*We’ll provide you with a screenshot and a link as soon as it’s online.

Offer #3: 15$

Your video on 4 Hip-Hop message boards.

For obvious reasons we’re not gonna disclose which message boards we’ll post on but be sure they got a lot of members, a lot. Each message board got more than 150k members but they’re not all active and people also post a lot so you’re not gonna be seen by everybody.


*We’re NOT going to provide you with a screenshot or a link as soon as it’s online, again, for obvious reason. That means you’re not gonna get proof of it being posted so don’t ask for it after. But we can provide you with the number of views your video did on them one week later, just ask for it.

Offer #4: 25$

Your video on our Hip-Hop Facebook Page (5k+ members)

To be honest it’s not the best offer because we don’t like posting promotion stuff on our Facebook Page as some people will unlike it, that’s why this offer is more expensive than the others. We’ll delete your video after 3 days to make room for others, but again, 3 days is enough time for people to see it.


*We’ll provide you with a screenshot and a link as soon as it’s online.

Offer #5: 150$

It’s a special offer that we don’t publicly disclose so you must first buy at least the first 3 offers before we’ll tell you more about it, call it an insurance. Just make sure you got the right video and that you’re not on any serious label. Exceptionally for this offer, we reserve the right to refuse a video (before you choose or not to pay of course).


If you’re interested in several offers:

Offers 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 50$ (60$)

Offers 1 + 2 + 3 = 30$ (35$) -> RECOMMENDED

Offers 1 + 3 = 22$ (25$)

Offers 2 + 3 = 22$ (25$)

Offers 1 + 2 = 18$ (20$)


We also have special offers if you choose these offers for several songs or videos, it’s perfect for an album or mixtape rollout. Ask us about that.

We don’t do albums reviews anymore, it worked well but it’s taking us too much time so we thought about elevate the price but we feel our other offers can help you better. We’ll update this article if we change our minds about that.

Tips when you’re sending your song or video to Hip-Hop websites and blogs:

  • Don’t just send your song or video without introducing yourself, but don’t tell your whole life either; just keep it brief as an intro, then your song or video, then your social networks, and then you can write a lot more. Websites and blogs get A LOT of requests and we don’t have time to read 50+ lines before listening to your song or video. But if we like it, then we might want to know more about you.
  • Don’t kiss ass, i don’t know about the other guys but we can’t stand it haha. We don’t need to know how great our website is, we already know hahaha.
  • Don’t forget to actually send your song or video  in the email, you’d be surprised if we told you how many rappers forgot to do that.
  • Always provide your social networks when you can, unless it’s personal.
  • Never buy fake views, it’s really easy to see when it’s fake, really, even when bots write comments. It makes you stupid and desperate.


If you’re interested in purchasing one or several offers, please reply to the e-mail we sent you (or send an email to adramatic(at) mentionning the offer # and we’ll send you a PayPal request.

We fully realize that it’s hard right now for artists to have a budget, that’s why our offers are low and that’s why we’re trying the most to push your video the best way it can be.

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