Onyx – All We Got Iz Us (review – 73%) – 1995

24 Oct , 2015  


20 ans aujourd’hui !

Album très street, gangsta, ultra agressif dans les lyrics et le flow. Les instrus sont froides et on ressent bien l’ambiance ghetto tout au long de l’album.

Les textes ne sont pas très recherchés mais on a quand même droit à quelques pépites de Sticky:


Last Dayz

Thinking about taking my own life
I might as well
‘cept they might not sell weed in hell
And thats where I’m going
Cause the devil’s inside of me

For the cops
They only good if they dead
All that badge and that gun shit be going to they head

To make bread I gotta steal for sport
So I stole the show and sell some pennies for my thoughts



Made mad money but I spent it, now I’m broke
So I’m searching for somebody to put in a choke yoke
And I can’t wait to wrap my bare hands around they neck
And squeeze until I fuckin’ strangle ‘em to death


Betta Off Dead

My moms gave birth to a crazy ass wilder
Bust out her pussy with a mother fuckin gun


Getta Mentalitee

So I’m takin recruits, and shut the fuck, it’s on right
And start a fight, a fight, a nigga and a white
And if a nigga don’t win, then we all jump in



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Last Dayz (79,45)

All We Got Iz Us (76,28)

Walk In New York (76,09)

Betta Of Dead (76,09)

Purse Snatchaz (75,25)




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