Les 20 meilleures phrases d’Eminem dans The Marshall Mathers 2

22 Juil , 2017  


My pen’ll go off when I half-cock it


Hit the earth like an asteroid, did nothing but shoot for the moon since


You fags think it’s all a game ’til I walk a flock of flames


What I gotta do to get it through to you I’m superhuman
Innovative and I’m made of rubber
So that anything you saying ricocheting off of me and it’ll glue to you


I make elevating music, you make elevator music


Be a king? Think not – why be a king when you can be a God?


(Rap God)

I ain’t called anybody baby since Birdman, unless you’re a swallow



(Who’s your daddy?) I don’t have one
My mother reproduced like a komodo dragon


So as long as I’m on the clock punching this time card
Hip hop ain’t dying on my watch


The last Mathers LP that went diamond
This time I’m predicting this one will go EMERALD


(Rhyme Or Reason)

Cause a woman broke my he-art, I say he-art cause you ripped it in two pa-arts
I got 99 problems and the bitch ain’t one
She’s all 99 of them I need a machine gun


(So Much Better)

The best part about me is I am not you



One thing I never asked was where the fuck my deadbeat dad was
Fuck it I guess he had trouble keeping up with every address
But I’d have flipped every mattress, every rock and desert cactus
Own a collection of maps and followed my kids to the edge of the atlas
Someone ever moved them from me? That you could bet your ass’s
If I had to come down the chimney dressed as Santa, kidnap them



I’d count my blessings, but I suck at math
Other day someone got little elaborate and stuck a fucking dead cat in my mailbox
Went to Burger King, they spit on my onion rings
I think my karma is catching up with me


(So Far)

Fuck top 5, bitch, I’m top 4
ANd that includes Biggie and Pac, whore
And I got an evil twin, so who do you think that’s 3rd and that 4th spot’s for?


(Evil Twin)

Cry babies, maybe my way that I use words is loose
But you turds better be careful how you choose yours
Cos feelings scar but egos bruise worse
And the truth hurts, shit no wonder you’re sore losers


(Groundhog Day)

I word bully I verbally abuse verbs like he did something to me personally
When I get on the mic I’m a snap
Make you wish the ambulance that took me to the hospital when I overdosed would have caught a flat


(Wicked Ways)

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