P.T.P. – The Wave

14 Fév , 2017  

Lyrically potent, exceptionally dynamic, fresh, and forthright – P.T.P aka Peter the Poet is a Manhattan-based Hip-Hop scholar, and emcee on the rise. His music has been featured internationally on both American and European Hip-Hop blogs, most notably on The Cypher Effect, GRNDGD, Grown Up Rap, DaveBeeSoulBrother, and Grind Mode Cypher. Known for his intensely crafted flows, soulful singing voice, and intrepid stage presence – P.T.P is blazing a trail in the game, championing multi-dimensional wordcraft and musicality in Hip-Hop. His diverse but distinct musical style bridges the gap between poets, songwriters, Trap-heads, and Hip-Hop purists – earning him comparisons to legends such as Andre 3000, Aesop Rock, and Eminem. Always developing, always grinding, always pushing the craft forward – P.T.P is one to watch.




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P.T.P – Peter the Poet – New York, NY


Street Trash Panther – New York, NY


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