Les punchlines d’Army Of The Pharaohs sur Ritual Of Battle

5 Jan , 2017  

On peut toujours compter sur ce taré de Celph Titled pour nous faire sourire.

En orange ce sont mes préférées.


No sandals on my shoe shelf
Just a pellet gun leave a huge welt


Army of the Pharaohs never make love songs
We finger fuck bitches with Freddy Krueger gloves on

(Celph Titled)



Throw knives, daggers and darts, ya’ll just faggots at heart
You can try to run home boy I throw javelins far

This is the Army but we don’t rock camouflage
We’ll dress you up in a suit made out of bandage gauze

Yeah you far from crooks
You was charging books at the same time my charge was booked

Your next birthday call it off (Why?)
Cause I got party favors with an open bar servin’ molotovs

(Celph Titled)



I can’t see y’all from where I’m at
I like the smell of napalm in the morning while I’m eating my Apple Jacks

Parker Brothers say my name, y’all start to stutter

Handgun: Automatic! Shotgun: Pump-action!
Me with your wife, that’s automatic pump-action!

(Celph Titled)


I make em quit, now their baby moms’ is callin’ for em
Askin me where they baby pop at
That nigga he at the sink cleanin’ my White Sox hat, bitch!
I tell em call you back in a minute
Cause when he finish he gotta brush my dunks so vintage



Your birthday the only day you rely on the cake nigga!




Smelt a dead mans odor I ran over
Like a cat at the sound of a can opener

(Jus Allah)



Don’t attempt to ever get me to smile
Unless you wanna see what bullets do to heads of a child

(Vinnie Paz)



No laser-beam gleam
So you ain’t seein’ where I’m aimin’ at

(Celph Titled)



Man these faggots they keep acting like I ain’t a beast
Till their face is next to their sons under the beach



I ain’t gonna leave your family any time to mourn

(Vinnie Paz)



That’s cool, if I don’t kick these prayers
A lot of flood and famines gonna hit these years

(Chief Kamachi)


I give ’em rappers gatorade cause they ball with thirst, UH!

(Doap Nixon)


And a year before your kids tenth birthday came
You didn’t have to wait for candles on the cake to see the nine flame

(Celph Titled)



They don’t pay me to kill but to stop killin’

(Jus Allah)


Pas vraiment une punchline mais une phrase que j’adore de Doap Nixon sur Black Christmas:

I ain’t scared of death, I’m scared to live wantin’ to die

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