« Leave ya conscience at the door / We done hid the monsters in the floor / I speak to the trap lords and niggas with their hands in the white like blackboards / I done been blackballed and never gave a fuck ’cause I’m Jack Frost / I’m selling that blast off. »


« It feels like, still white / Matching Missoni looks African on me / They tryna pin this trafficking on me like Mano and Tony / My thoughts spilling over / The soft ceiling’s open, I CrossFit the coca. »


« The illusion of money we don’t believe in / You ask me, Tyga looking like a genius / I’m Kim Jong of the crack song / Gil Scott-Heron to the black poem / The revolution will be televised / ‘Cause we done seen it all and they telling lies. »

Crutches, Crosses, Caskets

« This the ministry of street energy / The church of criminology, teaching my chemistries (Whoo!) / I’m the L. Ron Hubbard of the cupboard / To some certain muthafuckas, gotta love it »


« Money, pussy, alcohol, what a wonderful cocktail / Fronted my first brick over oxtails and ran with it / Dope is like a two-way street / The addiction, both you and me, now take a seat, ugh. »

Got ‘Em Covered

« The stencil inspired by Kenzo / The roof is like Ghostface, can it be so simple / 40 ki’s in a rental / My dogs bring it back, now you name a better kennel / I keep cash case Feds connect me / Case kids kidnap me, kids can get back me. »

Keep Dealing

« Talk numbers, but never talk ’em to me, though / When you’re the link to what fits in the keyhole / The realest nigga to marathon on the RICO / The last cocaine superhero / I got the cape on to cover kilos / The villain wins, the evolution of Nino. »

Keep Dealing

(Beanie Sigel)

« Reporting live from the project benches / Hella ‘caine, dope in cellophane, dirty syringes / Heron zombies street-walking on three-week binges / Clientele look like the Thriller vid in 3D lenses / C.O.D., niggas never had to front me jawns / I’m weighing bricks on the scale they put the lunch meat on. »


« Who you know better with the raw / Bogota, she like finessing niggas / She gets a Range Rover Sport and got seats on the court from the best of niggas / I never bit at that apple, I never lost my El Chapo / I can still grab it and bag it in capsule / Covered in white like I walked in the chapel / I’m that cold. »


« I might travel to El Barrio to get it from Daddy-O then adios / Cell phone at the back patio / I didn’t have to make a cameo to get it off / I hope you betting on a sleeper / It all started on a beeper, now they asking for the feature / Til I’m stepping out the bleachers / Drug money kicked around like it’s F.I.F.A. »

Faites tourner !