Lil Wayne – Tha Carter 2 (review – 73%) – 2005

6 Déc , 2015  

C’était à l’époque où il n’avait pas encore sa voix de musaraigne constipée du coup c’est un album qui passe bien. Dans l’ensemble les textes ne sont pas très bons mais pas mauvais, surtout pour un rappeur mainstream et il y a quelques bons passages. On regrettera tout de même le manque d’originalité des chansons. Les instrus sont assez bonnes, mention spéciale aux Tha Mobb, Flyin’, Hustler Musik, Carter II et Fly Out.


Money On My Mind

Dear Mr. Toilet, I’m the shit
Got these other haters pissed cause my toilet paper thick


Grown Man

I’m lookin’ at you so hard, I could probably catch a charge
Feelin’ the way you walk when you move yo booty applaud



Hit Em Up

Start with the wrong boy, it end with a song boy
With your friends, to carry you along
To a concrete mattress and a fluffy tombstone



And she on stage waitin for me after my show
So no time for groupies, straight to the top flo’
Fresh out the shower, a smile and a towel
Then after an hour, she gon need another shower



Bang! Die bitch-nigga die! I hope you bleed a lake
I’mma play x-ray, helping y’all see the fake



No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. “Tha Mobb” Dwayne Carter, Jr., Gregory Green, Sean Thomas, Wilson Turbinton The Heatmakerz 5:20
2. “Fly In” Carter, Jr., Tristan “T-Mix” Jones, Bryan Williams T-Mix, Batman 2:23
3. “Money on My Mind” Carter, Jr., Andrew Harr, Jermaine Jackson,Johnny Mollings, Lenny Mollings The Runners, DJ Nasty & LVM 4:31
4. “Fireman” Carter, Jr., Bigram “DVLP” Zayas, Matthew “Filthy” DelGiorno Doe Boys 4:23
5. “Mo Fire” Carter, Jr., Ronald Ferebee, Jr. Young Yonny 3:23
6. “On tha Block #1” 0:38
7. “Best Rapper Alive” Carter, Jr., Derrick Baker, Steve Harris Bigg D 4:53
8. “Lock and Load” (featuring Kurupt) Carter, Jr., Jones, Williams T-Mix, Batman 4:46
9. “Oh No” Carter, Jr., Ferebee, Jr., W. Matlock Young Yonny, Matlock 3:11
10. “Grown Man” (featuring Curren$y) Carter, Jr., Jones, Williams, Shante Franklin, Paul Harden T-Mix, Batman 4:06
11. “On tha Block #2” 0:25
12. “Hit Em Up” Carter, Jr., Zayas, DelGiorno Doe Boys 4:07
13. “Carter II” Carter, Jr., Jones, Williams T-Mix, Batman 2:24
14. “Hustler Musik” Carter, Jr., Jones, Williams T-Mix, Batman 5:03
15. “Receipt” Carter, Jr., Green, Thomas, O’Kelly Isley, Jr., Ronald Isley The Heatmakerz 3:48
16. “Shooter” (featuring Robin Thicke) Carter, Jr., Robin Thicke, Robert Daniels, James Gass, Robert Keyes Robin Thicke 4:35
17. “Weezy Baby” (featuring Nikki) Carter, Jr., Darius Harrison Deezle 4:18
18. “On tha Block #3” 0:13
19. “I’m a D-Boy” (featuring Birdman) Carter, Jr., Jones, Williams, Eric Barrier,William Griffin, Jr. T-Mix, Batman 4:00
20. “Feel Me” Carter, Jr., Zayas, DelGiorno Doe Boys 3:48
21. “Get Over” (featuring Nikki) Carter, Jr., Andre Lyon, Marcello Valenzano, Phil Hurtt, Walter Sigler Cool & Dre 4:42
22. “Fly Out” Carter, Jr., Jones, Williams T-Mix, Batman 2:25

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