Eminem – Recovery (review – 81%) – 2010

18 Juin , 2016  


Très bon album d’Eminem. Très introspectif avec des thèmes tournant autour de sa dépression suite au décès de Proof et de son abus de drogues. Mais il y a également des thèmes plus recherchés ainsi que des battles tracks. Les textes sont bons voir très bons. Les instrus sont correctes mais ca manque de tueries, je trouve qu’elles ont mal été finalisées. Niveau vibe ca s’écoute mais ca aurait été mieux si il ne gueulait pas tout le temps.

Cold Wind Blows

Slut this slut that, learn the words to the song!
“Oh, bitches don’t like that” Homie, I’ll be nicer to women
When Aquaman drowns and the Human Torch starts swimming

The last thing you want to do
Is have me spit out a rhyme, and say “I was writing this and I thought of you”


Talkin To Myself

Eminem parle de dépression et de la difficulté qu’il a eu de voir d’autres rappeurs être couronnés de succès pendant que lui ne sortait plus rien. Il dit qu’il était à deux doigts de les disser etc.
Hatred was flowing through my veins, on the verge of going insane
I almost made a song dissing Lil Wayne
It’s like I was jealous of him cause of the attention he was gettin’
I felt horrible about myself, he was spittin’
And I wasn’t, anyone who was buzzin’ back then coulda got it
Almost went at Kanye too

Hit my bottom so hard I bounced twice, suffice, this time around
It’s different, them last two albums didn’t count
Encore I was on drugs, Relapse I was flushing ’em out
I’ve come to make it up to ya now, no more fucking around
I got something to prove to fans cause I feel like I let ’em down


Going Through Changes

Eminem parle de sa dépression de ces dernières années suite au décès de Proof et de ses envies suicidaires.

But life keeps on complicating, and
I’m debating on leaving this world this evening
Even my girls can see I’m grieving, I try and hide it but I can’t
Why do I act like I’m all high and mighty
When inside, I’m dying, I am finally realizing I need help
I can’t do it by myself, too weak
2 weeks I’ve been having ups and downs
Going through peaks and valleys, dilly dallying
Around with the idea, of ending the shit right here
I’m hatin my reflection, I walk around the house tryna fight mirrors
I can’t stand what I look like, yeah, I look fat, but what do I care?


Il raconte ce qu’il pense des circonstances du décès de Proof:

They say Proof just flipped out, homie just whipped out and bust
Nah, it ain’t like Doody to do that
He wouldn’t fuckin’ shoot at, no-body, he fights first
Il mentionne la drogue qu’il prenait pour aller mieux:

Now I’m popping Vics, Percs and Methadone pills
“Yeah Em, tight verse, you killed it”
Fucking drug dealers hang around me like yes men
And they gonna do whatever I says when, I says it
It’s in their best interest to protect their investment


Il parle de ses journées passées à se renfermer sur lui même, regardant des vidéos de Proof:

I’m starting to live like a recluse and the truth is
Fame starting to give me an excuse, to be at an all-time low
I sit alone in my home theater, watching the same damn DVD
Of the first tour, the last tour, he was still alive
And it hurts so I…fast forward

A un moment il a failli tomber dans un coma à force de prendre des somnifères et sa fille l’a soutenue:

sleeping pills’ll make me feel alright
And if I’m still awake in the middle of the night
I just take a couple more, yeah you’re motherfuckin’ right
I ain’t slowing down for no one, I am almost homeward bound
Almost in a coma, yeah homie c’mon, dole ’em out
“Daddy, don’t you die on me; Daddy, better hold your ground!”
Fuck, don’t I know the sound of that voice
Yeah baby hold me down
Et lorsqu’il se reveille à l’hopital il se promet qu’il reviendra encore plus fort juste pour Proof:

Wake up in the hospital, full of tubes, but somehow I’m pulling through
Swear when I come back I’mma be bulletproof
I’mma do it just for Proof


Not Afraid

C’est un peu la suite de Going Trough Changes, ici il se remet sur pied. C’est son état d’esprit après ses problèmes avec la drogue.

You can try and read my lyrics off of this paper before I lay ’em
But you won’t take the sting out these words before I say ’em



Au premier abord, la chanson parle d’une compétition entre deux mecs pour avoir la même meuf par rapport à leur niveau de talent Hip-Hop.
Mais sur certains points, on remarque que la meuf, c’est le Hip-Hop.
C’est donc une rivalité entre deux rappeurs, mais imagé par la séduction d’une meuf.
Dommage que le niveau lyrical d’Eminem ne soit pas meilleur c’était un concept extra !

Seduction, seduce
Ain’t nobody who’s as good at what I do
Cause one minute she loves you
The next she don’t, she’s been stolen from you

She loves me, such passion
You’d expect this sort of reaction from her, yet
You strong-arm, you’re fucking corny
You try to turn your charm on

There’s a seven-disc CD changer in her car
And I’m in every single slot, and you’re not, aw

So quit crying that I took your dame, homie she’s my dame
You sadly mistaken if you thinking that I’m not on my game, boy
And things just ain’t been the same since the day that I came for it

Girl, come here
Put your ear up to the speaker, dear, while I freak this world premiere
Seducing her, loosen up with a little freestyle, wait, am I losing ya?
Am I making you look bad? Well I got news for you, homie, you’re losing her
Oh wait, she don’t like when I spit it fast, am I trying to show how, let me slow it down some
It’s still gonna be a blowout, you’re gonna wanna throw out your whole album


No Love

Throw dirt on me and grow a wildflower
But it’s “fuck the world”, get a child out her

Married to the game, but she broke her vows
That’s why my bars are full of broken bottles
And my night stands are full of open Bibles

(Lil Wayne)


Cinderella Man

Smash an hourglass, grab the sand, take his hands and cup ’em
Spit a rhyme and freeze the clock, take the hands of time and cuff ’em


Il a vraiment pas aimé Relapse:

Fuck my last CD, the shit’s in my trash


25 To Life

Il s’adresse à l’industrie du Hip-Hop comme si c’était une meuf avec laquelle il se dispute à cause du manque de reconnaissance dont il est victime.

I don’t think she understands the sacrifices that I’ve made
Maybe if this bitch had acted right I woulda stayed
But I’ve already wasted over half my life
I woulda laid down and died for you, I no longer cry for you
I gave up my life for you, totally devoted to you I have stayed
Faithful all the way, this is how I fucking get repaid?
Always in a rush to get back to you, I ain’t heard you yet
Not even once say you appreciate me, I deserve respect
I’ve done my best to give you nothing less than perfectness
And I know that if I end this I’ll no longer have nothing left
How can I moonlight on the side, I have no life outside of that
Don’t I give you enough of my time, you don’t think so, do you
Jealous when I spend time with the girls, why I’m married to you still, man
I don’t know, but tonight I’m serving you with papers
I’m divorcing you: go marry someone else and make ’em famous
And take away their freedom like you did to me
Treat ’em like you don’t need ’em and they ain’t worthy of you
You’re screaming as I walk out that I’ll be missed
But when you spoke of people who meant the most to you, you left me off your list
Fuck you, hip hop, I’m leaving you, my life sentence is served, bitch and it’s just…


Space Bound

Il raconte une attirance pour une meuf avec qui il se met en couple, et la dépression qui s’en suit lorsque celle ci le jette.
Je me doute que le refrain ne plait pas à beaucoup de gens mais moi j’adore vraiment.


Almost Famous

Il retrace sa carrière.

Now get off my dick
Dick’s too short of a word for my dick
Get off my antidisestablishmentarianism, you prick


Love The Way You Like

Il raconte ce qu’il ressentait lors de sa rupture avec Kim et à quel point il était fou d’elle.


You’re Never Over

Hommage poignant à Proof, rempli d’énergie et où il nous livre un des meilleurs textes de l’album.
Dommage que l’instru ne mette pas toute cette émotion en valeur mais je suppose que c’est son choix. Et j’ai bien aimé la deuxième partie du refrain très soulful, qui contraste très fort avec l’horrible première partie.

Homie I know I’m never gonna be the same without you
I never would’ve came in this game, I’m going insane without you
Matter of fact it was just the other night, had another dream about you
You told me to get up, I got up I spread my wings and I flew
You gave me a reason to fight, I was on my way to see you
You told me “Naw, Doody you’re not!” Laying on that table, I knew
I was gonna make it, soon as you said “Think of Hailie”, I knew
There wasn’t no way that I was ever gonna leave them babies, and Proof
Not many are lucky enough to have a guardian angel like you
Lord I’m so thankful, please don’t think that I don’t feel grateful, I do
Just grant me the strength that I need, for one more day to get through
So homie this is your song, I dedicate this to you
I love you Doody


No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. “Cold Wind Blows” Just Blaze 5:03
2. “Talkin’ 2 Myself” (featuring Kobe)


DJ Khalil 5:00
3. “On Fire”


Mr. Porter 3:33
4. “Won’t Back Down” (featuring P!nk)


DJ Khalil 4:25
5. “W.T.P.”


  • Supa Dups
  • JG (co.)
  • Eminem (add.)
6. “Going Through Changes”


Emile 4:58
7. “Not Afraid”


  • Boi-1da
  • Jordan Evans (add.)
  • Matthew Burnett (add.)
  • Eminem (add.)
8. “Seduction”


  • Boi-1da
  • Matthew Burnett (add.)
9. “No Love” (featuring Lil Wayne)


Just Blaze 4:59
10. “Space Bound”


Jim Jonsin 4:38
11. “Cinderella Man” Script Shepherd 4:39
12. “25 to Life”


DJ Khalil 4:01
13. “So Bad”


Dr. Dre 5:25
14. “Almost Famous”


DJ Khalil 4:52
15. “Love the Way You Lie” (featuring Rihanna)


Alex da Kid 4:15
16. “You’re Never Over”


Just Blaze 5:05
17. “Untitled” (hidden track)


  • Havoc
  • Magnedo7 (co.)


Almost Famous (86,44)



Seduction (84,91)

Space Bound (84,82)

25 To Life (84,14)

Love The Way You Lie (82,08)

Going Through Changes (81,37)


A écouter:

Talkin To Myself (77,58)

Ridaz (77,37)

W.T.P. (76,94)

Not Afraid (76,87)

You’re Never Over (75,90)

Untitled (75,11)


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