Nino Stack nous vient de Boston, il a découvert son talent pour la musique à l’age de 12 ans et travaille d’arrache pied depuis 2009 sur ses chansons et projets. En 2015 il a créé son label Real Life Records et nous propose aujourd’hui le son 23 Rings en featuring avec Kwamie.





In the city of Boston a determined artist named Nino Stack, whos real name is Alvin was born on November 12, 1993 noticed his skills in music at the age of 12 and has been developing his craft. In 2009 everything took off and Nino has been working hard writing, recording, mixing/mastering his own songs, staying up late nights and having sleepless days to get where he wants to be. He also has been working on original songs with a couple of producers from Providence, MA: Impreza Beats, Galexxi, and The Lost Kids. As nino worked hard on his goals through music after high school he attended college but as the struggles came through. Nino found himself in a stressful situation and dropped out of college on his third semester with a 3.90 Gpa. In the end of 2015 Nino dropped a four track ep called Dedication To Life Continues to end the year with new music. As nino worked on new music in 2016 he was connected to Empire Distribution by a music executive named Frisco Lopez witch lead to a deal to release music through their platform.

Two months after Nino dropped out of college he decided to chase his dreams on his own so In 2015 Nino established a Record Label by the name of Real Life Records with a couple artists in his city. He’s noticed that in life there is no one willing to help you do what you love the most; some may walk with you and others will just watch. Nino plans on running alone or with his team Real Life till he gets where he wants to be. He also looked up to his uncle who was constantly involved with the laws and was deported out of state. He runs a long journey to greatness in happiness with the work he puts into his goals.



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Twitter: @nino_stack




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