Les réactions du Hip-Hop aux meurtres d’Alton Sterling et de Philando Castile par la police

7 Juil , 2016  

Les vidéos des meurtres sont postées dans certains Tweets et Instagram et c’est très choquant et atroces donc prenez vos responsabilités quant aux visionnages de ces vidéos.



Schoolboy Q:

You see tHem ligHts get beHind us THey pull me out for my priors Wont let me freeze for tHey fire You say tHat footage a liar
THey want my flow in tHe dryer Im at tHe top aimin HigHer My lawyers stay on retainer WHen wHite folks point tHe finger
Place my neck on tHat Hanger SHit no wonder we riot Niggas still killin niggas CHild support killin niggas Cops enslaven us niggas
Little girls killin motHers THey treat tHey kid like a brotHa FatHers stuck witH tHem lifers Kept it real wit us niggas
But left His kid for da sucks SHit no wonder we bang Damn sHame mane sometHings will neva cHange


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What are you going to do when you’re the last BLACK MAN on earth ?!?!? That’s a question that someone is going to have to answer one day if they keep killing us like this !!!! #PhilandoCastille shot in cold blood as he sat next to his girlfriend after reaching for his identification as instructed by the officer SMFH !!!! & as soon as his girlfriend posted it… FACEBOOK removed it & DELETED her page !!!! They are exterminating us like we are fuckin rats out here people !!!!!!! I don’t have anything cool, educated or peaceful to say… This shit is really fucking krazy !!!!! I cannot believe that a day after #AltonSterling is murdered…. Another white cop kills another BLACK MAN while complying !!!! We are DOOMED whether we stand up or not !!! We don’t care like our grandparents & parents did !!!! We are weakened by this new age & purposely blinded by these mothafuckas while they KILL US ALL ONE BY ONE !!!! ITS TAKING EVERYTHING INSIDE ME NOT TO FUEL MY RAGE !!!!!!! THEY DONT HAVE MUCH LONGER !!!!!! CAN YALL NOT SEE WTF THEYRE DOING TO US ??? WE ARE DYING PEOPLE…… DYING !!!

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Fuck y’all investigating ??? Just watch the video dumb mothafuckas…. #TheKluKluxKlanDontEvenWearMasksAnymore

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How many more murders of black people by police before we hold our system and those that enforce it accountable? The footage of Alton Sterling being murdered by a police officer is equal parts horrific, infuriating and devastating. How many times can we watch a family at a press conference in hysterics over the killing of their loved one? Murdered by those that have been assigned to protect us. What do we do in times like these? It’s a question for everyone, but specifically white people. The systematic oppression that enables a murder like this, will be corrected once white people care enough to change it. Alton Sterling didn’t create this problem. This is hundreds of years of conditioning. We have been told our entire lives that people that look like Alton Sterling, selling CD’s outside of a store, are a threat to our society. The news, TV, movies, jails, history books, schools and our laws all uphold this false belief. A person isn’t born fearing someone because of the color of their skin. This fear is taught, crafted and instilled in the fabric of our American lives. And although we make strides and progress is measurable at times, I can’t help but think….If I was put in the exact same situation that Alton was in, I would be alive today…Because of the color of my skin. And he’s dead because of his. I often don’t know what to do during these moments. It becomes easier to vent on social media than to take direct action. Here’s a couple things I’ve gotten hip to in the last 2 years. 1: Financially support black led organizations. Put your resources behind people of color that are at the forefront of the movement 2: Do a People’s Institute “Undoing racism” training. One of the most eye opening and important tools to understanding our past in relation to the work that needs to be done. The website is http://www.pisab.org 3: Have conversations about race. In real life. With people that look like you and people that don’t. RIP #altonsterling

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This shit so outta control man smh .. WTF!!

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