Les passages les plus glauques de Bizare dans Devil’s Night The Mixtape

13 Nov , 2016  

Dirty Dozen

You want positive shit, then listen to Kendrick Lamar
You want crazy shit, then listen to Bizarre
Sick shit, send a thick bitch a dick pic

2016, I’ll no longer be a man
Ha ha, shout out to Bruce Jenners, man


Evil World

Run in your house, rape your spouse
Kill everybody, save the mouse

Damn, I miss my mamma
She looked like Michelle Obama
I’m Norman Bates, 38, hit the ground, levitate
She getting raped, only 8, she love the taste of chocolate cake


Steel Ill

Sexy male dancer
But I’m hardly working, Adidas and Nike suit on
But I’m steadily burping, handicap bugly bitch
But I’m steadily flirting, jacking off in the Walmart

Raw As It Gets

They can’t tame us, they wanna blame us
For shooting up Lil’ Wayne’s bus, hahaha

I fuck a bitch with a dirty rubber
Forty years old, still on the Freshman XXL cover



D12, Slaughterhouse, I’m in your momma mouth


Stay High

Lemme toke on your dirty coochie
I’m the new John Belushi, bitch
You’re a fucking dirty groupie, bitch
Your ass taste like a bowl of sushi, bitch

Faites tourner !


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