Exclusive interview: K-Rino – Deprogrammed (2015)

29 Avr , 2015  


Well I love telling stories in my songs and I think that artists these days have forgotten about the art of storytelling..i wanna keep it alive the best I can..and try to be as original as possible.


L-Dubb The Magnificient

It was inspired by a person..a great friend I used to have and I wanted pay homage to her by writing a song and putting her in the middle of the plot and again,i love telling stories with twisted plots lol


House Of The Enemy

House Of The Enemy was written based on the condition of America..we as black people and poor people in general feel as though America has served as an enemy and oppressor to us for centuries and theyre actions have proven it.so the song is saying that as long as we live in the oppressor’s house we will NEVER receive justice from him..our faith has to be in GOD to lift us out of our current condition.



Tension was inspired by the dissatisfaction of people in the world..everyone is under stress and the pressure is building daily so when that happens we start to see people acting out in different ways(violence,crime,divorce etc.) injustice from law enforcement plays a part in that as well so here in the inner cities we face a different type of opposition..so yes there is tension between us and police but in my opinion it was caused by the very individuals who are supposedly in place to serve and protect..but theres also tension at home,at school,at work,church,mosque,synangogue..theres pressure to pay bills,protect your family etc so this is the world we live in today.


Swag Killer

Well swag killer is directed towards the fake artists..not the ones who are really true to that image or style..there are people who really like that type of fashion etc and there are those who just do it to promote a false image to sell music.i also took a few shots at the feminine agenda that is being pushed on hip hop artists and the ones who are contributing to it.the dresses and skirts..the make up,certain dance moves..that type of hip hop is not what I personally represent and I think it makes little boys more like little girls as they watch and become influenced by this.hard to say which line is my favorite though lol


Not The Only One

Not the only one is just me telling the people that we ALL have problems but we deal with them in different ways..the last thing we should do is feel sorry for ourselves and soak in pity..whatever you go through theres someone going through much worse so be grateful that things aren’t as bad as they could be.its 7 billion people in the world so youre not the only one

I Don’t Think

We have to try our best to talk to young people and try to stop them from making mistakes that could ruin their lives..so I try to paint a picture of what the future could be for them if they don’t get it together..so I wanted to show them the negative side and the consequences and hopefully it’ll make them think..


Last Pair Of Drawz

Thats one of my favorites on the album..i wanted to let the world know that theres a real enemy out there and as artists we cant be scared to express what we feel in our music..one of my heroes is the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and he speaks truth to power for over 50 years..i stand in support of him and the things I’ve learned from listening to him..so with the gift of music that GOD gave me,i want to use it to assist in that mission so I went in on EVERYBODY I could think of(including myself)



Adramatic: With your albums The Maven and Deprogrammed, we always have songs about different subjects, sometimes serious, sad and fun. How much is it important to keep this balance?

K-Rino: Its real important to keep balance..people want to be educated but they also want to be entertained..u cant be boring or too preachy..u have to mix it up to give people diversity.


Adramatic: Do you have a lot of other ideas about storytelling?

K-Rino: Well my stories usually come randomly…I rarely have them already planned out..but they always come.and I always listen to fans comments about ideas but I like to do my own


Adramatic: What kind of song is the hardest to write?

K-Rino: The hardest songs to write for me are the lyrical songs because they require the most thought and detail..i always want to give my best on the lyrical songs


Adramatic: Do you already plan to release another album?

K-Rino: Yes i’ll be dropping 2 or 3 cds this year…


Adramatic: Last year we spoke about the song IMPERFECT and you told me that you keep on improving yourself, in which ways did you improve yourself since last year?

K-Rino: Great question,its still a work in progress so im trying to get better as a person daily..you have good moments and setbacks..you have to be prayerful and as consistent as u can…


Adramatic: Anything else to tell?

K-Rino: Thank YOU so much for interviewing..all praises are due to ALLAH(GOD) I thank him continually for blessing me… Eveyrone can go to iTunes to purchase my music or southparkcoalition.net



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