“Since I’m a son, I feel like I gotta stunt hard/I took the hand that they gave me and played the Donald Trump card/And realized counting money never feel as good as counting blessings/And a loaded mind is more dangerous than a loaded weapon” (Light)

“Don, don, don, life, I do this for the crib/The D to Flint who get sick with lead/Others get the hit with the laugh/From where they need a handout” (No Favors)

“It’s that nigga that you probably least expected/I just had a couple dots that need connecting/Now your top five getting redirected/From here on out, it’ll be consecutive” (Moves)


“I’m hangin’ halfway off the balcony/Overthinkin’ ’cause my job is way more than a salary/Everything around me gold like I just practiced alchemy/I realized when it comes to girls that chemistry means way more than anatomy” (Halfway Off the Balcony)

“Bullet to the head might be the way to free it/If I leave my body I can free the spirits/Swear to God my death of fear just keep on shrinking/Wishing I could go back to the nineties back when I was dreaming/Me and my dog was on a mission like we Kel and Kenan/Early 2000s Detroit might as well been the hell with demons” (Voices in My Head/Stick to the Plan)

“You know, take the fame, take the crib/Take our cars, now we gotta take the train/Hood niggas takin’ chains, slave master take our names/5-0 take the shot, young souls take the blame/Man but they can’t take away the light” (Light)


“I hit you back when I decide to/You got my tattoo, we was tribal/Then you left and we turned rivals
Now you back, it’s our revival/They don’t make you feel like I do/They didn’t make you perform for me/You was my American Idol how you rocked the mic/Man, we went from long text, now they shorter than a haiku” (Owe Me)

“All I hear is sirens and car alarms/Niggas going to war with no armor on/First time I seen a dead body I was 14/And I felt the pressure/Like if I don’t get it, might end up next to him/I’ma take the dice and I’ma roll a seven” (Bigger Than Me)

“I cut that bitch off like an edit/My daddy a G, it’s genetics/I heard ya new shit, it’s pathetic/Ya contract should be shredded/Took my dogs on a private jet from the public housing/I kept it G, yeah, one thousand/Clique star-studded like the Paramount mountain” (Bouce Back)

“Nigga how dare you stand before me and not respect my authority/If you fuck with my glory, I’ma drop the L and get gory/I done did everything except worry/Hella drama, my life story/Faith of a mustard seed, I kept growing/I knew that this life was meant for me” (Bounce Back)

Faites tourner !