Les 20 meilleures phrases dans The Paperwork de T.I.

11 Jan , 2017  

“She say you’re pitiful, they think you’re popular / That ain’t gon’ keep my lil’ pa’tna from poppin’ ya / Take it, you drop it, you cement your bottle / So won’t be no poppin’ up / Body’s erased” (King)

“I’m a rich nigga / Like I don’t know / I can change if I wanna, but I won’t tho / Steer right even when I’m on the wrong road / Real talk from the heart what I’m known for” (G’Shit)

“Keep it G at all costs, what you call that? / Crack rock, hip-hop, I done all that / Certified trap nigga, sucka fall back / A broke nigga he may entertain all that” (G’Shit)

“When Jay was beefin’ with Nas I was sellin’ cocaine / When Game was beefin’ with 50 I was doin’ the same thing / I was at the hospital, nigga, Meechy got shot / Fuck you niggas talking ’bout I love that nigga like ‘Pac” (Young Jeezy – G’Shit)

“Bussin out the bando / A nigga jewelry real metal like a can opener / I went from rags to riches to a feature with Tip / I went from Smart Car to a bitch with some smart lips” (Young Thug – About The Money)

“Ay ay ay what you think we in the neighborhood for? / Standin’ at the corner store with a pocket full of dough / I’ll be damned if a nigga wife a hood ho / Learned that from UGK back in ‘Pocket Full Of Stones'” (About The Money)

“Homicide he’ll ride, they’ll put him on trial / Let him have a life sentence then do it with a smile / And he only 19, he ain’t even had a child / As a child, told his mama he’ll be gone for a while / And she cried, still they just put him inside / Now she all on her own ’cause her other son died / Listen to the politician as he lied and he lied / He a snake in a suit, trying to hide in disguise” (New National Anthem)

“A jury of his peers said all was forgiven / But touch one of mine, right or wrong, I’ma kill ’em / Fill them with the lead like they put in Martin Luther King’s head / Like they killed Malcolm X, Edgar Hoover did that” (New National Anthem)

“I stay silent with red even if I’m standing with blue / Whether you’re requested or not, bet my demand’ll get through / They may be killers to you, hey they my family dude / And anybody could get it, but especially you” (Oh Yeah)

“Up and down, back and forth, so ratchet when you s’posed to be / A lady to the naked eye, but a nasty little ho to me” (Private Show)

“I’m in Brazil with a bitch / Catch me in a mansion in the hills with a bitch / Get her out them tennis shoes throw some heels on a bitch / I’m the type of nigga split a mil with a bitch—Hold up! Only if she bad, though” (No Mediocre)

“Want a Billboard bitch? Stop running in place / Heels on me saying gimme 6 inches of space / Courtside while designer frames cover my face / Now everybody in the game wanna get ’em a taste” (Iggy Azalea – No Mediocre)

“Rich dick in her, I done gave the bitch life support / High in the pussy same way that I was high in court” (Lil Boosie – Jet Fuel)

“Look at me at 17 / Livin’ on my own peddlin’ / Quarter key, now and then sellin’ weed / Totin’ tools, caught my first felony / That’s one of many that were to follow / Drinkin’ Henny up out the bottle / Tote a choppa I think I’m bein’ followed / Family don’t think I’ll live to see tomorrow” (Paperwork)

“I remember you got a tattoo, put my name on it / Put you in a wedding dress with a train on it / I went and spent a whole mil just to go chill / In Miami, and I be damned if she don’t know my love real” (Stay)

“Couldn’t listen to niggas they said I dream too much / Heart fucked up, guess I sing too much / Numb to it now, bring a gun to it now / When this shit pop I’ma run to it now” (Nipsey Hussle – About My Issue)

“Them three got on the molly then the four of us we got it off / And they ain’t get paid like they playing college ball” (At Ya Own Risk)

“On God, I put it on crip / I put it on Screw, I put it on Pat / I put it on Pimp, I put it on Hawk / Gotta do it like a G, I know they never coming back / Word to Mama C, I’m trill with it for life / If I can do it again, I’ll come back and do it twice / I don’t give a fuck about nothing to be precise / Have bullets running through a nigga crib like they was mice” (Trae Tha Truth – On Doe, On Phil)

“Insane in the brain, gone mental / Catch me riding in a Range Rover rental / With some bad bitches wanna chill like a Mento” (On Doe, On Phil)

“Book the flight I’m comin / ‘Fore I leave, though, I gotta handle somethin’ / I just said ‘Okay,’ I hung up the phone / Couple hours later damn my nigga gone / You was s’posed to make it” (Light ‘Em Up)


(Article du 23 octobre 2014)



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