7 a.m. in Germany, can’t believe that they heard of me
Last verse that I gotta do is always like surgery
Always tryin’ to let go of anything that’ll burden me
That’s the reason you can feel the tension and the urgency
Last chance I get to make sure that you take it personally
Take this shit to heart, it’s always executed perfectly
If we do a song it’s like takin’ my kids to work with me

(Do Not Disturb)

She wanna get married tonight
But I can’t take a knee, ’cause I’m wearin’ all white


Tell your big homie I’m all for goin’ there again
He ain’t even die and I ball with his inheritance

(Can’t Have Everything)

Mama never used to cook much
Used to chef KD
Now me and Chef, KD
Bet on shots for twenty G’s

(Free Smoke)

No hard feelings, but I’ll still get you spun
Went and got diplomas, and we still goin’ dumb
Please never label niggas who lay down for a livin’
My competition, it’s beyond offensive
I’m in it for the glory, not the honor mention
Not tryna be fourth and inches, I’m tryna go the distance”

(Lose You)

Fake fuck with me back then
But it’s gettin’ hard for you to fake it now
Fuck bein’ rich when I’m forty, man, I’m tryna make it now


I drunk text J-Lo
Old number, so it bounce back

(Free Smoke)

How you let the kid fighting
Ghost-writing rumors turn you to a ghost?

(Free Smoke)

Faites tourner !