Mobb Deep – Hell On Earth (review – 78%) – 1996

19 Nov , 2016  

Très bon album street avec comme toujours, cette ambiance froide des rues de New York grace aux bonnes prods (Animan Instinct, Drom A Gem On Em, Nighttime Vultures, Hell On Earth, GOD Pt III). Au mic c’est aussi du bon.

Drop A Gem On Em

La réponse de Mobb Deep au diss Hit Em Up de Tupac.

I got a hundred strong arm niggas ready to rock your shit
Clocks tick, your days are numbered in low digits

My mob’s like a bunch of wild Puerto Ricans
With bangers the size of African spears, it’s warfare

Who shot ya? You probably screamed louder than an opera



More Trife Life

Une suite de la chanson Trife Life de The Infamous. Havoc raconte être parano de revenir chez une ex de peur que ce soit un coup monté par un gang rival. Il prend ses précautions mais se fait quand même avoir et est prit en hotage par le gang.



You’ll be running for dear life so far you might fall off the map

Fucking with P, you need the gat
At least you have the opportunity to bust back

Never second-guess a cat who hold gats

Life changed around quick with one stare
Face full of fear, conquering your ice grill
Drowsiness, put him to sleep like NyQuil



Give It Up Fast

Had to bury niggas on my side that snitch
Ran his mouth like a bitch, now he’s laying in the ditch
That he dug for himself, on his grave I had to piss



Hell On Earth

My cause, tap all jaws lay down laws
We taking what’s yours we do jooxs rush the doors

I had this full clip for so long, it needs to empty
The reason why it’s full for so long cause I don’t waste shit
You properly hit, blood in your mouth so you could taste it






No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. “Animal Instinct” (featuring Twin Gambino & Ty Nitty) Mobb Deep 3:30
2. “Drop a Gem on ‘Em” Mobb Deep 4:17
3. “Bloodsport” Mobb Deep 3:35
4. “Extortion” (featuring Method Man) Mobb Deep 3:31
5. “More Trife Life” Mobb Deep 3:45
6. “Man Down” (featuring Big Noyd) Mobb Deep 5:03
7. “Can’t Get Enough Of It” (featuring Illa Ghee) Mobb Deep 4:51
8. “Nighttime Vultures” (featuring Raekwon) Mobb Deep 4:30
9. “G.O.D. Pt. III” Mobb Deep 5:17
10. “Get Dealt With” Mobb Deep 3:56
11. “Front Lines (Hell on Earth)” Mobb Deep 4:34
12. “Give It Up Fast” (featuring Big Noyd & Nas) Mobb Deep 3:58
13. “Still Shinin'” Mobb Deep 4:11
14. “Apostle’s Warning” Mobb Deep 4:07




Hell On Earth (83,18)

GOD pt III (82,58)


A écouter:

Nighttime Vultures (79,10)

Drop A Gem On Em (78,59)

More Trife Life (78,14)

Give It Up Fast (76,07)

Man Down (75,81)



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