La couverture du livre de Questlove de 2015

6 Juin , 2017  

Faite uniquement avec de la nourriture.


….and now my 3rd book is complete: #SomethingToFoodAbout (or #STFA for short) presented by @ClarksonPotter Can Food be Art? Can Art Be Food? It depends on the lens that you look through. This cover image was created in the tradition #GuiseppeArcimboldo. Arcimboldo—case you're not familiar—was a 16th century Italian painter who made portraits of people in the mannerist style out of fruits, vegetables, fish, books and other novelty objects Those portraits raised many questions. I guess the bottom line?: Is a person a thing or a collection of things? Is art the way that ideas connect to objects? How much is a person the sum of their parts? This was a journey (a fun tasty one at that) into the lives of Culinary Creatives. When I took my journey to Japan to eat #Jiro's sushi I was shocked that he referenced himself as an Artist. Not a chef. I was thrown for a loop but it made total sense to me. I was willing to shell out good money and travel at a moments notice more than 21 hours for 18 pieces of sushi. Soon after I never looked at food's role in our lives the same. I have conversations with @nathanmyhrvold @danielhumm @chefludo @daidue #JesseGriffiths @cohondining #DonaldLink @mikesolomonov @dominiquecrenn @dcpatterson @dcberan @ryan_roadhouse About their obsessions and passions and craft. Coming in April 12th 2016! Preorder now at @amazon! Cover art by @reedbarrow and photography by @kyokohamada Thanks! .

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Faites tourner !