Les meilleures punchlines de CELPH TITLED sur Killmatic des DEMIGODZ

12 Juin , 2015  

Celph Titled n’a pas son pareil pour placer des punchlines bien fun dans ses couplets, voici mes préférées extraites de l’album du groupe Demigodz qu’il forme entre autres avec Apathy et Ryu. 

Et à la suite j’en ai profité pour mettre celles des autres artistes présents sur l’album.



I’m going golfing except instead of that white ball

I’m teeing off of your head then it’s lights off


If God gave me a gift then I’m thankful for it (Why?)

Cause it’s a God-given gift to stick a shank in your ribs

(Demigodz Is Back)


Outside my house is investigators

So I invest in gators to rip the chest of a perpetrator


Plus the K-9 squad of German Sheppards and Rotts

And when they catch you they gon’ show you what Heaven is not

(Dumb High)


Fuck the captain, I shot the parrot off his shoulder

Blew the beak clean off so now the bird talk is over


You work at Wal-Mart but scared to pull the trigger on a price gun


I’ll hold a stewardess hostage, I’m just plane/plain evil

My bestiality problem, I like to bang Eagles

(Never Take Me Out)


Dissin’ rappers downhill in wheelchairs and make ’em perfect role/roll models



Get slapped in the face by the book of God

And tag you on Facebook as a faggot tryin’ to look hard

 (The Gospel According To Celph Titled)


Got a toaster that i ain’t puttin’ bagels in

(Raiders Cap)


Stealin’ glass from cathedrals, yeah I’m runnin’ Windows

But I use a Mac when I’m gunnin’ for your kinfolk

(The Fallen Angels)


They said it was a murder attempt

Cause when I punched him in the skull it left a permanent dent

(Audi 5000)



Don’t throw me on the beat if you don’t want me to damage it

(Dumb High)



A worse nightmare since my momma went into labor

No pushin’ I just cut myself out with a razor

(Worst Nightmare)


I put that 100 round drum in

And light your house up like Christmas.

 (The Summer Of Sam)


The revolution will not be televised

What you mean?

I just spent ten grand fillin’ my house with flat screens

(Audi 5000)



Got my body on earth and my brain on the moon

I’m in two places at once like MF Doom

(Dumb High)