Les rappeurs qui ont cité Tupac dans leurs chansons

23 Juil , 2017  

“So check us, I always smoke mad blunts before breakfast/’Cause I, get around like Tupac with poetic in my justice” (Redman – Green Island)

“So when you see me on your block with two Glocks/Screaming, ‘Fuck the world’ like Tupac/I just don’t give a fuck” (Eminem – Just Don’t Give A Fuck)

“And I’m hungry so I’ma take what you got/Throw up a dove, spit at the camera like Tupac” (Ras Kass – Goldyn Chyld)

“EPMD, who’s fuckin’ wit it?/Outta control like Tupac in Juice, character Bishop” (Erick Sermon – Rap Is Still Outta Control)

“You make me wanna peel you out them jeans when you rockin’ them/It’s ‘Me and My Girlfriend’ like Tupac and them” (The Game – Special)

“On top of the world just a lookin’ down and laughing atcha/I’ll never be bothered like the Tupac, I ain’t mad atcha” (Gangsta Boo – N 2 Deep)

“Never flex what you got/Fuck around get you shot/I got two Glocks/It’s me against the world, nigga feeling like Tupac” (Rich Homie Quan – Make That Money)

“Just know when I show up on niggas this Mac-11 got me feelin’ like ‘Pac” (Trae Tha Truth – I Don’t Give A Fuck)

“Feelin’ like ‘Pac, All Eyez On Me/Fresh bandana and I’m blowin’ mad trees” (Fat Joe – We Takin’ Over)

“Feelin’ like ‘Pac in the 80s, Versace Versace it cover my body/Hannah Montana gone off a Scotty/20 Bitches running round the lobby” (Offset – Peewee Longway’s “Thug Life)

“But I don’t give a fuck/A young nigga probably could’ve been a Senator/Instead I’m standin’ on your block with a toolie tucked/Spot a op, like ‘Pac I’ma hit ’em up” (Joey Fatts – Do Or Die)

“And now I’m feelin’ like ‘Pac, me and my girlfriend/Death to all you other bitch niggas, hope ya world end” (Lil Wayne – My Girl)

“Black magic, leave your fuckin’ skull in a soup pot/Makaveli, vamoose like Tupac” (Ghostface Killah – Rivers Of Blood)

“Catch me in the BM like Tupac and them/Or in that Tahoe like Christopher, no” (Obie Trice – Cry Now)

“Medal of honor/I’m feelin’ on top like ‘Pac when he slept with Madonna/Hey, this is death before dishonor” (J. Cole – Rise And Shine)

“It’s Guwop like Tupac/Purple drank no Ci-roc/Need to buy a weed whacker for my new weed spot” (Gucci Mane – Thirsty)

“Take off my shirt and show my abs like I’m Tupac” (Rick Ross – Work)

“Come fuck with me/I ain’t got a roof I got/Backshots when I ride on cock/Plus an attitude like Tupac got” (Foxy Brown – Come Fly With Me)

“In the club wit yo main thang/Every week it’s the same game/Call that bitch a crew hop/Got me feelin’ like Tupac” (Ty Dolla $ign – Same Hoes)

“It’s the return of the mack/I’m still alive just like Tupac/Girls in the front row, girls in the back/Spit one lyric everybody’s like ‘Brap!'” (Skepta – That’s Not Me)

“They say we wouldn’t pop up I’m dipped up in that new shit/Black bandana like Tupac don’t ask me where the juice is” (Iamsu! – They Say Yeah)

“From what I was told, niggas say I’m a hit/No Limit like ‘Pac hit Death Row/And make some money now dance, ho” (Soulja Slim – From What I Was Told)

“I’m Tupac in two spots, the block is secure/Stacked up to a fiend knee, I’m the one you should call” (Fred The Godson – The City)

“A thug like Tupac, wanna mack like Too $hort/Smoke punks like Newports, get drunk off two quarts” (Mac Dre – Rapper Gone Bad)

“Who got the juice? Feeling like ‘Pac running from rider mans/Until he popped his ass the whole industry left in body bags” (Jon Connor – Who Shot Ya?)

“I get around like Tupac, just bought a new Glock/And I want what you got” (Ice Cube – My Skin Is My Sin)

“Then, think I’m Tupac, Bob Marley/Fela Kuti, Marcus Garvey/Them the real ones, light a lighter for ‘em/Let you know that I’m riding for ‘em” (Lupe Fiasco – Building Minds Faster (Remix))

“So if I die today by the weed smoke or gunshots/Just know I spread the peace for the whole world like Tupac” (Lil B – Freedom)

“Attitude like Tupac when Juice dropped/Still go to the dealer with the money in a shoe box” (Juelz Santana – Mixing Up The Medicine)

“One million, two million, three million, four/I can have a million dollars knocking at my door/Ridin’ in the passenger like Tupac Shakur/Only thing that’s different is this new Glock that roar” (Meek Mill – The End (Outro))

“I got the juice like Tupac/Plus I’m rollin’ with two Glocks” (Kurupt – For All My Niggaz & Bitches)

“I mean, no having juice, feel like Tupac-y/I mean, I hit the club, makin’ tsunami” (Young Thug – I Mean)

“Comin’ at you like Tupac in Juice/I’ma get loose” (Kool Keith – Diamonds)

“Nigga, I don’t give a fuck/Feelin’ like ‘Pac, gonna hit ’em up” (Tyga – Muh Fucka)


(Article du 11 mars 2016)


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