Exclusive interview: The Alchemist (2014)

9 Fév , 2014  

I had the honor to interview my favorite producer:


Adramatic.com: What’s the song you enjoyed the most recording for the Step Brothers’ project?

The Alchemist: Legendary Mesh, it was nuts.

Adramatic.com: With all the rapper you produce for, it must be a dilemma to know for which one u’d give your best productions. So how do you choose?

The Alchemist: I don’t know… The one who’s gonna be the biggest and make the most noise.

Adramatic.com: You released the Albert Einstein album with Prodigy, there’s the IMDKV track which is one of my favorite of 2013, what was your inspiration behind that beat?

The Alchemist: For the whole project I was taking a bunch of old school 80’s rap beats and mixed them with weird dark samples, taking more drums from the 80’s rap type shit and just blended them.

Adramatic.com: How would you describe it?

The Alchemist: Grandmaster Cash meets Goblins’ soundtrack from Suspiria’s soundtrack.

I love that song, when we do it live it always works.

Adramatic.com: Can we expect some new collaborations with Nas?

The Alchemist: Man I hope, we’ve been having a little bit of contact lately, he’s one of the best of all times, we’ll see.

Adramatic.com: I’d like to know more about my two favorites songs from Step Brothers (Alchemist & Evidence).

The first one is Let Yourself Go. So what was your inspiration behind that beat?

The Alchemist: I made it in Eminem’s crib on the headphones on the MPC 2000 XL. Eastern european record, chopped it up. I made it with the headphones so it was different.

Adramatic.com: The second one if So Fresh:

The Alchemist: I just had a good feeling to it, it reminded me of It Was A Good Day by Ice Cube, something like that, just had a good feel.

Adramatic.com: I’m kind of surprised that you still don’t have a production on an Eminem’s album. Does he listen to your beats?

The Alchemist: Yeah, absolutely. I think it’s just my fault, I just didn’t make the right thing that fits for him you know what I mean? I just have to focus. When the time is right, it will probably happens, it’s probably my fault.

Adramatic.com: I feel that the majority of your beats are better than what he’s taking for his albums.

The Alchemist: Ohhhh that’s just subjective, I appreciate it though.

Adramatic.com: Do you make him listen to some underground?

The Alchemist: For sure, when I get a chance, I let him hear stuff, I played him Jay Electronica for the first time. Whenever I got his ears I try to play some shit that’s interesting, that I think he’ll like. It just needs to have syllables, otherwise he won’t be into it.

Adramatic.com: Did you make him listen to Below The Heavens?

The Alchemist: Not yet.

Adramatic.com: Raaah you got to!

The Alchemist: I will try that, good idea. He’ll like it, he’ll probably like it.

Adramatic.com: What’s your favorite song from his last album?

The Alchemist: Evil Twin.

Adramatic.com: With who would you like to do a full album?

The Alchemist: Kool G Rap, Rakim, Earl Sweatshirt, MF Doom, Jay-Z

Adramatic.com: What was the favorite beat your produced?

The Alchemist: One of my favorites beats is Give You Light by Snoop Dogg

Adramatic.com: Are you working on a new solo album?

The Alchemist: Yeah

Adramatic.com: Can you tell something about it? Featurings?

The Alchemist: I don’t know yet, I’m just making music but when it forms something that sound like a project I’ll start.

Adramatic.com: What’s the beat you didn’t produce that make you jealous?

The Alchemist: Just Blaze « You Don’t Know »

Adramatic.com: Which instrumental you’d like to be remembered for when you’ll die?

The Alchemist: We Gonna Make It

Adramatic.com: Is there a song you always wanted to sample but never achieved?

The Alchemist: Nautilus, or another but I can’t remember the name, it was in American Me, the movie.

Adramatic.com: What was the song that took you the most time to produce?

The Alchemist: Smile

Adramatic.com: Could you release a full album of productions but more like a melody, like a composition from the start to the end?

The Alchemist: Yeah I’m gonna make one, even two, some with samples, some without samples.

Adramatic.com: What’s your favorite album from 2013?

The Alchemist: Roc Marciano probably.

January 16th, Ghent (Belgium)

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