Les 81 mixtapes du G-Unit à télécharger

3 Août , 2016  

A l’occasion des retrouvailles pacifiques entre 50 Cent et Game, voici la liste complète des mixtapes du G-Unit.

50 Cent, 50 Cent Is The Future

G-Unit, No Mercy, No Fear

G-Unit, God’s Plan

G-Unit, Automatic Gunfire

G-Unit, The Future Is Now

50 Cent, Bulletproof (G-Unit Pt. 5)

G-Unit, Smokin’ Day 2 (G-Unit Radio Pt. 1)

G-Unit, International Ballers (G-Unit Radio Part 2)

Lloyd Banks, Money In The Bank

G-Unit, Takin’ It To The Streets (G-Unit Radio Part 3)

Lloyd Banks, Mo’ Money In The Bank

G-Unit, No Peace Talks! (G-Unit Radio Part 4)

G-Unit, All Eyez On Us (G-Unit Radio Part 5)

G-Unit, Motion Picture Shit (G-Unit Radio Part 6)

G-Unit, King Of New York (G-Unit Radio Part 7)

Young Buck, Welcome To The Hood

G-Unit, The Fifth Element (G-Unit Radio Part 8)

Lloyd Banks, Mo’ Money In The Bank 3: Cashing In

Game, Westside Story: The Compton Chronicles

G-Unit, G-Unit City (G-Unit Radio Part 9)

Game, You Know What It Is Vol 2

G-Unit, 2050 Before The Massacre (G-Unit Radio Part 10)

Tony Yayo, Yayo Raw And Uncut (G-Unit Radio Part 11)

Olivia, So Seductive (G-Unit Radio Part 12)

G-Unit, The Return Of The Mixtape Millionaire (G-Unit Radio Part 13)

G-Unit, Back To Business (G-Unit Radio Part 14) 

G-Unit, Are You A Window Shopper? (G-Unit Radio Part 15)

Ma$e, 10 Years Of Hate (G-Unit Radio Part 16)

Young Buck, Case Dismissed—The Introduction Of G-Unit South

Mobb Deep, Best In The Bizness (G-Unit Radio Part 17)

Spider Loc, Rags 2 Riches (G-Unit Radio Part 18)

Freeway, Rep Yo Click (G-Unit Radio Part 19)

Mobb Deep, Best In The Bizness 2 (G-Unit Radio Part 20)

Lloyd Banks, Mo’ Money In The Bank 4: Gang Green Season Starts Now

G-Unit, Hate It Or Love It (G-Unit Radio Part 21)

Young Buck, The Chronic 2006

Young Buck, Welcome To The Traphouse

50 Cent, Hip Hop Is Dead—Verse 2 (G-Unit Radio Part 22)

Lloyd Banks, Mo’ Money In The Bank 5: Gang Green Season Continues (The Final Chapter)

Tony Yayo, Finally Off Papers (G-Unit Radio Part 23)

Young Buck, The Clean Up Man (G-Unit Radio Part 24)

Young Buck, Mr. Ten-A-Key: Product Of The South

G-Unit, Sabrina’s Baby Boy (G-Unit Radio Part 25)

G-Unit, Return Of The Body Snatchers (ThisIs50 Volume 1)

G-Unit, Elephant In The Sand (ThisIs50 Volume 2)

50 Cent, Sincerely Yours, Southside (ThisIs50 Volume 3)

Lloyd Banks, Return Of The P.L.K.

Tony Yayo, S.O.D. (Thisis50 Volume 4)

Lloyd Banks, Halloween Havoc

Tony Yayo, Black Friday

Tony Yayo, Bloody XMas

Lloyd Banks, The Cold Corner

Young Buck, Back For The Streets

Lloyd Banks, 4-30-09 (Happy Birthday)

Young Buck, Back On My Buck Shit

Tony Yayo, The Swine Flu

Tony Yayo, The Swine Flu 2

50 Cent, War Angel LP

50 Cent, Forever King

Tony Yayo, Public Enemies

Tony Yayo, Gangsta Paradise

Young Buck, Only God Can Judge Me

Lloyd Banks, V.5

Tony Yayo, Gunpowder Guru

Tony Yayo, Gunpowder Guru 2: The Remixes

Young Buck, Back On My Buck Shit Vol. 2: Change Of Plans

Tony Yayo, Gunpowder Guru 3

Tony Yayo, El Chapo

Tony Yayo, Meyer Lansky

Tony Yayo, Gunpowder Guru 4

Lloyd Banks, The Cold Corner

50 Cent, The Big 10

Young Buck, Live Loyal, Die Rich

Tony Yayo, El Chapo 2

50 Cent, The Lost Tape

50 Cent, 5 (Murder By Numbers)

Lloyd Banks, V.6: The Gift

Tony Yayo, Sex, Drugs And Hip-Hop

Young Buck, Strictly 4 Traps N Trunks 44: Free Young Buck Edition

Tony Yayo, Godfather Of The Ghetto

Lloyd Banks, F.N.O. (Failure’s No Option)



Faites tourner !

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