Havoc & The Alchemist – The Silent Partner (review – 72%)

7 Juin , 2016  


Bon petit album qui s’écoute sans casser des briques. Je m’attendais à mieux d’Alchemist, hormis Out The Frame et Throw In The Towel j’ai pas accroché.



They try to go against us, mothafuckas all fail
Steady making bread, while yours is all stale



1.  Impose My Will
2.  Maintain (Fuck How You Feel)
3.  Out The Frame
4.  Seize Power
5.  Never Trust a Soul
6.  The Gun Holds a Drum
7.  Smooth Ride Music
8.  Buck 50’s & Bullet Wounds
9.  Just Being Me
10.  Throw In The Towel
11.  Hear Me Now

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