Cam’ron – Killa Season (review – 70%) – 2006

9 Mai , 2016  


Mauvais au mic mais très bon choix d’instrus.


He Tried To Play Me

But I’m a street target, call me the meat market
I stay around some beef


Leave You Alone

But for $4500 I will John Doe you
Your moms won’t know you


Suck It Or Not

Chanson ‘romantique’.

Got something for ya face, fuck pro-activ

I know it’s white, but here come the hot sauce


Now stand back and catch my amazing graces (Heheh)
Taste and savor it
Vanilla Ice Cream, she say “ooh, my favorite”

(Lil Wayne)

Triple Up

I came a long way from getting hanged by a white jury
Look at my neck, all you see hang white jewelry

My clique, the weight watchers, we wait for niggas with watches
Or watch niggas with weight with cake in they wallet

(40 Cal)


White Girls

Il personnifie la drogue et en parle comme si c’était sa meuf.


You Gotta Love It

Le diss contre Jay-Z

You talking bout you a ’80s baby
You 37 years old, you was born in 1968

Your publishing should go to Ms. Wallace


Love My Life

Chanson nostalgique dans laquelle il parle de ses proches.



No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. “Killa Cam (Intro)” (featuring 40 Cal.) Pro-V 5:01
2. “He Tried To Play Me” (featuring Hell Rell) Charlmagne 3:43
3. “Leave You Alone” Blackout Movement 3:24
4. “Living A Lie” (featuring Mo Money) Ty Fyffe 4:32
5. “We Make Change” (featuring Juelz Santana) Jonathan Dugger a.k.a. “Peersonile” for Versatile Music Productions, LLC 3:10
6. “Voicemail (Interlude)” 2:04
7. “Wet Wipes” The Alchemist 3:35
8. “Touch It or Not” (featuring Lil Wayne) BBanga 3:41
9. “War” (featuring Hell Rell) NOVA 3:51
10. “Triple Up” (featuring 40 Cal.) BBanga 4:09
11. “I.B.S” The Heatmakerz 3:32
12. “Get Ya Gun” Big Tyme 3:58
13. “White Girls” The Beat Firm 3:48
14. “Girls, Cash, Cars” Stay Gettin’ Productions 3:06
15. “Do Ya Thing (Remix)” Chad Hamilton 2:54
16. “Get ‘Em Daddy (Remix)” (featuring Hell Rell, J. R. Writer, & Jim Jones) I.N.F.O. 4:33
17. “Voicemail (Interlude 2)” Sancochito’s Ent. 1:13
18. “Something New” (featuring Hell Rell) Boola 3:18
19. “You Gotta Love It” (featuring Max B) I.N.F.O. 6:13
20. “Love My Life” (featuring Nicole Wray) Jonathan Dugger a.k.a. “Peersonile” for Versatile Music Productions, LLC 4:26


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