Les meilleures phrases de Schoolboy Q sur Oxymoron

13 Juil , 2016  

« Gangsta »

« I’m fucking up the streets again / Tags on the toes all amongst your friends / Let the barrel spin, get blended in / Embrace the funk »


« Los Awesome » feat. Jay Rock

« Want it I could get it / Onion in my pocket like the booty on a midget / Diamond on my rollie teach a nigga how to fridge it »


« Collard Greens » feat. Kendrick Lamar

« Faded, faded, faded, right? / Shot glass super size, she gon’ get some dick tonight / Meet me at the W, and no it’s not the west side / Stick it up ya south side, icky icky icky icky »


« What They Want » feat. 2 Chainz

« Misses Piggy want her Biggie back / Rock cremation then called it crack / I’ma keep on eating till my ankles fat / Sell that fix, throw it cross the map »


« Hoover Street »

« Find a nigga realer than me, my socks stink / Eat so much pussy that my mustache pink »


« Hoover Street »

« Times getting harder than my dick on a growth spurt / Around the same time all you niggas was on purp / My sober ass was snatching her purse / Make the ice cream truck freeze / Give me the keys / Extra Frito’s, chili and cheese »


« Prescription/Oxymoron »

« My phone ring, ring and ring and ring / If you ain’t selling drugs, then I don’t hear a thing »


« Prescription/Oxymoron »

« Uh, big body cold like a Polar Bear / Uh, I done sold more shit than hookers »


« Prescription/Oxymoron »

« How could they say feeling good is an addiction? / But the world is full of shit so I don’t listen / In fact ‘we livin’ to die’ is a contradiction »


« The Purge » feat. Tyler, the Creator & Kurupt

« Yeah, it’s Kurupt young muthafuckin’ Gotti / Still rolling in a 6, I don’t fuck with the Bugatti » — Kurupt


« The Purge » feat. Tyler, the Creator & Kurupt

« Ghetto tribalist, squeezing pussies like Octopuses / Show me where the money at, show me where the kush is / Next time you see me I’ll probably be in the bushes / This is the reasons why I won’t be fucking with pussies like you / Me, Tyler and ScHoolboy Q, we told ’em » — Kurupt


« Blind Threats feat. Raekwon

« Misery loves company, ain’t a surprise / It was just me and my niggas, we was trying to survive / But we would never make it out alive / We living to die, Oxymoron »


« Blind Threats feat. Raekwon

« Uh, guess who in the building? / Bucket hat with a strap like a pilgrim / Uh, kneeling down with some questions to address / Like why the ones who commit the worst sins live the best? »


« Blind Threats feat. Raekwon

« Revenge killers who make the events iller / This is more realer / Snatch you right up out of the Benz / The Wu wheelers who huddle up, coupes knows the truth / You know the woopty-woop, solo or group I kill niggas » —Raekwon


« Hell of a Night »

« Uh, got the whole world tryna figure out Q / You can never find a nigga do what I do / TDE, I’m the nigga from the crew / Hit it one time, now she wanting round two »


« Break the Bank »

« Good grades and skipped school / This life gon’ catch up soon / Sure ’nuff that shit did / 20-year-old kid / Got off my behind / Write me some sweet lines / ‘Cause one day my story gon’ pay »


« Break The Bank »

« Go hard for my Joy / So she don’t need no boy / Smile stay on her face / Big room with her own space »


« Grooveline Pt. 2 » feat. Suga Free

« Yea P, this is gentlemanly leisure, the oldest game left to play / And the hard head that make a soft ass played out / Will forgive and forget yesterday » — Suga Free


« Fuck LA »

« In act we sell / Straight from Murderville / Yeah we served a lot / Left days on blocks / Got them tens in socks / Nah nah not talking shoes / I’m talking rocks »