Les meilleures punchlines de Big L dans Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous

15 Nov , 2016  

Big L nous a quitté en 1999 et si il n’a sorti qu’un seul vrai album officiel, il aura laissé une trace indélébile dans le Hip-Hop grace notamment à ses punchlines atomiques.

En voici les meilleures (ainsi que d’autres passages bien foutus):


Put it on

L keep rappers’ hearts pumping like Reeboks

Some brothers’d still be virgins if the crack never came out

My guns go BOOM BOOM, and yo’ guns go pow-pow

And when it comes to getting nookie I’m not a rookie
I got girls that make that chick Toni Braxton look like Whoopi

Got thirty-five bodies, buddy don’t make it thirty-six

Nobody can take nothing from Big L but a loss chief
The last punk who fronted got a mouth full of false teeth


In a street brawl, I strike men quicker than lightning
You seen what happened in my last fight friend, aight then

My girls are like boomerangs
No matter how far I throw them they come back

Brothers be mad cause I hit more chicks than they spoke to

Battles I lose none, I make crews run
I get fools done, got ten fingers but only use one

I’m the neighborhood lamper, punani vamper
Mess around you’ll find my silk boxers in your Mommy’s hamper

And since I’m looking slick and my pockets are thick
I need surgery to get chicks removed from my dick

No Endz, No Skinz

Cause if you broke you’ll get a whack slut
If you got dough you get a ho with a fat butt

A girl ask me for a ring and I put one around her whole eye

Biz Enuff

I should never rhyme cause every time I step into a contest
Kids evacuate the premises like it’s a bomb threat

(Mike Boogie)

All Black

You might be kinda big but they make coffins yo’ size too

Me being a virgin, that’s idiotic
Cause if Big L got the AIDS every cutie in the city got it

Once a nigga tried to stick me for six G’s
And I put more holes in his ass than swiss cheese

So don’t try to test me, cause I can’t stand test-es
Fuck around, I’ll introduce you to your ancestors

In the shower’s the only time you get your dick wet

I roll with scary crews, I come out of wars barely bruised
I’m puttin motherfuckers on the Daily News

I was a gangsta from the git-go
Leavin fags in bodybags with tags on they big toe

And I’m known to milk freaks and hit em on silk sheets

I be placin snitches inside lakes and ditches
And if I catch AIDS, then I’mma start rapin bitches

Danger Zone

I jumped out the Lincoln, left him stinkin
Put his brains in the street
Now you can see what he was just thinkin

They said a real man won’t hit a girl
Well I ain’t real cause I beat bitches up

Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous

I used to have a partner in crime by the name of Chuck
We stormed the city, shooting shit up like Frank Nitti
We robbed kids and split the dough 50/50
One day we stuck a dice game on the ave. and split the cash
Then I murdered his ass and took his half
Because I’m all about ends and skins
When you got those, you don’t need no muthafuckin friends

I wasn’t poor, I was po’ – I couldn’t afford the ‘o-r’

Saw this nigga named Clyde
And snuck up on him from the blind side
I told him, “give up the dough, before you get smoked
Oh you’re broke, ( *shots* ) now you’re dead broke”

Once a burglar broke into my house and I robbed him

Fed Up Wit Tha Bullshit

Around my way they shot many teens
And them cops better stop, or I’mma stop em, by any means

There are too many young black brothers doin life bids
Cause justice means ‘just us white kids’

I’m also fed up with them punk-ass cab drivers who don’t stop
They don’t care if it’s snowin
First they slow down, then they see your skin is brown, then they keep goin
Cause I wasn’t white, the cab took flight
But I caught him at the light
And put a bullet right through his windpipe

Let Em Have It L

I had beef with this thief named Randolph
Now he’s in a casket dressed up with his hands crossed

The crown is still mine cause I drop ill rhymes
A lot of rappers talk that murder shit and couldn’t kill time

Fuck karate, Big L practice Gun Fu

I knocked out so many teeth the tooth fairy went bankrupt

MC’s be talkin’ about breakin’ jaws when they couldn’t break a promise

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