Les meilleures passages du beef Joey Badass / Troy Ave

30 Mar , 2016  

Troy Ave – Badass

Yous a flithy backpack rapper out a thrift shop
Drug addict face, what’s on your junkie head?

Stupid lil fool, here go ya intervention
When they talk about the time, ya name is never mentioned

You ain’t hot so you give the blame to the DJs
I be making fire, giving flame to the DJs!

Cause I’m a savage, this gon leave you sad bitch
Don’t get suicidal like ya friend, here’s a casket
Steez burning in Hell, my burner’s in my belt

You a finger snappin’, poet rapper, spoken word
If it really was the 90s, you’ll be titled as a herb
If ya movie was biography, Revenge of the Nerds!

Try to start a beef with me, boy you got some
Nerve, nerve, nerve, nerve
You know what I do to beef? Man I cook and I
Serve, serve, serve


Joey Bada$$ – Five Fingers Of Death freestyle

You reap what you sow (sold)
Men lie women lie
Numbers sure don’t
Got the whole beast coast coming for your skull
The karma gone catch up
Your album sales won’t

Talking under God
Like we gon’ let it slide
When he did more dead
Then you could ever do alive
Now I won’t even lie
Can’t agree with suicide
But in the darkest time
There’s still a brighter side
He took a leap of faith
And only brightened his light
You took a cheap shot
And hate will only shorten your life
Difference between you and him
Is that he lives forever
You’ll be the first to die
Who nobody ever remembers
Cause the city never needed you ever


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