Marco Polo – Port Authority (review – 78%) – 2007

15 Mai , 2017  


Un album qui commence très bien mais qui s’essoufle assez vite, même si le niveau lyrical des emcees reste bon tout au long, les prods sont assez monotone par rapport aux premières tracks. Ca reste tout de même un très bon album qui plaira aux amateurs de vrai Hip-Hop.



If still waters run deep still
Me and P here to fill up the well
Provided that you drink from it
We make sure them impurities are flushed out
This is what hip hop’s about
Flowing the beat, get ‘em addicted like painkillers
We pinpoint and assess just like trained killers




Masta Ace se remémore le bon vieu Hip-Hop.

People in the audience, Masta Ace the name
I write rhymes and insert them inside your vein
They run through your bloodstream, get inside your brain
Cause I first put my name up inside the train

(Masta Ace)


Wrong One

You trash, your LP and EPs recyclable
You albums should be burnt to a CD-Rewritable
Why would you think of approaching Words
I know you heard, seen in stores, so control the urge
In my own lane causing other roads to merge

DJs think they’re playing the wrong version
So get it correct, ‘cause it’s the wrong tree you’re barking up
Turn that tree into your coffin like a carpenter


Speak Softly

JoJo Pellegrino décrit des situations où il faut ‘parler doucement’:
– Un mec qui répond au téléphone à sa maitresse alors que sa femme est près de lui.
– Un voleur fait une attaque à main armée.
– Une bande qui est sur écoute par les flics.
– Les gens qui parlent sur son dos.


All My Love

Jaysaun déclare son amour pour sa mère qui l’a élevé alors que son père était parti, la rue froide et cruelle, et le Hip-Hop.



Kardinal Offishall se lache sur l’état du Hip-Hop.

Heyyo, this hip hop shit’s like a groupie nowadays
It’s too easy to fuck with, plus it go both ways
Anybody with a grill and a dick
Can come and get a number one hit and that’s it



# Title Performer(s) Length
1. “Port Authority (Intro)” 1:23
2. “Get Busy” Copywrite 4:24
3. “Marquee” O.C. 4:15
4. “War” Kardinal Offishall 3:56
5. “Nostalgia” Masta Ace 4:50
6. “The Wrong One” Wordsworth 3:41
7. “Low Budget Allstars” Kev Brown, Kenn Starr, Oddisee, Cy Young, Kaimbr 4:09
8. “Speak Softly” JoJo Pellegrino 3:53
9. “Time & Place” Ed O.G. 3:41
10. “The Radar” Large Professor 4:22
11. “All My Love” Jaysaun 3:38
12. “Lay It Down” Roc Marciano 4:46
13. “Go Around” Buckshot 4:26
14. “Hood Tales” Kool G Rap, DV Alias Khrist 4:07
15. “Heat” Supastition 3:25
16. “Rollin” Sadat X, A.G., Ju-Ju 4:07
17. “For the Future” Critically Acclaimed 3:47
18. “Relax” J Davey 4:07



Speak Softly (85,75)



Marquee (82,04)

Get Busy (80,76)


A écouter:

War (79,59)

Nostalgia (78,48)

Heat (76,51)

All My Love (76,73)

For The Future (75,31)



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