I’m living proof that it’s possible
Any obstacle you’re facing can be erased son, don’t let it conquer you
Throughout my journey, had some snakes in my past
But I couldn’t let them strike me and catch the devilish germ from them
But the lesson was valuable, yeah, I learned from ’em
If they ain’t godly, they wicked, ain’t no concern for them

(Can’t You See)

Yeah, we hillbillies, all of the real willies
Smoke grass, pop mollies, call him a pill-billy
Catch him in the field, do him real silly
Puddle of blood in the mud, that’s for frontin’, lookin’ real leery
Grab the flex-and-relax niggas
Automatic tax, not askin’, get your jawbone fractured


Flip train, lay it down flat, call it a G language
Keep flamin’, sophisticated killers that’s rich and famous
For actin’ like your bakery bakes stacks
Get your cake snatched, and your pride too, money can’t replace that

(My Corner)

I done blacked out, no man is safe, your crew is cornered
Why did you think you could step over me? I’m too enormous
Plus I heard you was an informant, cold brew sell ’em
Roll out the plastic, I’m about to catch a body on this

(This Is What It Comes Too)

Clarity stones in my bracelets, watches and rings
From a rich nigga’s perspective you know what that brings
Hatred, what do I do when I’m so used to shittin’ on ’em
Do I stop because a jealous ass coward wants me to
Or do I go harder and buy more diamonds and blind his crew
Fuck it, I guess I do that ’cause I love to make ’em blue

(Purple Brick Road)

Glorious, wine deliverer, giving y’all something so fruitful
Truthful, heartfelt, celebrating his legacy
Longevity, I define it
Garments, they all designer
Jewels that be the brightest, my women, they be the finest

(The Reign)

Faites tourner !