Boogie Down Productions – Criminal Minded (review – 76%) – 1987

3 Mar , 2017  


Un bon album old school, Krs-One était chaud bouillant et il y a des punchlines cultes, les prods même si elles sont devenues classiques sont objectivement fade mais ils faisaient avec les moyens de l’époque.



Krs-One s’en prend aux mauvais rappeurs (ouais, déjà en 1987 ca existait). Et il dit plus particulièrement que c’est le prof et qu’il faut que les élèves (wanabees rappeurs) écoutent et prennent note.

Maybe you should touch reality, stop wishing
For beats with plenty bass and lyrics said in haste
If this meaning doesn’t manifest put it to rest

They might know of you and maybe your gang
But one thing’s for sure, neither one of y’all can hang
Cause yo I’m like a arrow, and Scott is the crossbow
Say something now … thought so

The poetry I’m rattling is really not for battling
But if you want I will simply change the program
So when I’m done you will simply say « damn »


South Bronx

Le diss contre MC Shan.


9mm Goes Bang

Il décrit deux confrontations qu’il a eu avec des gangsters, et qu’au final c’est lui qui a toujours eu le dernier mot.



We have arrived for the purpose of enjoyment
You have arrived to make up for unemployment


The Bridge Is Over

Diss contre le Juice Crew.

Manhattan keeps on making it, Brooklyn keeps on taking it
Bronx keeps creating it, and Queens keeps on faking it


Super Hoe

Chanson assez… spéciale… dans laquelle Krs-One décrit à quel point Scott La Rock est un tombeur… C’est super bien rappé mais voila… le sujet fait un peu gay… Je voudrais voir comment ca se passait en studio lors de cet enregistrement… Si il y avait un malaise ou pas…

The Super-Hoe is loose in your section
And he’s armed with a powerful erection

Whatever you could do or say inside a bed
Scott LaRock has done and most likely said
He doesn’t argue with a girl cause yes, he has others
Keep updated on all kind of rubbers
Got ones that are lambskin, others that are plastic
One day he’ll open a school for prophylactics

Girls that claim to act so fly
They always act like it’s all about them or their friends
But according to Scott, they all like to bend

Yes, either a girl or some date for the night
He doesn’t want to hear that you’re too tight
So do not think that Scott LaRock is mean
It’s not his fault, he’ll give you Vaseline




1.  Poetry
2.  South Bronx
3.  9mm Goes Bang
4.  Word From Our Sponsor
5.  Elementary
6.  Dope Beat
7.  Remix For P Is Free
8.  The Bridge Is Over
9.  Super Hoe
10.  Criminal Minded


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9mm Goes Bang (78,31)

South Bronx (75,88)

The Bridge Is Over (75,20)


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