Les phrases les plus mythiques de Mobb Deep sur The Infamous

20 Juin , 2017  

The Start Of Your Ending

Blow ya three times leave a mark like Adidas



Survival Of The Fittest

You walking with your head down scared to look
You shook, cause ain’t no such things as halfway crooks

Tryin to bag me and get rocked steady
By the mac one-double, I touch you
And leave you with not much to go home with



You find out who’s your true peoples when you’re upstate bleeding

When worse comes to worst, my peoples come first


An Eye For An Eye

Won’t trust ya, I’d rather bust ya, and leave your corpse
For the cops to discover

Niggas try to creep on the side of my Jeep
Stuck the heat through the window rocked they ass to sleep
Over a 3-pack, it was a small thing really, yeah
But keep letting them small things slide and be a failure



On my road to the riches, hitting snitches off with mad stitches
Your last resting place’ll be a ditch kid



I got hoes that used to milk you


Giving Up The Goods

I’m tryna tell these young niggas crime don’t pay
They looked at me and said “Queen’s niggas don’t play
Do your thing, I’ll do mine kid stay outta my way”

I thought step back look at my life as a whole
Ain’t no love it seems the devil done stole my soul


Right Back At You

Now run for your life, or you wanna get your heat, whatever
We can die together
As long as I send your maggot ass to the essence
I don’t give a fuck about my presence
I’m lost in the blocks of hate and can’t wait

I’m lethal when I see you, there is no sequel

Cock the shit back in a calm like motion
No signs of anger or fear cause you the one in danger



Queensbridge, that’s where I’m from
The place where stars are born and phony rappers get done


Shook Ones Pt II

And when the things get for real my warm heart turns cold

Now take these words home and think it through
Or the next rhyme I write might be about you



For every rhyme I write it’s 25 to life

Claiming that you pack heat but you’re scared to hold
And once the smoke clears you’ll be left with one in your dome

Sometimes I wonder do I deserve to live
Or am I going to burn in hell for all the things I did


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