Découvrez l’artiste qui monte LaQuinn mélangeant la culture avec l’histoire sur son album 217 aka Divine Intervention

2 Mar , 2017  

LaQuinn nous vient de Virginie et nous propose le single In Galatians She Naughty extrait de son album 217. Influencé par George Clinton, Dave Matthews et Snoop Dogg parmi d’autres, il se considère comme un rappeur lyrical qui touche à tous les sujets.


Le single de l’album:



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Un son avec Miley Cyrus:


Deux singles sur Itunes:

Ike Turner







Growing up in the inner cities of Virginia and travelling cross country has helped shape this artist. After multiple run ins with the law as a juvenile only honor roll and maintaining a higher education helped save this man.
Coming from a single parent family where his mother set the tone for do what you do to the fullest has driven this artist to succeed.
A life that mirrors « Forrest Gump » in having alot of interactions with influential people from George Clinton to Dave Matthews to Snoop Dogg, you can hear his influences in his music.
Crafty with lyrics packing alot of: double-time, off-time and multi-syllables. This artist leaves no topic untouched and or style.
Tune in because backed by a foreign and local following of « Quiet Hip-Hoppers »(no comment just listening and grooving while completing work or school) this artist is prepped to make a huge impact with his college and street style of rap


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