George Perry nous vient de Los Angeles et nous propose sa mixtape Lifestyles Of The Fly en écoute gratuite. Il est influencé par Curren$y, Freddie Gibbs, Young Roddy, Big Krit, Smoke DZA et d’autres.


George Perry, a unique rapper out of Los Angeles area (Orange County), released his debut mixtape on 4/20 last month. Some of his biggest influences include Curren$y, Freddie Gibbs, Young Roddy, Big Krit, Smoke DZA, and more. His fan base is cult like- not as many as he wants, but they breathe his music. They follow his lifestyle raps, as he forms a sub-culture within hip-hop. You can’t compare him to anyone. You can’t pick up everything he spits about just off one listen of the track. The metaphors, analogies, life experiences, elaborations, and everything else he paints on the track makes it like drugs for the ears. If you don’t hear him now, you’ll probably hear about him within the next couple years on his journey to stardom.




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